Red ships with canon hints that they've been interested in each other in the same session correlating to player class:

Sylphs and Thieves

MEENAH: we’re just a couple of hot failures at everything, aren’t we?

Seers and Knights

KANKRI: “…Like h9w y9u d9n’t care f9r y9ur place 9n the hem9spectrum, l99k d9wn 9n any69dy 9r try t9 impr9ve pe9ple, h9w c99l y9ur ‘zees’ are 9n the end 9f w9rds, y9ur enthusiasm when y9u speak and the way y9ur hair fl9ws in the wind, h9w y9u make a funny n9ise when y9u high-five and h9w y9u have always sh9wn kindness t9 th9se wh9 need it with9ut making them feel tragic 9r helpless, h9w y9u l99k stylish with y9ur glasses.…when Meenah 9nce 6aked a cake and y9u f9rg9t y9u c9uldn’t smell it, s9 y9u tried t9 c9ver up the fact y9u t99k a whiff 9f it… which I f9und endearing.”

I just wanted to say it seems that certain class types are drawn to each other across sessions. This also occurs in aspect types, but the only correspondence that I can see right now is a heart/void player creating a very strong relationship/moirialship, as can be seen in the meowrails and Dirk/Roxy, and hopefully Horrus/Meulin.