les misérables

Listening to Les Mis in my house is fun because you’ve got my mom (who sings along, but only to solos), me (who knows every word but will talk through songs explaining differences between various recordings), my sister (who constantly mixes up which characters are which), and my younger brother (who says things like “this person is taking too long to die”).

My current situation
  • Me: I should be studying
  • My brain: THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IS HERE you are sunlight and I moon DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING once upon a december FIYEEEEEERO come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT it's the circle of life I CAN'T FIND USNAVI!

popular musicals renamed

hamilton: Man Runs His Mouth For Two Hours and Pays Dearly For It

heathers: Mean Girls with Murder

be more chill: Serial Masturbator Will Take Any Measures to Get Laid

phantom of the opera: Guy Just Doesn’t Know How to Deal With a Crush

les miserables: Revolution, Drinking, and Tears

legally blonde: Defeating Stereotypes Since 2007

wicked: Green Girl Goes Wild

dear evan hansen: Anxious Child Worsens Anxiety with Lies

newsies: Children Overcome Difficulties Through Song and Dance

it’s all fun and games until you listen to act two

Musicals as types of people in school
  • Phantom of the opera: The emo kid with short hair that's always in every singe musical the school puts on
  • Cats: The kid that knows that everybody hates them but they still fight to pursue their dreams/the kid that nobody knows is an acrobat
  • Sweeney Todd: The goth kid who hisses as people in the hallways and only hangs out with like two other people and keeps a diary
  • Heathers: The really popular and preppy girl who's secretly really sad about everything
  • Spring awakening: The kid who makes waaay to many sexual jokes and lost their virginity before everyone else
  • A chorus line: The kid who's never available to do anything because they're at rehearsal
  • Wicked: That one kid that was always ignored in school but grew up to be extremely famous
  • Into the woods: the kid with an unnaturally morbid sense of humor
  • Les Misérables: The kid who's way to into politics and starts fights just about every day