guys lmao I went back to watch some old law and order svu episodes and there’s this one scene where a girl claims her alibi is she went to see the phantom of the opera and to confirm whether or not she’s telling the truth the detective goes, ‘oh yeah I love phantom of the opera it’s so sad when the guy goes to prison for stealing bread’ and the girl AGREES and later he’s telling his partner ‘yeah she’s lying there’s no bread in phantom’

  • Writers on Tumblr: If I don't choose the right name for my character, the story won't feel right... I need to think very carefully about name choice... :(
  • Victor Hugo, writing Les Mis: My main character's name is John McJohn, his dad's name was John and his mother's name was Joanne, and here's a group of revolutionaries who I won't bother to give first names except for the one guy who's first name is also John

Is your life just one more lie?

My very first Barricade Day piece, click for better quality! instagram


Sometimes you catch glimpses of familiar faces

People who belong to an unknown Before
Steps that must have echoed each other
Shoulders you must have held

Smiles that you must have shared
Fingers that you must have intertwined
Eyes that must have met (even if just for a moment)

But your heart should not feel so drawn to a stranger
And that connection feels oddly, painfully nostalgic.

Sometimes you catch glimpses of familiar faces

and you remind yourself  

“it’s only in my head”

Happy –more than a month after– Barricade Day!

also known as: Reincarnation!AU Day

[inspirations: @batcii‘s inktober; @darthfar‘s barricade day project]