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Pi-rates ! Victimes du marketing, sortez vos bigoudènes, vos binious et votre Tipiak : oui, les pirates sont de retour ! Cette publicité est idiote : qu'iraient faire des pirates en Bretagne ? Voler une recette de quinoa ? Vraiment ?

Idiote, mais efficace : trois Bretonnes qui réclament des droits d'auteur, tout en militant contre la mondialisation du goût, ça marque. J'ai vaguement pensé à elles, en faisant la file pour voir ce nouveau bijou des Studios Aardman : Les Pirates ! Bons à rien, mauvais en tout. Je commettais pourtant une terrible erreur en voulant voir ce film, un jour férié (j'ai oublié lequel) : la salle était remplie de mômes, je me suis retrouvé le seul adulte non accompagné.

Vous me direz : le film a trouvé son public. Certes. Je vous rétorque par une question existentielle : pourquoi diable me suis-je plus esclaffé que les autres spectateurs de petite taille ? C'est tout le génie des Studios Aardman et de l'humour britannique, si mille-feuilles : les adultes, contraints d'accompagner leur progéniture, peuvent aussi rire d'allusions plus subtiles.

Le scénario est assez basique : le Capitaine Pirate, un looser de première, flanqué d'un équipage de pieds nickelés, décide malgré tout de concourir pour le prix de Pirate de l'Année. Oui, oh bon : il l'obtiendra à la fin. Les mômes ont leurs exigences.

Le plus intelligent est d'avoir transformé deux gentils historiques en improbables méchants. Là est le génie de ce film. Ainsi Darwin devient un machiavélique savant, une fripouille prête à tout pour obtenir le prix de Scientifique de l'Année. Et surtout, le reine Victoria devient une mégère hystérique, une virago prête à tout pour… manger le dernier dodo sur Terre ! Bon appétit, merci !


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Les Pirates - As Tu Connu Le Mineiro

Full song lyrics: Les Pirates - As Tu Connu Le Mineiro

As tu connu le Mineiro

As tu connu le Mineiro
Hourra mes bouées hourra
Ce clipper est un beau bateau
Tra lalala lalala la la

Il fait la ligne de Rio
St sâ??arrête à Valparaiso
Tra lalala…

Mais au Cap Horn, il ne fait pas chaud
Tâauras lâabri dâ??un cabillot
Tra lal…

Full song lyrics: Les Pirates - As Tu Connu Le Mineiro

shakespeareintuylukalemi asked:

Oooh that was so good! Thnks I loved it! Can we make a lot of request?^^ if it's possible here we go, zoro, ace, luffy and shanks how would react if they were in battle and having hard time, their s/o tried to help/protect them and get deadly injured

(Oh man

Here they are, guys

The feels

But I hope you enjoy, my dear shakespeareintuylukalemi)


Did these idiots ever give up?

The marines had engaged them for the third time this week, and everyone was slowly starting to feel the effects. Even Zoro was starting to feel tired of these long battles, his muscles twinging in protest with ever swing of his swords. Using yet another technique, he cleared out the marines standing in his way, only to be swarmed by more.

Was there an end to this?


Due to his fatigue, he failed to notice the marine captain lunging for his back until it was too late. He glared at the captain over his shoulder and braced for a heavy hit, eyeing the man’s heavy looking club.

What he didn’t expect was (Name).

They had managed to shove their way through the mob of marines in some hopes of protecting him from the blow. By the time he’d realized what they were planning, they were already between him and the captain.

His eyes widened as the club connected with their head, a gut-wrenching crack echoing over the battlefield.

(Name) was out before they even hit the ground.

Zoro threw out his arm to catch them before he could register what he was doing. Blood was already dripping onto his sleeve, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

All he could see was the blood.

Their blood.

From defending him.

The captain that had struck (Name), his (Name), went in for the final blow, but Zoro was prepared this time.

The captain was down before he could even see the glint of the blades.

Before he got surrounded again, he quickly scooped his partner into his arms, doing his best to ignore all of the blood pouring from their head. With their labored breaths spurring him on, he cut his way through the marines in a desperate attempt to find Chopper.

‘Cause he’d be damned if he let them die protecting him.


Ace and some of his division members had been fighting bandits outside of one of Whitebeard’s territories when the leader of the bandits, in one last attempt to take them down, pulled a gun.

At this point, Ace was tired and annoyed form the sheer amount of bandits that were attacking them, so the gun didn’t even deserve a passing glance. With his Devil Fruit, the gun wasn’t a problem worth noting, so he failed to notice the man loading a Sea Stone bullet in the barrel.

But (Name) did.

Without hesitation, they jumped between the captain and Ace just as the captain fired the gun. Ace turned to the sound, only to find his beloved partner falling to the ground in a dead thump.

He’d never been more scared in his life.

(Name)!” He yelled, fighting his way to their fallen form. When they didn’t respond to his call, he feared they were already gone. His heart nearly stopped as a pool of blood seeped out from under them.

Finally, finally, he reached them.

“(Name)!” He called, carefully rolling them over to inspect the damage.

He almost threw up at the sight in front of him. The blood had almost drenched their whole shirt, only leaving a few spots untainted. The bullet hole through their heart seeped more blood onto their body, a steady river of red oozing from the wound. Ace would’ve thought they were dead if it wasn’t for their strained gasps for air.

“(Name), stay with me!” He ordered, laying them back down on the ground. He pressed his hands over their wound in hopes of staunching some of the bleeding.

“(Name), you have to stay with me!!”


Luffy and his crew had been exploring the island when a large group of tigers had ambushed them. Even though they were much weaker than they were, their sheer numbers wore them down fast.

Luffy had been busy with a large group of them when he heard (Name) call to him. A roar alerted him to the impending attack, but the two tigers he was currently grappling with didn’t leave him any room to defend.

All he could do was brace himself for the pain to come.

But it never did.

Dread filled him when he heard a pained yelp from where the tiger had been. He quickly defeated the two tigers he’d been fighting to turn and inspect what had happened.

He stood in horrified silence as the tiger bit harder into (Name)’s shoulder, eliciting a whimper from them.


Luffy quickly punched the tiger off of them, kicking it off into the distance. He knelt next to (Name), frantically checking their wounds for anything he could do.

The tiger’s claws had dug into their torso, nearly ripping their shirt off when he’d punched them away, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.

All he could see was the copious amounts of blood dripping from their wounds.

In fear of hurting them more, he didn’t dare touch them. He looked around for Chopper, calling his name frantically. He continued to fend the tigers off, worrying his doctor wouldn’t make it in time.

Not again.

He won’t let someone die for him again.


Fighting Sea Kings was just your average day for the Red-Haired Pirates.

But fighting a nest full of angry Sea Kings while the whole crew was still hungover from the party the night before was another story.

Even Shanks found himself struggling to keep up with the fights, earning a few nicks along the way. One glance around the deck of the Red Force showed him the exhaustion his crew was fighting with the Sea Kings, so he decided to end things here.

He tossed the Sea King he’d been fighting back into the ocean and was preparing to unleash a small wave of Conquerors’ Haki when he heard his beloved (Name) call his name.

He looked in their direction to find them sprinting for him, a look of horror on their face. His confusion allowed them to shove him out of the path of the Sea King that had been looking to snatch him up. In the end, (Name) took his place in their jaws as the Sea King flew over the railing and back into the sea.

His body reacted before his mind did.

He leapt over the railing after them, hitting the water hard. He immediately scanned the monster-filled waters for his partner. To his horror, he found them still in the jaws of a Sea King, blood seeping from their body. He released a wave of Conquerors’ Haki, not bothering to control it.

Every Sea king in their vicinity was out cold before they knew it.

He swam over to the one still holding his (Name) in their jaws and pried them open, scooping them up in his arm. He kicked his way to the surface as fast as he could, ignoring the blood that was dyeing the sea red. As soon as he broke the surface, he was yelling for a ladder.

“Ben!” He called, holding (Name) close to him, “Get Doc here, now!”

pirate-royalty asked:

You have recently opened my eyes to the importance of trans boy Enjolras and I don't know if I anyone has brought this up but like what about asexual Enjolras who in committed relationships is just very cuddly and affectionate?

ok i just wanna say that is literally me?? and im basically enjolras already so??? nice

but honestly thats usually how i head canon enjolras

Il existe de nombreuses références au célèbre pirate Rackham le Rouge mais elles sont plus aléatoires lorsqu’il s’agit des deux femmes qui composèrent le commandement de son équipage

Anne Bonny  


Enfant illégitime irlandaise, part pour les Bahamas et épouse à l’age de 16 ans le pirate James Bonny, qui trahit les siens en devenant indicateur du gouverneur de Bahamas. Refusant la soumission, elle décide de se travestir et de prendre le nom d’Adam Bonny afin de rejoindre d’autres équipages. Elle devient l’amante de Jack Rackham, avec qui elle écume les mers des Caraïbes.

Mary Read


Habituée aux vêtements de garçon depuis son enfance, elle entre dans la marine britannique sous le nom de Billy Carlton. Mariée puis très vite veuve, elle reprend le large en direction des Bahamas, cette fois-ci sous le nom de Willy Read. Elle rencontre l’équipage d’Anne Bonny et de Jack Rackhan au cours de l’abordage de son navire. Ils décident de l’enrôle.

Ils constituent un troupe de pirates solide et féroce. Capturées et emprisonnées lors d’un abordage en 1720 (seules elles deux se sont battues), elles échappent contrairement à leurs compagnons à la pendaison en révélant leur grossesse respective.

Patate Crue n°6 : « Les Défauts », collectif
21x21cm, Happy Stooges Prod, 40 pages, avril 1997.

Les revues pour enfants pas niaises ça vous dit quelque chose ? On se souvient tous du beau Capsule Cosmique, de l’absurde Grodada ou de Dada tout court, revue d’art pour gosses qui leur tombe des mains (très recommandable cependant). De 1995 à 2000 le fanzineux multi-récidiviste Alain Faure (on en parlait là en 2012) a tenté l’aventure avec un format carré de belle facture « réservé aux enfants pas sages ».

Organisés autours de thèmes fédérateurs (La vie des animaux, le corps humain, le futur, les pirates, etc.), chaque numéros met en scène un grand nombre du figures du fanzines que l’on imagine pas forcément côte à côte - marque du réseau immense de l’éditeur-auteur-dessinateur qui menait la barque.

Ainsi, si voire Chester, Gaël ou Mo/CDM ensemble - ils formeront l’équipe de My Way - ils croisent ici des aventures déjà un tantinet écolo du belge Jean Bourguignon, les dessins underground de Thierry Guitard, Kaze Dolemite, qui commençait déjà à illustrer le webdom, les futures auteures jeunesse Blanche Le Bel & Tatiana Domas, le superbe trait de la rare Anne Rigot, celui à la fois précis et brouillon de Benoît Forgeard (si, si), ou - plus surprenant - le dessinateur humoristique Bélom ! 

Sur le fond le zine est inégal mais avec une très belle qualité globale, l’équilibre rédactionnel/BD est bon et, testé en bibliothèque, il fonctionne très bien sur leur le public-cible. Allez, on s’y met tous et on lance GroPatateCrueCosmiqueDada

Johnny Depp, nouvelle égérie Dior

Après Robert Pattinson en 2013, le héros de Pirates des Caraïbes s'associe à Dior. Il incarnera bientôt l'image de la nouvelle fragrance masculine de la maison de couture française.

C'est la première fois qu'il accepte de prêter son image au parfum d'une marque. A bientôt 52 ans, Johnny Depp s'associe à Dior. La star internationale incarnera prochainement l'image du nouveau jus masculin de la maison composé par François Demachy.