Last night I marched for 3 hours with these people.
We snaked through the city, starting near Jean-Talon market, and 3 hours later I had to quit after walking through, and passing, the Gay Village. The night was incredible, and seeing people dash to put on their bathrobes and grab the nearest pot and spoon to hang off their balconies and make some noise in support of those protesting Bill 78, or supporting the students fighting against debt was inspiring!

In this video it was the first chance for many of us at the “front of the line” to see how many people had joined our group; looking back through the overpass, you can’t see the end of the group. Flashes were popping, pots were clanging, and people were raising their voices against something that they feel is unjust. Again, it was inspiring.

A link to a clip from earlier in the night: Les Casseroles du Quebec, May 23 2012


Back in from another couple of hours marching.
Had to meet up with Matt downtown, got off at Mont Royal (juuuust in case) and the march was RIGHT in front of us. Joined in for a couple of hours, and they were kind enough to walk us right to our apartment!

Walking somewhere down around Mont Royal and St. Denis, the march took an unexpected turn onto another street and about 2 dozen cars weresurrounded by us. The amazing thing is that not a single driver had any noticeable negative reaction to us. They honked encouragement, and several even got out of their cars to cheer us on or make their own noise with whatever they had in their cars.

I think the city at large supports us, and it makes the three hour marches that much easier.

To those who doubt our sincerity, our awareness, our effectiveness, or our necessity I would like to repeat something I saw come up often during the Occupy protests:

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