lesbian book covers

A scene between two rather tough looking girlfriends in Target today:
  • Girlfriend 1: Oh my god, they have Star Wars onesies!
  • Girlfriend 2: *doesn't even look* Yeah, and you already have one in the garage at home.
  • Girlfriend 1: THEY HAVE SUPERMAN ONES TOO!!!
  • Girlfriend 2: WHAT?!?

My newest cover work for author Sy Itha, for her upcoming Fantasy Lesbian Fiction novel, The Broken Coil.

I also designed the title plate for the book, which was just as much fun as painting the cover!

I’ll be posting a process for the book cover shortly - for those who are interested in seeing how it was painted - once I’ve properly assembled the photos of the steps.

[image description: a graphic with book covers in the background and the text “Lesbian Medieval Fantasy Books”. The covers are: Lady Knight by L-J BakerWatchtower (Chronicles of Tornor #1) by Elizabeth A. LynnFires of the Faithful by Naomi KritzerThe Privilege of the Sword (The World of Riverside #2) by Ellen KushnerFire Logic by Laurie J. MarksThe Warrior’s Path (When Women Were Warriors #1) by Catherine M. WilsonStrands of Starlight (Strands #1) by Gael BaudinoSword of the Guardian by Merry ShannonKushiel’s Dart (Kushiel’s Universe #1) by Jacqueline Carey]

Lesbian & Bi Women Medieval Fantasy

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I made the picture above to show that you can’t determine a person’s sexuality by how they appear physically. 

There is no such thing as someone looking like a lesbian or looking straight. I think stereotypes are one of the main reasons that LGBT people struggle coming out or staying out. Just because a girl dresses like a tomboy or acts more masculine than other girls doesn’t mean she’s gay. Just because a girl isn’t masculine or doesn’t dress like a boy, doesn’t make her any less gay than one that does. In this society people belittle bisexuals because they find it hard to believe that someone can be equally attracted to one gender and they don’t accept them just because they can’t choose one over the other. There is no dress code for being gay or bisexual. There isn’t a rule book for the LGBT community saying that lesbians can’t wear skirts or straight girls can’t wear guy clothes. You can’t decipher a person’s sexuality based on what they’re wearing. One of the main reasons why homosexuals find it so hard coming out is because they’re afraid of what people will think of them; that people will look at them differently. The first time I told one of my friends that I was a bisexual the first thing she said was “You don’t look like one” Well what do bisexuals look like? I guess I must be doing something wrong!

No one should have to feel like they have to prove themselves to anyone. If you’re straight, wear the fucking sweatpants, if you’re a lesbian… wear a dress or a dress shirt because no one should be judged on what they wear. There is no difference between liking grapes over apples, and women over men; it’s just a different opinion and a different preference. You can’t walk up to a person and tell straight away that they sleep on their side instead of their back just based on what they’re wearing… so how can you walk up to someone and assume that they’re one sexuality over another? You’ve heard you’re grandparents say it over and over again: Don’t judge a book by its cover. This is another perfect example of trying to interpret someone’s sexuality. Women and men of all sexualities should have a right to wear what they want, act how they like and be who they want without someone analyzing every factor to them to figure out whether they like women, men or both. 

The only way you can know for sure what someone’s sexuality is, is to ask.