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every time lexa says clarke’s name: 27/?

It’s not that I don’t want you. I have never wanted to be with someone as much as I want to be with you. I have feelings for you. And it’s not about sex. I mean, don’t get me wrong - you’re incredibly sexy. But I saw your beautiful, first. Your eyes are brown but they’re nearly a dark green, hell I’d even call them a rich hazel color - they’re beautiful. The sound of your voice and the way you speak- is beautiful. How your laugh can just make me melt, how your giggle makes me feel like my world has paused - is beautiful. You are beautiful. I want you, I do. I want you in every way I can have you.

I want to take you out and buy you dinner or lunch or coffee or a lollipop. I want to hold your hand and make you feel like nothing can hurt you because nothing will hurt you as long as I’m there. I want to tell you things that I’ve never told anyone and I want to hear everything you have to say, everything you think, I want to know you like I know my favorite book. I want to kiss you and make your body shiver and I want to trail my fingers along your body. I want to be with you. But I can’t right now.

And I’m not good enough. That’s the truth. I’m not good. I’m not even an okay person. I will hurt you because I don’t know how to not hurt people. I just do. Even when I don’t mean to. But I don’t want to be that person with you, I don’t want to hurt you like I’ve hurt other people. You don’t deserve that. You don’t deserve someone like me, you deserve the best and I am not even close. You deserve someone as good as you are. You deserve someone better. And I’m not…

Not yet.

—  Oko Ninjah (not yet)

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Oh wow I'm so curious who's gonna be the next main and what their's shame will be. I hope we got the trailer earlier than last time and...oh wait *slowly starts crying* Laura, what will we do?

the next main is even and they’re gonna show him getting into university (wherever the pretentious artsy types go in oslo) (with mikael obviosuly) and proposing to isak and being once again happy with his friends that’s it there’s no conflict or drama or crying he’s just happy and loving life :)

girls with eye bags are beautiful. girls with freckles are stunning. girls with brown eyes are gorgeous. girls with hooded lids are ravishing. girls with stretch marks are exquisite. girls with acne are magnificent. girls with big noses are wonderful. girls with bushy eyebrows are incredible. girls with small lips are captivating. girls with facial hair are elegant. girls who choose to wear makeup are amazing, as are girls who prefer not to.

// this post includes trans women and excludes TERFs

I love overhearing sincere girls calling other girls cute because while the motives may vary from queer reasons to friend reasons to just ladies supporting ladies or aesthetic appreciation, it’s all so fucking GOOD.

I also want to be clear that this post is for cis and trans and genderqueer and intersex girls. Even if you are only a girl on the weekend or 9 to 5, you are welcome on this post.

All girls are fucking cute.