lesbian atlanta


I Created a group chat for bicurious/bisexual/ lesbians in Georgia.

It’ll be a way to meet women in your area. You can meet someone in the group and message and get to know them separately 😋 you can hangout separately or we can even hangout as a group. Get our nails done together, go shopping, out for drinks, even game nights. True or dare nights sound fun huh? 😏


-Message me to get added to the group
-Message must include a photo of yourself(it will be kept private on this site. It’s just for me to confirm you are in fact a woman), MUST REBLOG, MUST include age, and city you live in Georgia
-Once I receive all of those listed above you’ll be sent a link to be added to the group ❤️❤️
-Must download “ GROUP ME ”
-I respect everyone’s privacy on this site however in the group you have to have your main photo set as a photo of you.

I dedicate this Master’s degree to all who died and didn’t get a chance to try.

I achieve for you.