LSU vs. Alabama: Game of Which Century?

[ESPN] has covered every possible angle of tomorrow’s game, stopping just shy of examining the relative strengths of each university’s nineteenth-century literature programs. (We’ll give the nod to Alabama for the English department’s motto: “Totally making you read.”) ESPN’s various “All-Access” segments this week have informed us that L.S.U. coach Les Miles drinks between two and five cups of coffee each day and Alabama coach Nick Saban listens to Michael Jackson on the way to work in the morning. Natural vs. aural caffeination: let’s call that one a draw.

Reeves Wiedeman discusses tomorrow night’s “Game of the Century”: http://nyr.kr/rKwlhx


Yes, it’s another Harlem Shake video, BUT, it’s Les Miles DANCING in a Harlem Shake video.