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       ❝They took your scroll, Tintin! It’s gone.❞

       ❝How? What happened?❞

       ❝It was Allan! He-He knobbled me in the garden and then…❞

randomness-unicorn  asked:

1-It’s going to be long and angst: SO is pregnant and happy to have a child with her bonefriend, but after some months something seems to go wrong. SO starts to get sick and weak, but the baby is fine. SO wants to continue the pregnancy even if the doctor is really worry for her life. Her soul is vanishing, because the baby eats it.

(((CONTINUED PARTS TO ASK))) 2- SO dies during the childbirth. Something is wrong with the child because he’s evil, for example he kills little animals or hits others children. One day he says that the flavour of her mother’s soul was delicious (but it is seems a kind of joke). The truth is that Chara’s spirit have possessed SO’s baby, they want to revenge.

3- How does the dad react finding out it? If you want you can do a drabble with Tale!Sans, or a normal reaction. Take your time! I know it is really long, you can ignore it if you think it’s so “horror” or bad. I took inspiration from the movie “Rosemary’s baby”. I recommend it!
Oh I’m so upset right now because I was almost done and idiotically copied something over the imagine without saving it somewhere else first ;))) dear god help me. Hey though! I seriously loved writing this anyway! It turned out better the second time honestly..

I originally was just going to do a longer headcanon for this, but I kept rereading it to make sure there’s no errors and kept adding to it, it just became a minific because I got carried away. It didn’t start as a minific of course.. good thing this was only specified as Undertale Sans. It helps a lot, thank you. Nevertheless it still took over an hour and a half to write because I became addicted and writing minifics on mobile sucks XD I usually wait till I get on a computer.

AS A WARNING THIS IS EXTREMELY ANGSTY. Depression, murder, insanity, suicide, self harm, death, and the mention of abortion are all included. Excuse me for getting carried away. This is probably the most intense thing I have EVER written in my entire life so enjoy~


Starring: Sans, Toriel, Undyne, Alphys, Papyrus, Papyrus’ spouse, Frisk, Chara, some Royal Guard members

Classic has always wanted to have kids. He’s wondered what it’s like to be a dad, and how it feels to really raise a child. He’s obviously seen and interacted with kids before, and he protected Papyrus when they were younger, but it’s certainly not the same as having your own child. When you told him you were pregnant, Classic got very excited and hugged you so tight you had to force him to loosen up because it was squishing the life out of you. He giggled and apologized, and you smile and kiss him. Both of you are elated to start a family together because of the fact that you get to do it together.

For the first few months everything is going smoothly- the two of you wonder how they’ll turn out since they’ll be a hybrid, and the ultrasounds don’t determine what they’ll be right away. But when things start to go downhill, Classic manages to stay calm. You’re pretty tough, you’ll pull through… right? When the doctors mention it’s life threatening on your part, THAT’S when Classic starts getting very anxious. He starts having doubts about having the kid but you urge to continue since the child’s rate of survival is extremely high. The doctors then find out it’s because the child is slowly devouring your soul, and Classic actually wants to pull the plug, carefully telling you that at this point, he’s considering abortion. He doesn’t fully know how to handle the situation because he loves you, he wants you to be okay, but he can’t bear to really harm the child either. He loves both of you, so what should he do..? He holds you very close every night (even if his haunting imagination keeps him from sleeping) and he’s always by your side, because he doesn’t know when you’ll lose your life. If you guys are lucky, hopefully you won’t lose your life for a very long time.. yet the chances of that are slim, and both of you know that.

Despite any pain or fear you feel, you proudly carry this child and you die at childbirth. Classic is torn in half because the love of his life just died, but now he has a son of his very own: and they’re human with little skeleton fingers. He’s so upset yet so glad at the same time that it starts messing with his head, and the hospital decides they should care for the kid until Classic can pull himself together. No matter how sorrowful he feels, in a few days he manages to regain his sense of serenity and sanity and brings the child home. All of the close monsters help take care of the kid. Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys and Toriel all play a major part in parenting with him. Classic never knew how he’d be able to father on his own until everyone immediately started pitching in. He names the child Mars for his own personal reasons, and some of yours too.

As Mars continues to grow, he becomes worryingly violent. Even in his toddler ages, he’s surprisingly cruel. He never got along with anyone his age, and he once even managed to capture and murder a baby bunny. Alphys and Undyne, who were caring for him at the time of the event, were literally taken aback, and kept it quiet until a few days later where they could look at it more clearly and tell the others without freaking out. This added to Classic’s anxiety, seeing as how your death clearly wasn’t enough anxiety on him. Papyrus is the one who mainly helps him cope with his tensely wavering depression.

Toriel started to ‘professionally’ educate Mars when he turned 6 years old. So one day, whe Mars was with her and only her, he mentioned something extremely disturbing. “Hehe, mommy’s soul tasted so good… I would eat it all over again…”

She got extremely nervous hearing that, but seeing his innocent expression and then hearing that little giggle, she tried to shove it off. Mars began playing with his letter blocks again, but she was still so amped up over it. Then he tilted his head and looked at her again, “Can I have pie, Auntie Tori? It so yummy!”

Toriel managed to mumble out a weak “Sure” and complied. She gave him a PAPER plate and a PLASTIC fork to eat, and she sat down in the adjacent room to think about what literally just happened. It made her begin to tremble and she quickly ran for the phone to ask Undyne and Classic to come over. It’s not that Toriel can’t protect herself, but she didn’t feel safe being alone with Mars in those moments, especially since she’s lost Asriel and Chara, she wasn’t going to be next. No matter how un-funny that was, Classic told Toriel that he’s just 6 years old and he probably doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. This 6 year old kid can’t do much damage to the ex-queen, and she nods but still mentions her worry for them. She tells Classic they’re turning into something frightening, and he doesn’t know how to take it. At this point, he’s healed over your death and can accept it. He can’t openly talk about it, but he can think about it without bursting into tears. Even if he can handle it, that doesn’t mean there aren’t times where he starts balling his sockets out because of how much he misses you and misses holding you. He still loves you so much, you’ll always be his soulmate. He’ll never fully move on from you, and he visits your grave with fresh flowers every week. They’re your favorite kind.

As Mars continues to grow, at 9 years old, Alphys notices something extremely off. For half a second, she swears that she saw his eyes turn red. This immediately sets Classic off and he feels extremely uncomfortable, he can’t stand being alone anymore, so Papyrus and his new spouse let him move in, him and Mars happily accepted inside. They understand that things have been really hard on him, and even if he’s never been alone this whole time (since he’s had all of them by his side), Classic is still a single parent. He’s a single father trying to care for this seemingly ‘demonic,’ unfriendly child. Everything has been hammering down on him one after another, Mars’ anger and creepiness progressively getting worse and worse after every little incident. Classic thinks it’s his fault and he can’t stop blaming himself. His depression gets worse and he’s caught self harming a few times, he doesn’t eat, he suffers from both insomnia and somniphobia. Nightmares and sleep paralysis are reoccurring and he almost kills himself. Alphys finds him with a rope, knife on the desk with some of his bones oozing bone marrow, mumbling the same question over and over, “Why am I still trying?” With tears streaming down his cheekbones. She carefully removes the knife and the rope from the room and pulls him into a hug.

Her voice is quiet and shaky as she explains, “S-Sans, you have to stay alive.. I I know there’s a-a lot of freaky things going on.. a-and you’re so upset… but please… w-we all need you, you’re important. W-we love you..” Classic bursts into sobs and he clings to her as Alphys tries to comfort him, and he allows her to call Undyne to round up the others and come over. Pappy and his spouse were out with Mars for that day, so they weren’t home. Alphys went to check on him and found him by coincidence, and everyone is so relieved she did. She just saved his life. They heal his angry wounds and cuddle him and love him so much that he doesn’t even know what to do with so much care. Even Mars hugs him, but Chara knows exactly what they’re doing. This is the final step to their plan- lead him on just to destroy him in a single swipe.

Sans finds out it’s Chara when he hears that same laugh leave Mars’ mouth. They tilt their head and giggle, telling him he’s so stupid, that he’s done for and everyone he loves is going to die right after him. They want to treat themselves by seeing his horrified expression first, wanting to hear him plead for the others’ mercy. Chara runs away in Mars’ body before Sans can do anything physically speaking, and he suddenly feels a full split before really processing anything.

Classic feels no remorse, yet the heaviest sympathy. Chara has been possessing Mars this ENTIRE time, and they deserve to burn in hell. On the other hand, though, that means the real Mars has been locked inside his own head throughout his whole young childhood. It breaks Classic’s soul imagining Mars screaming for help but no one hearing him.

When Classic first sprints to everyone warning them, Toriel thinks it’s insulting. How dare he say that about Chara? No one knows what to think yet Papyrus, his spouse, and Alphys all highly support him. Alphys has seen those red eyes (plus, Classic has explained Chara incidents with her and Papyrus ONLY), Pappy’s spouse witnessed a seemingly split personality, and Pappy will always back up his older brother no matter what. Classic tells Toriel the absolute truth and Undyne has to side with Tori on this one, and they all split. Toriel refuses to talk to any of them except Undyne, and Undyne has difficulties with Alphys at this time. They both think completely different things on this, but at least Undyne is more in the middle as to where Toriel is dead on convinced Classic is being an asshole.

Her eyes fill with tears as she screams at Papyrus, “How can you live with him?! Just because he’s had a horrid experience with losing y/n and a rough time raising Mars properly, that DOESN’T give him the excuse to blame my deceased child! Doesn’t he know that’s sensitive? A mother never forgets the pain, you obviously wouldn’t understand. Control him. I don’t want to see any of you unless he’s apologizing for what he said. That’s repulsive.”

To respond, Papyrus tilts his head and gets a little snippy, “I find it amusing how you blame Sans for Mars’ attitude. I blame someone else, and I think you know them.” Everyone is shocked to hear him say this, but he grabs his spouse’s hand and tells them that they should go check on his older brother, he’s been alone in his room for a while, and he’s getting worried, remembering what happened the last time he was alone in his room. The two of them leave and Alphys follows them so Undyne can talk to Toriel in private. Eventually, they agree to go confront Classic and just sort it out.

Since Pappy and his spouse had some sort of pitstop, Alphys, Undyne, and Toriel all catch up. She profusely apologizes and he does too, saying that it was just in the heat of the moment. No matter what’s going on, isn’t it odd that Mars has been gone for so long? No one can find him anywhere. They all quickly hug it out before swiftly heading home, and they all find Sans and Chara fighting a messy fight in the backyard. The Gaster Blasters gave it away.

Classic is afraid to hurt Mars so he’s mostly just been dodging for a large portion of the fight. They all tried to interfere but he looked so threatening, Chara’s smile was so wide, he pointed the blasters at them and they all stumbled back. Toriel and Undyne see him fighting and hear Chara’s laugh, seeing their eyes and listening to their voice, and Toriel’s heart is broken. It really is Chara, but they’re insane. They’re psychotic. The two finally fully believe, but it’s too late. It was either Classic or the kid, and Pappy screamed his name to get Classic to save himself. He ended up killing Mars, and cradled his dead body, crying. Blood stains his clothes and he refuses to let go. Toriel and Undyne try to help him but he starts attacking them because they never believed him, they never fucking believed him when he urged that it was Chara, and Pappy has to hold his brother back. They’re both extremely scared and worried, and Classic shuts them out. He says goodbye and carries Mars away from everyone, and goes to his old house.

Sans is isolated for the next full week. He barely eats, he barely sleeps, he’s constantly holding onto Mars’ now disgusting and decaying body, Sans becoming repulsive himself, physically and mentally. He never answers the door, he’s locked it real tight with way too many magical barriers, and he screams whenever someone tries to come in. He keeps all the curtains closed and goes insane. Sans starts laughing to himself and talking to himself, talking to Chara who’s no longer listening, talking to Mars who’s gone. Talking to Frisk who left the monsters once reaching the surface, they had to find their real family again. He pretends to speak as Papyrus, as you, as everyone. It becomes terrifying. Undyne tried smashing the windows in but a Gaster Blaster greeted her dead in the eyes, right in her face. She tried to look around inside, but it started firing up and she actually became trembly, easily dodging the attack but the suspense of when it would really go off killed her. She risked it and kept hunting for any sign of her best friend, and it kept getting louder and quieter as if he was trying to tempt her. She actually gained a lot of fear from Sans and always gets shaky whenever anyone mentions him, it’s like Undyne gained PTSD from that single moment.

They all actually round up the previous members of the Royal Guard and they help Undyne regain her confidence to go there, and sure enough, the strength of everyone together finally knocks the door open. It smells horrid in the house because of the body, and they slowly step inside, calling for Classic. The one thing that they found that will forever haunt everyone’s dreams is seeing very recognizable bone marrow drip from the ceiling onto Pappy’s spouse’s head. They let out a flat out shriek, and started freaking out like crazy. Pappy tried his best to calm them down but he knows what that means, and he ends up crying with them, both of them clinging to each other. One of the other Royal Guards head up there and finds Classic in a pile of dust and shattered soul pieces next to Mars’ dead body in the attic, bone marrow splattered on the storage boxes and all over the floor. Alphys can’t do anything and Toriel and Undyne fully blame themselves. It’s a traumatizing day, and it effects everyone involved.

The other Royal Guard members become upset because Undyne becomes isolated from everyone including Alphys. Alphys tries to help her but fails so many times, they never officially break up but they’re separate for too long, they practically have to rebuild their relationship because of Undyne’s worsening trauma and Alphys’ own self loathing. Toriel hides herself in a secret place like a Ruins 2.0 because she can’t even look anyone in the eyes anymore. That was her best friend, her family, and she shot him down and made him suicide. Pappy struggles to be optimistic because everyone else gets lost in their own depression and he can’t save any of them, but his spouse helps him recover after a long time. Others hear of his death and they’re all extremely sympathetic and upset over it. They give Classic and Mars a proper memorial, and they force themselves to move on. There’s nothing else they can do.

But then, everything resets. And no one but Sans and Chara remembers.

Chara is off who knows where for this whole timeline, but Classic is so on edge. He’s extremely upset and still a little crazy, and to everyone else, it’s extremely abrupt. Frisk knows what happened through Chara, but they managed to drive them away before they could do anything else. Frisk urges Toriel to leave the ruins and she actually does, and they don’t find Classic at his station. Frisk completely ignores Papyrus when first seeing him, and he has no clue why, but the two continue to reluctantly follow this way-too-determined child. They burst into the skeleton household and he goes to interrupt, but suddenly finds his brother to be very alert. Frisk tackle hugs Classic, tearing up, apologizing over and over for what happened, that they should have stayed so they could control THEM, and he hugs them tightly, beginning to cry. Everyone is extremely confused, and Classic manages to finally explain everything with Frisk by his side, leading the conversation and helping him with talking it out. They had gathered Undyne and Alphys before beginning, and everything was so abrupt that Undyne never even had a thought of harming the kid. This time around, Frisk stays with all of the monsters.

When Classic meets you, he keeps it quiet, but starts having nightmares. He tells you about these nightmares after you guys have been together for a while, moved in with each other and everything. You don’t know that any of this was anything except a fake nightmare, because he explains EVERYTHING as if it were just a dream. He actually gets pulled out of it and he becomes very happy again, and everyone is so relieved to see him so happy. The two of you get married and you’re still that same love of his life, but when you ask if you guys should start a family , Classic’s eye flames and he yells that he never wants to have kids, and if anyone ever changes his mind, the two of you are adopting. You’re extremely upset by this, and Frisk manages to explain to you before anything drastic happens. You have to understand.

There’s nothing else you can do but force yourself to understand.

My unicorn's headcanon #7: Miraculous Ladybug


Gabriel is the Collector. So… Who the heck is Hawkmoth? If he isn’t Adrien’s father, then who is he?
Here are some theories about that:

1) Hawkmoth akumatized himself, because he couldn’t find the perfect villain. If that’s true, the moth miraculous would be one of the most powerful miraculous (or miraculouses… It’s something unclear… It doesn’t really matter.)
2) Mr. Kubdel is Hawkmoth, and akumatized Gabriel like he would do with everyone.
3) Mrs. Agreste is Hawkmoth in disguise, with a physical appearance similar to her husband. (This is weird, I know, but it can be true)
4) Hawkmoth is a character we haven’t seen yet. Nothing to say about this.
5) Hawkmoth is a character we have already seen as a background character. I don’t know who.
6) Hawkmoth is Gabriel evil twin who fell in love with Adrien’s mother.
7) Hawkmoth is a future Adrien.
0) Hawkmoth shattered Pink Diamond.

8) Gabriel has the Miraculous book because he stole it from Master Fu.
9) Gabriel has the Miraculous book because he was Master Fu’s best friend and he received it as a gift from him.
10) Gabriel has the Miraculous book because he’s Hawkmoth.
11) Nathalie has the Miraculous book because she’s Le Paon.
12) Gorilla has the Miraculous book because he’s Hawkmoth. (They totally look alike, c'mon guys XD)
13) Mrs. Agreste had the Miraculous book because she was Le Paon.
14) Mrs. Agreste had the Miraculous book because she was Hawkmoth.
15) Mrs. Agreste had the Miraculous book because she stole it from Master Fu.
16) Mrs. Agreste had the Miraculous book because she was Master Fu’s best friend and she received it as a gift from him.
17) Nathalie was in love with Le Paon Mrs. Agreste that gave her the Miraculous book so she becomes Le Paon to find her.
18) Nathalie is in love with Hawkmoth that gave her the Miraculous book so she becomes Le Paon to help him.

It’s supposed to be ironic.
-Marco Diaz

If you have another theory tell me in the comments.
Let’s see how ridiculous our theories can get. (Because admit that, we have a lot of creativity to formulate these theories…)


L O O K B O O K #5

Hair: Tableau Vivant - Otto hair in black (edited to remove hat)

Hat: 2byte - Beanie 19 (gacha item)

Top: Wonton - Turtleneck wool coat in black (@TREND3 january)

Pants: Mikunch - Cropped wool pants (@No21 january)

Shoes: CS Design - N00051 shoe

Septum: MONS - Septum Ring Style 19

Glasses: S O R G O - Issa in tortoise

Plugs: Bad Unicorn Clothing - Black gauge (group gift)

Backpack: Mr.Poet - Leather backpack

Pose 1: Le Poppycock - Bright ideas

Pose 2: Le Poppycock - Peace out

Shooting location: Pigeon Island (TAXI)

@treckorta tagged me in the “10 songs yr into rn” so heres them

1: phc la la by azizi gibson
2: alaska by dr dog
3: gummy by brockhampton
4: daylight/moonlight by the red pears
5: fah q by beach bums
6: así es by zurdok
7: esa noche by café tacvba
8: les os by the unicorns
9: upon this tidal wave of young blood by clap your hands say yeah
10: because dreaming cost money my dear by mitski
i tag…. whoever wants 2 do it idk fndf