les tulipes

flowers in french 💐
  • daffodil - la jonquille
  • daisy - la marguerite 
  • tulip - la tulipe
  • lily - le lys 
  • sunflower - le tournesol
  • carnation - l’œillet (m) 
  • rose - la rose  
  • rosebud - le bouton de rose
  • cherry tree - le cerisier
  • chrysanthemum - le chrysanthème 
  • dandelion - le pissenlit
  • honeysuckle - le chèvrefeuille
  • aster - l’aster (m)
  • orchid - l’orchidée (f)
  • flower bouquet - le bouquet de fleurs 
  • to blossom - fleurir 
  • flower - la fleur 
  • freesia - le freesia 
  • flowering tree - l’arbre en fleur (m) 
  • meadow - la prairie 
  • petal - le pétale 

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 Name: Connon

 Nicknames: Conman, That Bitch Over There

 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

 Height: 6’

 Orientation: east

 Ethnicity: European-American

 Favourite Fruit: ouch triggered, I’m allergic

 Favourite Season: Autumn

 Favourite Book: Les Misérables

 Favorite Flower: Tulips

 Favourite scent: Old books or wood

 Favourite Colour: Green/Blue

 Favourite Animal: Dang, idk, pangolins rn

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: cocoa

Average Sleep Hours: not enough

Cat or Dog Person?: Cats but it’s close

 Favourite Fictional Character: Temperance Brennan

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2

 Dream trip: Anywhere, especially tropical
Blog Created: idk 2013?

 Number of followers: like 40

 I nominate: @its-a-pygmy-puffle @meg-the-plangona @jumiins @baymax-cry-lock