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Bossuet and Joly, Space AU? (always Space AU!)

(Always space AUs!!!)

“I realize what this must look like,” says the bald man, “but I feel you should know that we didn’t intend to steal your ship when we came on board. Borrow, perhaps. Use, certainly. Employ, granted. A quick flirtation between your ship and us, a journey together to the stars, and then sweet parting with no one the worse for wear.”

“Not,” says the man next to him with the metal leg, “that you don’t deserve to have your ship stolen. The labor violations alone-” he shudders visibly and takes a moment to continue. “This ship is a legal and medical disaster waiting to have happened yesterday. Consider us your overdue inspectors.“

“Shocking, really,” agrees the bald man. “You might say that we’re doing you a favor. Less paperwork in your future. We are saving you from the legal limbo of litigation and lockup. Of course, you may have to file some paperwork to tell the police why your ship went missing, but, well.” He gives Captain Tholomyes a cheerful smile. “That’s really up to you, isn’t it?”


So here are two drawings based on “Sailing By Orion’s Star” 2nd chapter (my plan was to draw one illustration for this chapter but I simply couldn’t pick just one scene to draw!)

You all have to read this for a number of reasons and one of them is certainly how kcrabb88 portrays Combeferre’s father because he’s such a great character and I really want to hug him ok!!!


Pi-rates ! Victimes du marketing, sortez vos bigoudènes, vos binious et votre Tipiak : oui, les pirates sont de retour ! Cette publicité est idiote : qu'iraient faire des pirates en Bretagne ? Voler une recette de quinoa ? Vraiment ?

Idiote, mais efficace : trois Bretonnes qui réclament des droits d'auteur, tout en militant contre la mondialisation du goût, ça marque. J'ai vaguement pensé à elles, en faisant la file pour voir ce nouveau bijou des Studios Aardman : Les Pirates ! Bons à rien, mauvais en tout. Je commettais pourtant une terrible erreur en voulant voir ce film, un jour férié (j'ai oublié lequel) : la salle était remplie de mômes, je me suis retrouvé le seul adulte non accompagné.

Vous me direz : le film a trouvé son public. Certes. Je vous rétorque par une question existentielle : pourquoi diable me suis-je plus esclaffé que les autres spectateurs de petite taille ? C'est tout le génie des Studios Aardman et de l'humour britannique, si mille-feuilles : les adultes, contraints d'accompagner leur progéniture, peuvent aussi rire d'allusions plus subtiles.

Le scénario est assez basique : le Capitaine Pirate, un looser de première, flanqué d'un équipage de pieds nickelés, décide malgré tout de concourir pour le prix de Pirate de l'Année. Oui, oh bon : il l'obtiendra à la fin. Les mômes ont leurs exigences.

Le plus intelligent est d'avoir transformé deux gentils historiques en improbables méchants. Là est le génie de ce film. Ainsi Darwin devient un machiavélique savant, une fripouille prête à tout pour obtenir le prix de Scientifique de l'Année. Et surtout, le reine Victoria devient une mégère hystérique, une virago prête à tout pour… manger le dernier dodo sur Terre ! Bon appétit, merci !


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Les Pirates - As Tu Connu Le Mineiro

Full song lyrics: Les Pirates - As Tu Connu Le Mineiro

As tu connu le Mineiro

As tu connu le Mineiro
Hourra mes bouées hourra
Ce clipper est un beau bateau
Tra lalala lalala la la

Il fait la ligne de Rio
St sâ??arrête à Valparaiso
Tra lalala…

Mais au Cap Horn, il ne fait pas chaud
Tâauras lâabri dâ??un cabillot
Tra lal…

Full song lyrics: Les Pirates - As Tu Connu Le Mineiro

my old les mis sheets have been sitting in my drawer forever so I’ve decided to make a jar of paper stars out of them and I kinda wanna do this with all my shows now??? at least with into the woods too when this one is done ahhhhh

Ok so in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies there was the part where one person’s like “Shoot her!” and another person’s like “Cut out her tongue!” and then Jack’s like “Shoot her and cut out her tongue! Then shoot the tongue!” or something to that effect
And then I just thought about Alfendi and I was like
“Oh, so that means he probably likes Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Why do I always manage to get these big surges of inspiration for one of my writing projects while I’m at work and can’t do much about it other than jot down a snippet in my email? I am like “no, Katie. Do your cataloging,  you have a deadline for this group of materials. Turn on your librarian brain and turn off your writer brain” and yet my brain is like “you KNOW, the plagues song from Prince of Egypt is a quality song to listen to for the weird psuedo-brothers relationship between Enjolras and Javert in Pirate AU that goes oh so wrong. Not in that there will be plagues, but in that it’s a familial relationship turned serious foes. Why don’t you think about that instead?” NO BRAIN. It doesn’t help that it’s the middle of summer and literally the whole Research Department is out today except for me. Even my intern. I ALWAYS have things to do, but it’s hard when I know lots of other people are in fact, not here and out doing other things.