Idioms in French and English

It’s a throwback to - Ça nous ramène à

To get to the bottom of things - Aller au fond des choses

You can’t put the clock back - Ce qui est fait est fait

It looks like a dead end street - On est dans l’impasse

To take a turn for the better - Prendre une meilleure tournure

To be scared to death - Avoir une peur bleue

That drives me crazy - Ça me prend la tête

He had a narrow escape - Il l’a échappé belle

They were beaten hands down - Ils ont été battus à plate couture

To throw money down the drain - Jeter de l’argent par les fenêtres

To face facts - Se rendre à l’évidence

An ace in the hole - Un avantage secret

At a drop of a hat - Sans hesitation

To start from scratch - Commencer à partir de zero

I worked my fingers to the bone - J’ai travaillé d’arrache-pied

Once in a blue moon - Tous les trente-six du mois

To buy something for a song - Acheter quelque chose pour une bouchée de pain

To do one’s utmost - Faire de son mieux

To face facts - Voir la vérité en face

To be all the rage - Être à la mode

To deter somebody from doing something - Dissuader quelqu’un de faire quelque chose 

To come into office - Prendre le pouvoir

To have a grip on something - Avoir une emprise sur quelque chose 

To cope with - Faire face à

To be on the edge of - Être sur le point de

To turn out to be - S’avérer

To devote oneself to doing something - Se consacrer à

To get one’s life back - Reprendre sa vie en main

To be short of - Être en rade de quelque chose

To resume work - Reprendre le travail

In the name of - Au nom de

To hit rock bottom - Toucher le fond

It’s the pot calling the kettle back - C’est l’hôpital qui se moque de la charité

Money can’t buy happiness - L’argent ne fait pas le Bonheur

When there’s a will there’s a way - Quand on veut on peut

To pass out - Tomber dans les pommes

To pretend to - Faire semblant de

Don’t judge a book by his cover - L’habit ne fait pas le moine

To make ends meet - Joindre les deux bouts

To cost an arm and a leg - Coûter les yeux de la tête

To look forward to - Être impatient de 

To be skating on thin ice - Avancer sur un terrain glissant

Let alone - Sans parler de

To keep pace with - S’adapter

Out of necessity - Par nécessité

Be it as it may - Quoi qu’il en soit

The flipside of the coin - Le revers de la médaille

To be on the brink of doing something - Être à deux doigts de faire quelque chose

In the wake -  A la suite de


Poulenc | Piano Concerto

So there are these two guys I go to school with who went to high school together and played Valjean and Javert in their high school’s production of Les Mis.

Today in choir, “Valjean” was going to sing for the choir, and he starts out with his guitar and starts doing “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles.

He gets maybe one verse in when “Javert” bursts through the door with “Valjean at last we see each other plain….”


And then at the end they stare at each other before saying “This is dumb…why are we fighting….?”

And then the two pick up with the rest of “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. 

It was possibly one of the greatest things in the history of ever.

And the best part is that I was one of the only people who knew what would happen, because I walked in on them rehearsing and lay on the floor and played Fantine post mortem.

my wishlist for BBC Les Miserables:

-is literally a live-action English-speaking Shoujo Cosette

me: i’m excited about Les Mis BBC and don’t really make a lot of demands on it. i’m sure i’ll enjoy the series no matter what. :)

also me: what if they delete bahorel or decide mash up enjolras and marius again or leave out the enjolras and his lieutenants scene or cut the hand-holding oR SHOW THE UPRISING AS A HOPELESS AND FUTILE PROTEST LED BY LES AMIS ALONE WHAt iF theY leAVE oUT MAgNON AND MAMSELLE MISS bEing HapPY aND iN LOVe -


Hump Day Hunk!

Now That Is A Treasure Well Worth The Effort…

James Haskell Chases Eggs!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Depuis que je me suis faite opérer des dents de sagesse il y a deux ans, tous les six mois à peu près, j’ai mal à mes dents de devant, comme si elles se poussaient. Je me suis rendue compte qu’elles se poussaient vraiment, et qu’elles se chevauchaient. Heureusement, les gens ne le voient pas, mais moi, je ne vois que ça.

Depuis que je suis toute petite, on me dit que j’ai de belles dents et un joli sourire. C’est d’ailleurs pour ça que je n’ai pas choisi de porter un appareil dentaire il y a quatre ans, et aujourd’hui, je me surprends à regretter ce geste.

J’ai vingt ans, et j’ai peur que mes dents se poussent de trop et changent mon sourire. J’ai peur de le perdre, c’est sûrement égoïste, mais y a que ça de joli chez moi, et je ne veux pas le perdre.

Le problème, c’est que c’est trop tard pour avoir un appareil, ou alors je vais payer une blinde pour ça. Je regrette vraiment d’avoir refuser quand j’étais plus jeune.

(je ne sais pas pourquoi je vous raconte ça) (mais j’ai besoin d’en parler) (c’est super, l’histoire de mes dents hein)

i was thinking about R because i adore him with all my heart. he is awful, terrible, drunken, and a mess in the book. but the man is complex. i haven’t seen anyone take on characters like Hugo does, and even though Grantaire features very little in the book, he is ambiguous, drunk and bourgeois, treating women badly, a cynic through and through, a new Diognes. but he is entranced by Enjolras, completely enamoured, a man falling in love with the sun, yearning for warmth. his speeches are nonsense and filled with bitterness, but they are beautiful, referencing with eloquence. and i always amaze at how people put these characters in modern daylight, these revolutionaries wishing to see a better day. we venerate valjean, javert, but these are the ones that we can feel in our hearts because they are us. and R, he is ugly but so very beautiful

Random thing: how I follow people

Step one: find rand art/role play/message board/ text that has like 200 notes

Step two: look for people who have art like profile pictures

Step three: click said blog

Step four: ((if not porn blog))look at le blog

(If you like le blog)

Step five: anonymously spam ask and stock them

Step six: le follow~