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looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: katherine plumber

looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: jack kelly

looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: les jacobs

looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: spot conlon

looks like a cinnamon roll and is very confused on why we are killing people: davey jacobs

Gavroche's Death/Screams of Agony
The many Grantaires
Gavroche's Death/Screams of Agony

I don’t know about the West End, but over here, our Grantaires take their relationship with Gavroche very seriously. So here is a compilation of some Grantaire’s screaming in agony when Gavroche is killed :D

  1. Joe Spieldenner, 4th National Tour (this is THE scream of agony. The official one)
  2. John Rapson, Broadway (This was early in his run, where he actually said “OH GOD NO”. Very memorable.)
  3. John Rapson, Broadway (Later in his run, where it’s just a scream)
  4. Adam Monley, Broadway understudy
  5. Dennis Moench, Broadway understudy 
  6. Eric Van Tielen, Tour understudy (dat whimper doe)
  7. Joe Spieldenner, North Shore Music Theatre (just… wait it out. The whole thing. It’s worth it)
Little Newsies Heacannons we all need

• Jack enjoys going to art museums as dates with Katherine and he literally just drags her around the museum pointing out every little detail of the paintings and she can’t help but smile because he’s so passionate about art and it’s one of her favorite things about him

• Davey Jacobs has a fear of ducks because once when Les was a baby and he was like 9 his parents took them to a duck pond and one ended up chasing Davey and he’s been scared of them ever since. Bonus: Les loves ducks and will frequently making quacking noises around the Lodging House just to scare Davey

• Modern AU: Katherine is a regular at the coffee shop Jack and Davey work at in the bookstore and they already know her order and just decide to give her a discount already since she’s there nearly everyday writing a story

• Continued: Jack always puts silly messages and drawings on her coffee cup because he can always tell when she’s exhausted with a story and it makes Katherine smile

• Even more: That’s how he asks her out

• Crutchie loves animals more than anything and his dream job is working in a pet store because where else would he want to work besides with all of the animals.

• Bonus: Les comes by and frequently helps him out at the store.

• Extra: Crutchie is soon given the position as manager at the store. He gives everyone chore charts and puts gold star stickers on them.

• Specs double-knots his shoes so he doesn’t loose them anymore

• Romeo dates one of Medda’s backup dancers (except she’s younger because I think Romeo is supposed to be 15-16?)

• The boys make sure they invite Medda (along with Katherine) over to the Lodging House for Christmas because they couldn’t have won the strike without her.

• Modern AU: Katherine and Jack are definitely fans of Sherlock and Doctor Who and Jack gives Katherine drawing lessons so she can draw her own fanart

• Katherine and Jack are the dynamic due who write a book and illustrate it together and it’s a best-selling

• Crutchie loves Halloween because he loves to hand out the candy and see all of the kids costumes