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I'm wondering what's the history between Merante and Odette. Were they lovers before, had a fallout, then got back together again? And why would Merante allow Odette to work under a horrible (and probably abusive) employer like Madam La Haut? And why wasn't Odette given a room to stay at the Opera in the first place instead of a small apartment? With the fact that Odette was the top ballerina at the Opera, you would have thought she'd get better treatment even after the fire accident.

There are several possible explanations. Most likely, at the time of Odette’s accident, Merante did not have sufficient influence to help her in any way. By the time did become an acknowledged ballet master she was already working for Madame Le Haut and seemed to be managing fine enough, so he let her be. I bet Odette never complained about her working conditions, and nothing in her appearance suggested she was mistreated.

Another possibility is that Odette was being supported by her family until a certain point. She might have had her room at her parents’ house, or her brother’s house. Then the parents died, and Odette alone could not maintain the house, or the brother got married and needed more room for his growing family. Either way, Odette figured it would be cheaper to just live in the shed at Madame Le Haut’s. Distance might also have been a factor – it is more comfortable to live closer to your employer (especially if you have problems with your legs).

Alternatively, Odette was first employed by Madame Le Haut’s husband, and was treated well enough as long as he lived. I assume Madame Le Haut is a widow, since widows were the only women with any sort of power back in the day.

Could it be that Odette was married before?

I suddenly remembered that Merante refers to Odette as „Madame Odette”. Not “Mademoiselle”. It may very well be out of respect, but given the time period we may safely consider the possibility that, at some point in her life, Odette was married.

Now, this scenario brings a whole new level to Odette’s story. Possibly, her husband supported her while he was alive, and it was only after his passing that she became a cleaning Lady. Alternatively, the husband had left her with debts, potentially forcing her to sell almost everything she owned – which would explain her living at Madame Le Haut’s. Going further along this road, it might have been Madame Le Haut to whom Odette’s husband owed money, and Odette simply stayed with her even after the debt was paid, since she had nowhere else to go.

Odette’s status as a widow also explains why Merante refrained from getting closer to her until the situation with Felicie. He may have thought it was too early, or that she had no wish to be with a man again. Admiring her from afar seemed preferable to confessing and risking rejection.

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Luffy and Nami..since from the beginning! (anime)

Nami and Luffy are a couple before they meet: it can be seen in the anime. If someone says that the anime is “non-canonical”, I reply that it is not so: the anime, like the manga, is controlled by Eichiro Oda, who is very attentive to his characters and he does not want to be misunderstood. So the anime completes what is lacking in the manga. Let’s move on to the first scene. 

Nami e Rufy sono una coppia prima ancora di incontrarsi, lo si vede nell’anime. Se qualcuno dice che l’anime è “non canonico”, io gli rispondo che non è così: l’anime, come il manga, è controllato da Eichiro Oda, che è molto attento ai suoi personaggi e non vuole che siano travisati. Quindi l’anime completa quello che manca nel manga. Passiamo alla prima scena. 

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