Hey look, it’s my HER profile! When I picked up and moved across the country from Chicago to Portland, Oregon I did not know A SOUL HERE. Never mind a single gay soul. So what did I do? I took to HER. This awesome app connected me with tons of genuine queer women LOCALLY to hang with, and embrace that Portland weird with. Best. Thing. Ever.


When your lesbian friends:

a. Don’t exist

b. Live in another state/country

c. Are not enough and you need more because lesbians

You know what you do?

You fix that problem! You download HER - the app made for gay, queer and lesbian women.

Welcome to Queer Up

I had this idea the other day after one of my posts became increasingly popular. A blog to find, support, and let others know about Queer artists. This includes music, literature, art, film, and other forms of media made by queer people. 

So here it is. Queer Up. A resource for all media that’s queer. As well as support and advice for those who need it. And I can’t do it alone. So here’s the deal. I’m looking for some people to help, people who will help discover and answer questions.

I’ve created a form to fill out to help run this blog. I will be choosing anywhere from 3-6 others from different sexualities/gender identities within the next few weeks. Some things I’m looking for, but not requirements, in individuals are

  • ability to create themes
  • mobile and desktop accessibility
  • photoshop knowledge and experience to create icons/headers/etc.

I’m very excited to see what this project will bring and to read each application. Here’s to bringing more exposure to queer communities and the media produced by them!

If you would like to post anything on here in relation to your application, I will be tracking the tag #queerup. I also ask that if you apply, please reblog this. Thank you again!


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