lesbian atlanta


I Created a group chat for bicurious/bisexual/ lesbians in Georgia.

It’ll be a way to meet women in your area. You can meet someone in the group and message and get to know them separately 😋 you can hangout separately or we can even hangout as a group. Get our nails done together, go shopping, out for drinks, even game nights. True or dare nights sound fun huh? 😏


-Message me to get added to the group
-Message must include a photo of yourself(it will be kept private on this site. It’s just for me to confirm you are in fact a woman), MUST REBLOG, MUST include age, and city you live in Georgia
-Once I receive all of those listed above you’ll be sent a link to be added to the group ❤️❤️
-Must download “ GROUP ME ”
-I respect everyone’s privacy on this site however in the group you have to have your main photo set as a photo of you.


Recently my fiance’ Shanae and I attended The Bridal Ball in Atlanta, GA. Shanae and I met so many amazing vendors at the bridal expo. We even entered a raffle for a full-service wedding planning package from DeMore Events, and won! Two days after the bridal expo DeMore Events emailed us to congratulate us and provide us steps to claim our prize. We accepted the offer and provided dates to meet and discuss our wedding day vision and contract. Days went by and we did not hear from DeMore Events. Four days later we received an email from DeMore Events saying that they apologized for not getting back to us sooner and stated, “we had some things we had to come to terms with.” They also proceeded to say in the email, “as difficult as it is to write this, we have decided the only way to stay true to who we are will be to decline serving as the planners for your wedding. Please understand, we had every intention of following through with what we offered because we are women of our word; but what we have come to realize is that we are also women of our faith. We accept that everyone’s beliefs are different, and still hope you are able to have everything you want and more on your day… We just know we won’t be able to be the ones to give that to you.”

My fiance’ and I were declined wedding planning services because we are a same-sex couple. We want to bring awareness and help ensure that no one else will experience this kind of discrimination.

Tumblr: fullofnash
IG: livelavishleigh & captainofkool