anonymous asked:

Could you make a Gif PSD for Les Miserables please?

Sadly I do not make PSDs, as I’m pretty awful at it, though, I’m sure you could easily find someone else to request it from when browsing through the ‘PSD’ tag. Then, here’s a few I used or found, if you’d like to take a look at them:

  • X - Looks like this on gifs. Easy to use, no adjustments needed in most scenes.
  • X - One of my favorites. Edit it slightly to make just one color stand out more and it will be perfect
  • X - Works on all scenes, might need some adjusting.
  • X - Never used this one on gifs, but even with caps, it works better on lighter scenes
  • X - Pretty simple, makes everything a bit brighter though doesn’t change much.
  • X - Works better on Enjolras, Les Amis and day scenes.
  • X - Perfect for darker scenes
  • X - There’s a PSD for the dark scenes in this pack
  • X - Isn’t the most perfect for gifs but might work with some adjustments. 
  • X - Amazing for light scenes, not sure if it’d look well on gifs though
  • X - Works on a lot of scenes
  • X - Usually better for screencaps but works for gifs, especially in the Robbery scene
  • X - Makes everything brighter, pretty simple but pretty good.
  • A pack - I love this pack. I love it.
  • X - One of my favorites, specifically made for gifs.
  • X - Also for gifs, outside scenes, mostly Paris
  • X - Pretty simple, still Paris outdoor.
  • 2 PSDs + 1 B&W option - One of them works amazingly on Courfeyrac
  • X - Really pink-ish
  • X - Made for Marius
  • X - Still Paris outdoors 
  • X - Not a favorite of mine but the black and white version is lovely.
  • X - Quite bright, won’t work on everything but amazing for In My Life/A Heart Full of Love and with Javert’s blue suit
  • X - If you like dark gifs this one works amazingly on Eponine.
  • X - Perfect for I Dreamed a Dream. Not too bad on A heart Full of Love.
  • X - One of my favorite for the girls. Works on everyone, though a little less on the first part.
  • X - Works well on the first part and anything with quite a lot of greens. I think it could work well on the scenes at the Inn at well, but I’ve never tried.
  • X - I really love this one. Mostly for Paris again.
  • X - Dark scenes
  • Tumblr user and Les Mis editor chignonesque also published this ask about what she used to edit her stuff, so it might be interesting to take a look as well.

Hope this helped! I’ll edit this post whenever I find more!