why can’t you be straight

you just haven’t had my dick

can I watch?

you’re just an uptight feminist who wont give men a try.

come see me when your “phase” is over.

When did you decide to be gay?

you’re going to hell

if we let you get married we have to let people marry dogs.

I usually don’t ask my friends to take pictures of myself and the person I’m dating, but this girl, this amazing girl right here is a whole other world to me.. I can’t keep my hands off her. This isn’t lust, oh no it’s been way past that. This is love. These feeling that are emerging from the depths of who knows where, I’ve never felt them before. Even the ones that feel similar feel just better greater and stronger then they ever have before. There’s something about you Jordan, something that makes me feel like I’m home when I’m with you, something that turns my bad mood instantly silly and happy the second I see you, when your around its like a flip switches on inside of me. And when you gone, it dims but it doesn’t turn off because I know even though your not next to me physically, your still in my heart. I still love you near and far. I could type for hours about you and us till my fingers fell off. But I never feel the amount of words I say or the number of things I do ever add up close to what I feel for you. It’s like I can’t be any closer to you yet I feel like I’m not ever going to close enough. I could mention all the amazing things you do for me, or I could just say.. Hey your more then amazing. And no describing word will ever come close to fully explaining how incredible of a person you are. And how invincible you make my heart feel. I would give anything to come home to you ever day and kiss you good bye every morning. It’s soon in our relationship it’s so soon, but when you know you just know right? Why wait and see if it goes right when it’s working more then perfectly right now. We don’t ever slow down. Well let our love blast off to the moon and back if it means we get to enjoy every moment together happily even if it seems “too soon” I know when I look at you I can feel the love pouring from my eyes and my heart melting in your presence. I’m not even lucky, I’m blessed with magic to have you in my life. Have you to call all mine. My girlfriend. @itsahenningthing


When straight girls meet lesbians. W/sarah croce #lesbehonest

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THis is literally my favorite thing right now!! hahah

I just want a girl that I can send flowers to and give her my warmest sweater and give her mixed CD’s and lots of kisses and everything shes ever wanted. I don’t care if you live in a different state I will send you packages and buy millions of plane tickets to come see you. 


Obama said he wanted change and HE FUCKING GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!