this edit is gross & i’m not even at 10k yet but i’m close enough & it’s my birthday tomorrow & i felt like making a follow forever so !

squad: i love u guys a lot whether we talk every day or once a month u still mean a lot 2 me

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Hi , it’s been forever and well i just wanted to make a little something bc i go 2800 followers lol ily :) :) THANK YOU TO ALL YOU amazing people you make my dash really pretty and it makes me wanna cry and well i talk to very few people and well idk but i wish we could really be friends :) and to the people who i talk thank yopu for being my friend ily and happy summer lol


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Actually guys I made this blog back in January because Mary told me too and she bet me I couldn’t beat her follower count in two days.So if it wasn’t for Mary I wouldn’t probably have made this account.So you should all be nice to Mary and the rest of the harmonizes who aren’t rude and send hate to emblems.

josettesmaskin  asked:



les4lauren asked you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY this sucks who else is gonna be 14 w/ me :((( anyways ILY and you’re really funny and your first name is my middle name which is cool have a good day :)))

oh ym god i’m sorry i’m leaving u on that 14 yo train :((((( YOU’LL MAKE IT TO THE 15 ON IN NO TIME, but thank you mary lynn!!!!, you’ll always be my fav younger mary

laurennholiday asked you: HEY HAPPY BDAY LYNN also i jsut found out that ur literally like 14 (15 now) like a few days ago i laughed so hard im like your mom basically anyway hope you have a good day and year!!!

arent u like 17 SMH BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but yeah surprising right haha who told you btw smh i bet sierra or steph i hate them but thank you!! :)

jauregay asked you: AM I LATE???? :((((((( omg fomf omg :(((( IM SO SAD AND IM SO SORRY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNN. You are literally one of the bestest tbh. Ily and your opinions and your humor and your v good taste in everything a whole lot. You are a v cool cat. Happy Happy birthday! I hope you had a marvelous marvelous day. Stay rad!!!!!! :)

AWWW RACH YOU’RE NOT LATE DON’T WORRY, gosssh this message made me smile rly big thank you sososo much i love you a lot :))))))))



hi yeah i know i make these a lot but i just felt like making another one ok

s q u a d (mutuals)

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happy summer i got bored !


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Hello!!! this is a follow forever because i haven’t made one of these in ages and i wanna remind you guys of how awesome and amazing you are basically if you’re here it means that i’m really glad i’m following you, and i wanna thank you for making my dash pretty everyday and keeping me updated and replying to my annoying text posts or my messages!! :-))))))

if you’re not on here and i’m following you i wanna apologize because its really hard to get everyone and i’m following a lot of people feel free to message me because ily don’t take it personally :(

ps: if your url is bolded you might want to mouse over it :-)

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so yeah umm………..ive had this blog for 5 years?????? and yeah yall know i’ll take any excuse to make a follow forever & i also wanted to thank all of you for putting up with me and following me for so long (not all 5 years tho bc i dont think anyones been following me since i started this blog and is still following me but anyways !!)


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ok yeah hi i know that i make a lot of follow forevers (i literally made one less than a month ago lmao) but its the end of the year and i felt like making another one and this one’s actually kinda organized and sorta long i guess but yea idk um happy holidays & happy new year & i love you guys :)

ok first things first my squad

420normanidanielle you’re always so nice to me & we don’t talk like all the time but we’ll literally pick up a conversation right where it left off after a few days & i feel really comfortable talking to you and idk i just love you

camilascabello: om.g.. i can’t believe i’m frie nds with th eREal. camilac abellllo.! thats so crazy….. surreal…ama zming…. ok anyways in all seriousness you’re really fuckign funny and we have a lot in common and you could literally say the word pudding and i’d be like o .kk me ! and i really love talking to you like i honestly feel like we’re not speaking english half the time because i’m pretty much just slamming on my keyboard but i love u and u were like the only person i could talk to about how annoying a****n is when that thing we don’t ever speak of happened… anyways i love u and i can’t wait for u to fight fifth-harmony-army !

godmaliks: ruthy we’ve been friends probably like 2 years now (actually probably a lot less i have no concept of time) and i still can’t put into words how much i love you and how much you mean to me and i know we don’t talk to each other as much as we did last year (that’s like 98% my fault bc i don’t answer ur texts a lot but maybe if u didn’t send them at like 2am i’d actually remember to answer) but you’re still just as important to me as you’ve always been and i’m gonna make sure we meet someday ok i lvoe you

jadelust: SHANNEN i love u so much i can’t believe we’ve only been friends since the summer like we became close so easily i feel like we really just clicked which is kinda weird i guess bc if you think about it it’s not like we have everything in common like we’re actually pretty different yet somehow we still work perfectly. you’ve helped me through so much and i feel really comfortable talking to you i trust you completely and i’m so glad we started talking because i’d be a completely different person w/out you

normila: i don’t remember how we started talking tbh i think one of us just messaged the other about normila probably and now literally all we do is talk about normila and it’s great tbh bc i don’t know anyone else that would put up with me talking about them so much for so long

niallhoran2k15: dani!!! we like barely ever talk anymore and even though we always say we’re gonna start again we make it like 3 days before we stop again but i still consider you to be a really good friend and we have so many great memories and you’re one of the nicest and most helpful people i know and hopefully we’ll start talking again and actually stick to it lol

richkink: literally half of our conversations just consist of us saying we either hate or love like 4535464 people but we became friends really easily and even though we haven’t talked that much these past few weeks i really love you and you mean a lot to me and i’m glad you started talking to me bc you’re a really good friend and i miss u tf

tommocrave: benjiiiiiii i love you beyond words we have so many hilarious memories that i’ll never forget and even just thinking about some of them (the cone) makes me crack up. i’m really glad we became friends because whenever we hang out i always have a really good time and being around you makes me happy and i know we don’t really talk as much as we used to which is really dumb bc we probably talk more on here than in real life but we should really start again bc i miss hanging out with you (unless you’re just gonna force me to watch the kardashians again)

zarriallau: i know we aren’t really like that good friends but we talk a decent amount i think??? you’re really nice and extremely funny and i think we share a lot of the same opinions and i hope we become better friends soon & i can’t wait for OTRA :)



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also shoutout to waakeme-up 4 making me really ridiculously happy just by existing i hate u

hello hi yay a follow forever!!! basically i’m making this because it’s summer and i’m happy and bo$$ comes out soon ≧◉◡◉≦ aNd because i’m almost at 1,000 followers wow :-)))

basically, these first three were pretty much my first friends when i joined and we don’t talk much anymore sadface:( but hopefully we can now bc summer. anyways ily guys so much thanks for being rad (no particular order)

vanessa, eva, carla

and these people are people i see on my dash and reblog from a lot and i love them all even if i don’t talk to them (which should change pls) yayyaya ok (no particular order)

whoregui, dinahjane97, impossiblehero, socialcassualty, camilaslays, ofwhatevers, trashymalik, camilancabello-allybrooke, harmoniousfive, 420normani, troyogletree, dinahjaen, allren, stybellos, 5harmosexual, courall, kfcamila, camilascabello, camliacabello, putaregui, namila, fifthharmony, les4lauren, laurdinah, harmonyavenue

also here is my blogroll (i have other fandom side blogs so it’s v multi fandom in there)

**ps the blur app i used on my phone was a huge piece of shit and i just noticed i blurred a line through camila and im not going through the pain to fix it**


hi, first of all, happy holidays! i hope you all got everything you’ve ever wanted and more because you deserve all the happiness in the world :)) i just wanted to thank all of the people who have made this year worthwhile and i hope you have an even better 2014 i love you all a lot a lot

ps. if you’re bolded, you’re an asshole ((meaning you have a very special place in my heart <3))

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hi ok so like half my dashboard these past few days has literally just been follow forevers & tbh i had kinda just said to myself a couple months ago that im not gonna make any for awhile bc like… if you’ve been mutuals with me for more than a few months u kno how many follow forevers i make…….. any holiday/season/or just what the fuck ever is happening i make a follow forever and i just decided not to do that anymore but fuck that !! if ur jewish i hope u had an amazing hanukkah!! if u celebrate christmas merry christmas!! if u celebrate kwanzaa happy almost kwanzaa!! if u celebrate something else happening around this general time i hope u have a great holiday, if u dont celebrate anything happy winter & if its not winter where u live just happy something have a good day idk. anyways sorry this is so long but yeah !! i hope wherever ur at in life its good and if its not i hope it gets good soon and i love u all :)


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