you know what i want? i want cheesy teen lesbian movies. I want stupid teen cliché lesbian books. I want to see a lesbian movie that is not a drama, and it’s funny and have a big musical number for no reason bc - dammit-, I need representation. All my life I have wanted to have something like Troy and Gabriella, Danny and Sandy or even Cady and Aaron Samuels so when I had to deal with realising my sexuality it was harder. bc I didn’t have any examples.
so fuck this heteronormative culture, I want a girl asking a girl out for a bet, I want the popular/nerd trope, I want best friends falling in love…
I m just a stupid gay cheesy teen and I want representation. fuck this shit.

something that i don’t see talked about a lot is not just the fear but the embarrassment that comes with coming out. bc of how being gay is seen as something inappropriate and bc of how we’re so sexualised, it feels like something you shouldn’t talk to your parents about y’know ? it invoked similar feelings in me to those i had when i was embarrassed by “the talk” about sex/puberty/etc.

idk if gay men feel a similar way but, as a lesbian, i remember being so unbelievably uncomfortable coming out to men in particular bc most people’s first frame of reference for people like me is porn, and knowing people were thinking about sex when i was a 16yo telling them i liked girls felt gross