lesbian crush

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I had a great dream last night where I joined a dance class so I could get closer to this hot butch lesbian I had a crush on, and then I got to be her dance partner. Now I'm awake and disappointed with no motivation to join a dance class lol

omg do it! join a dance class and find the girl of your dreams! i believe in you

fall lesbian ask meme ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ๐ŸŒฐ

1. are you a pumpkin pie lesbian or an apple pie lesbian? 

2. are you a harvest moon lesbian or a fall equinox lesbian?

3. are you a pumpkin spice lesbian or a cinnamon sugar lesbian?

4. are you a flannel lesbian or a wool sweater lesbian?

5. are you a combat boots lesbian or a plaid lesbian?

6. are you a hot chocolate with marshmallows lesbian or a hot chocolate without marshmallows lesbian?

7. are you a halloween lesbian or a thanksgiving lesbian?

8. are you a corn maze lesbian or a hayride lesbian?

9. are you a werewolf lesbian or a vampire lesbian?

10. are you a lollipop lesbian or a candy corn lesbian?

11. are you a leaf-raking lesbian or a I’m-jumping-in-a-pile-of-leaves-and-no-one-will-stop-me lesbian?

12. are you a scarf lesbian or a leggings lesbian?

13. are you a witchy lesbian or a mad scientist lesbian?

14. are you an uggs lesbian or a converse lesbian?

15. are you a ghost lesbian or a zombie lesbian? 

16. are you a paper lantern lesbian or a scented candle lesbian?

17. are you an enchanted lesbian or a spellcasting lesbian?

18. are you an aster lesbian or a sunflower lesbian?

19. are you a cozy fireplace lesbian or cuddling beneath the blankets lesbian?

You’re welcome to send me these, even if we’re not mutuals.

Teacher/Student Lifetime Movies

You know what really bothers me? All these Lifetime movies about teacher/student relationships.


The Perfect Teacher (2010)
Dirty Teacher (2013)
An Unfinished Affair (1996)
Damaged (2014)

Except for Dirty Teacher, they’re all about the student being some crazy bitch who’s unhealthily obsessed with her teacher. I hate how we’re depicted as psychos who will stop at nothing until we get what we want.

It isn’t like that. Yes, of course we obsessively blog about our interactions with them but that’s because we have nowhere else to go. Outside of the TC Community, our friends are tired of hearing about what our teacher said or what outfit they wore that day. They don’t understand our feelings. They view it as some silly childish crush. They think that we’ll forget about them once when we graduate and move on.

Everyone in this community—at least from what I’ve seen—respects their teachers. We have boundaries. Yes, we’re a little flirty now and then, but it’s all perfectly harmless. We don’t blatantly hit on them. We tell them, “You look nice today!” or “You’re a brilliant teacher.”

It’s not about taking them to bed. Yes, we’d love to sleep with them. No, not because they’re our teacher. It’s because we love them and we’re fucking human. We have desires just like everybody else.

Our relationships with our teachers are deep and meaningful. We’ve connected with our teachers on another level. We bond with them over music, books, movies and share life experiences. We open up to each other about our daily dilemmas. We listen to one another and try to help by making their lives easier in any way we can.

We put ourselves through hell, hiding our love because our teachers have it hard enough. We want the best for them. We want their lives to be full and happy. This is who we really are.

That’s what I want to see in these movies.

I desire you in so many ways. I desire you sweetly, with my whole heart. I adore you and it shows in my smile. I desire you hotly, and in lust. My body aches when I think of you touching me, and my heart flutters at the thought of your sweet mouth exploring my body with tender kisses. I desire you wholly, and in interest. I want to know you, learn about your fears and your greatest desires. I want you to share with me whispered fantasies from your wildest imagination. I want you to explore new ideas in passionate discussion. I want your grace, your intelligence, and your ambition. Most of all I desire you. You in all your glory and defeat. You in all the ways you can be and will be. I want you and all that you are.