les sirenes

Jehan and Montparnasse

● Jehan does have a strange fashion sense -not that any other person expect for them (and of course the people closest to them) would ever call it a fashion sense
●  and yes, they do like to wear their partner’s clothes
●  but, and here comes the most important part: so does Montparnasse
● because he loves his partner’s smell, having a little part of them with him when they are parted and he does literally every time they are
● even though the patterns are more often than not all over the place and he does not think about the fact that before he started dating Jehan he would not even have been cought dead in them
●  despite that, out of all of their clothing items the flower crowns go best with his leather jackets and boots and so many of his other things, he just cannot not wear them
●  and Jehan let him think for a very long time they did not notice, knowing that deep down their beloved was a romantic, not quite a Romantic, but still
● and flowers are great, and his partner is the most beautiful one of them all and they know it -Montparnasse reminds them literally all the time
● so he wears Jehan’s and they wear his clothes, and between the two of them Montparnasse’s wardrobe has gotten a little more colourful and Jehan’s well… it’s still theirs and Montparnasse would not -not for anything in the world- try to change anything about them or their fashion

● and a little extra: the size difference is not to be mentioned at all here, because to the ones who actually get to see them sharing clothes openly by now it’s just adorable… not that said people would ever say that out loud of course

castle on a cloud

• Gavroche singing Cosette’s lullaby, which he just faintly remembers to his younger siblings whenever they cannot sleep or are too scared of what may become of them
• but the lyrics are mostly made up because he can barely even remember the melody and some of the words
• so he sings his own version, only remembering it being about a kind lady taking her child home and the child being comforted by her presence
• he promises his younger siblings that one day they will not be alone anymore
• that even though he is not sure himself anymore this lady is real and will be there for them
• they are free in the streets but still they want nothing more than a loving home and not having to worry about being able to survive the next day
• the song becomes something of a symbol of hope to the homeless and even more the children who have nowhere to go
• some time after their wedding Cosette follows a familiar melody when they are out for a walk, her husband rushing behind her
• worried she might get into trouble
• she stops in front of a young child, barely even dressed, begging for money
• and the child is humming her song, despite singing different words
• Cosette, knowing it could be a fraud, still kneels down in front of them
• and the child looks into her eyes, having just one question, if Cosette is the kind lady who has come to take them home
• and that’s the final reason for Cosette and Marius to open an orphanage and actually do take care of the children who finally have a place to go and stay

dionsysus, I saw you wanted Nymph!Grantaire, which is a favourite of mine, but I couldn’t fit this all in an ask!

  • Nymph!Grantaire who is immune to Siren!Enjolras’s powers 
  • (idk maybe it’s part of being a nymph just roll with it)
  • Nymph!Grantaire who still falls in love with his voice and the overly idealistic things Enjolras says
  • Siren!Enjolras who doesn’t realize that R is a nymph and thinks he’s just another infatuated human, not really in love with him for himself
  • R who lets Enjolras believe that because it’s not like he stands a chance anyway, right?
  • Nymph!Grantaire who comes to a meeting one day in a good mood for the first time in months and accidentally starts making flowers grow everywhere, to the delight of Les Amis
  • Enjolras who walks in to see R sitting in a room full of flowers and just goes “Oh”
  • Nymph!Grantaire who accidentally makes a tree grow up through the floor boards when Enjolras runs across the room and kisses him

• Feuilly and Bahorel are the couple I picture meeting while just being out partying and getting in a fight with some random homophobe
• when said person verbally attacks a same-sex couple, with both, Feuilly and Bahorel, at first watching from afar, still getting slighty closer with every insult and trying to be as nice and reasonable as they can
• but once the person starts getting violent the two of them just simultaneously go ‘nope, that’s enough’ and have to be dragged away by their friends before they can actually get into a fistfight
• and they belatedly realize most of them already know each other from certain activities (charity work, poetry slam events, demonstrations, Pride,  etc.) and have been friends for a while

La finestra aperta a mezzanotte e ventotto.
È tornata.
Ne sentivamo la mancanza.
Che ogni tanto passa una macchina. Oppure qualche ragazzotto che si sente figo per quell'alito più pesante del solito e ci tiene a farcelo sapere. A tutti noi del condominio. E anche al comune vicino, direi.
Che poi a me piace un sacco fare l'amore con la finestra aperta. Di notte. Il fresco che entra e armonizza i movimenti. Il mondo lì fuori che scorre indifferente mentre qua si vincono gemiti, risate, orgasmi, premi e cotillons. E poi alzarsi, andare in cucina, recuperare qualcosa e ributtarsi a letto, sempre con la finestra aperta.
E poi le sirene in lontananza e il flusso di macchine che aumenta.
Forse è finito qualcosa. Un cinema. Uno spettacolo e la gente rientra.
Magari va a casa a fare l'amore.
Anche la centrifuga è finita.
Vado a stendere i panni.
Però bello.
Bravi voi che siete andati al cinema e adesso andate a fare l'amore con la finestra aperta.
Bravi davvero, cazzo.


PART 2 PART 2 PART 2. stream draws :U

@glas-onion asked for a Jack!Snowman.. and i really don’t know how to draw snowmen because my one good(best?) friend told me i draw them horribly (andifuckinloveherforit) so yea.. i onno

even Rhys is like I ONNO and Angel is just having too much fun tryin’ta make a daddy snowman -cry-

Rhys and Angel©Borderlands