lesbian comedians

British tv cooking competitions: held in a large tent in the middle of a field, the host is a lesbian comedian and the judge is an adorable 80 year old woman, everything is a terrible pun, all the contestants are friends and cry when someone is eliminated

US tv cooking competitions: the set is a barely-lit dungeon, no one smiles in the entire series, rock/screamo musical intro, every sentence is emphasised with a cymbal crash, everyone hates each other especially the judges, at least one contestant is introduced holding a gun

There are tons of great, talented comedians out there who don’t need to use sexism, racism and homophobia to make a crowd laugh.

If you need to victimize marginalized groups to be “funny” that really speaks volumes about your ability and creativity as a comedian.


all the jokes, extra gay. please share and support queer comedy :D love ya long time!

Podcasts featuring Queer People / Characters / Pairings

I got the following ask:

“Hi! im looking for podcasts featuring queer people / characters / pairings, and i was wondering if you know of any off the top of your head? (other than wtnv). if you dont have time to get to this or dont feel like it no worries ofc! thanks for the recs youve already made, theyre super useful!”

I’m always happy to talk about podcasts. Keep your eyes open, it’s only gonna be a few more days until we start the Podcast library blog thingy which will be the perfect place to ask for recommendations and all things concerning podcasts (there’ll be a tag for LGBT+ topics and/or hosts and/or characters)

BUT until then, let me try and answer your question: Podcasts featuring queer people: (I didn’t google anything, these are just some of the podcasts I’m listening to)

Fiction Podcasts / Audio Dramas:

  • The Bright Sessions: therapy sessions with people who have supernatural powers; might be a light spoiler but it’s pretty clear from the beginning that one of the characters is attracted to a person of the same gender and it becomes part of their story arc (amongst other things)
  • Alice isn’t Dead: story about a truck driver searching for her wife; have not had the time to listen to it yet but I guess the description makes it quite obvious
  • The Adventure Zone: a family plays D’n’D and it’s the most amazing story line I’ve ever listened to, also it’s super funny; I can’t speak for the hosts of the show (which I assume to be mostly straight), but there are not one but TWO super cute stories involving lesbian side characters, and one main character could be considered … gay? bi? pan? he shows some interest in men is what I’m saying …

(I’d add Tanis but that’s just the shipper in me)

Non-Fiction Podcasts:

  • Wham Bam Pow: Three comedians (a lesbian couple and their latino friend) discuss action and sci fi movies; they stopped doing the podcast a while ago but there are plenty of episodes to enjoy - also they talk about the problematic treatment of queer characters (and POC) in movies a lot!
  • Throwing Shade: Bryan and Erin talk about “all the issues important to ladies and gays and treat them with much less respect than they deserve”; host Bryan Safi is gay, and the podcast addresses LGBT+ problems every week
  • The Mortified: Adults read out diary entries, poetry and other things they wrote as teenagers; many of the stories involve teenagers struggling with their sexuality, trying to figure out who they are and want to be
  • International Waters: A pop culture quiz show with two teams (one from the UK, one from the US); host Dave Holmes (who takes over after a few episodes) is gay and so are many of the contestants

Also, I want to recommend two very well researched and interesting episodes of the podcast “The Analysis”:

  • How Gay Became OK (from June 22nd 2015)
  • Who Decides if I’m a Woman (from March 13th 2013)

Okay, so that list was shockingly short, which makes me realize I do need to find and listen to more podcasts made by queer people, and/or discussing LGBT+ topics.

So followers, it’s your turn. I know you can do so much better than I did!

Go wild!

Badass Women Patterns on Etsy Now!

You asked and I listened!

For Women’s History Month I got inspired to make a series of Badass Women Leaders featuring a quote of theirs that I loved. I created 8 of them in March and they were such a hit and I had so many requests that I decided to create patterns for them so everyone can stitch the ladies.


I would love to see these up in every little girls bedroom, every office and every classroom in the country.

The current series includes:

Ada Lovelace
Aung San Suu Kyi
Bell Hooks
Ellen DeGeneres
Jane Goodall
Juana Ines De La Cruz
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

You can buy them individually for $3/pattern OR you can get the whole set of 8 for only $12 -  HALF the price.

It took me like a million hours so it would break my heart if I saw people posting my patterns around the internet versus kicking in a few bucks to you know, be ethical and support my art.

When you buy the whole series you get:

* Shopping List
* Introduction to each woman
* Photo of completed piece for reference
* 3 patterns per woman

The first pattern shows you the cross stitches.

The second shows you all of the backstitching and outlining.

You could stop there and have a perfectly beautiful and complete piece, but for those of you with some advanced embroidery skills I have included a third pattern with all of the embellishment stitches I added to my original pieces! The only exception is Juana Ines De La Cruz, she has no embellishment stitches so you get the cross stitch and back stitch patterns only.

Each piece is stitched on AIDA 14 fabric in the image but use whatever fabric you like.

I will continue to add to this series forever and ever so if you have additional women you would like me to be adding please let me know. =)

Happy Stitching Friends!