les unicorns


L O O K B O O K #5

Hair: Tableau Vivant - Otto hair in black (edited to remove hat)

Hat: 2byte - Beanie 19 (gacha item)

Top: Wonton - Turtleneck wool coat in black (@TREND3 january)

Pants: Mikunch - Cropped wool pants (@No21 january)

Shoes: CS Design - N00051 shoe

Septum: MONS - Septum Ring Style 19

Glasses: S O R G O - Issa in tortoise

Plugs: Bad Unicorn Clothing - Black gauge (group gift)

Backpack: Mr.Poet - Leather backpack

Pose 1: Le Poppycock - Bright ideas

Pose 2: Le Poppycock - Peace out

Shooting location: Pigeon Island (TAXI)

So I watched the rest of it and...well...

I turned it back on like:

Then when it went off I was like:

Basically I’m sad because for me and LES UNICORNS and others wow..it’s just so much it sucks to see them not together anymore:

People don’t understand the sentimentality this video has on us that have been ….. “creatively collecting information” … from the first MJ CDS videos aired back in July. jrhcksmsnrv *le sigh* ♥ -Akalina

I don't see how Kalina put up with me! A simple convo can go wrong in a blink of an eye with me! Ahaha!

Kalina: I’m going to Disney World for my birthday!

Me: Oooh! I’ve always wanted to go there! Omggg I have to go! Ima just stay a few extra days in LA and go with you!!

Kalina: disney world is in florida dummy butt, lol! *I know when she typed it she laughed but I know her face was prob like this…

Me:Oh shit..well I wanna go there too! lmaoo! Omg Im the smartest person everrr!

But I know Kalina looking at the computer like this bitch is a “Ra-tard!”:

But at the end of the day..that’s my gurl! And she will always continue to put up with my dingy moments forever! :)