I have my desktop computer put together and think that I am calling this officially moved in. Because I’m absolutely thrilled to be home (and recoup some losses made on the trip between vehicle expenses and moving expenses) I’m going to open up a handful of commissions in a few days once I check and make sure my tablet is all up and working. :)

So if you’re interested in getting yourself some Lesatho art, stay tuned! <3

Standard Intern Fare:
  • Birdy:Alright we'll just stick to the plan.
  • Skippy:...What plan?
  • Birdy:You know! The Plan! With a capital P and everything!
  • Skippy:This is the first I'm hearing of ANY plan.
  • Birdy:Oh come on I charted it out and everything in-....
  • Skippy:...In your cybernetics, Boss?
  • Birdy:...Rule Fifty Two Dash A, Intern, never make the Boss look foolish.
  • Skippy:Because he doesn't need help doing it.
  • Birdy:I do NOT pay you to sass me!
  • Skippy:You don't pay me enough NOT to sass you!
  • Birdy:...I am so freaking proud of you.
  • Skippy:So what was the plan?
  • Birdy:Shoot them, take their stuff and run faster than they do.
  • Skippy:*Terrified whimper*

Put together a nice, simple commission sheet and since I’ve had a good artistic rest now and am finishing off a few lingering commission, it’s time for another sale!!

Commissions consisting of 2 or more characters will be 20% 0ff!

This means art featuring 2 characters: ¾ Body = $44 and Fullbody = $64

Applies to all sorts of art. Affection, Romance, Smut, Heartbreak and Friendships as well. I’ll be taking a limited number of slots on this to keep the workload a bit easier. If I fill and finish a batch, I may open another. Regular commissions are still open and available as well.

Will draw all genres/games/etc so long as adequate character references are supplied. If you’re interested send an email to lesatho@gmail with the word Commission in the subject line.

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  5. Open

Thanks friends! :)