les ponytails

The year is 2097, BioWare makes another game. The protagonist still looks like they style their hair with crazy glue, and so do the other 648589 NPCs with the same hairstyle.

The trees, however, strut down runways. Space and distant starts emit heat through TV/PC screens. VR Romances now available. Intimacy still remains awkward and fades to black.

Hair still looks like glue. The protagonist continues to violently chug their alcoholic beverage before slamming the glass down onto the table, and shaking their head violently. Afterwards, they vaguely jerk their whole hand in the direction behind them. “I should go,” they say, and walk away with their legs widely apart. Their conversation partner rubs the back of their neck awkwardly.

OK SO i thought i drew killua like all the time but APPARENTLY thats not the case.
… maybe its more in my notes or on whiteboards. i draw alot of killuas there. or anywhere. suprise killuas. sneaky killuas. ALOT OF KILLUAS. 
damn im sorry youve been missing out tho, like take this ponytail killu that was recently doodled as compensation. 

ther he is. dat boi. 

and they’re done!! (*´ェ`*) still not totally satisfied with them, but i think this is a good start? i might do a whole lineup this way, since i totally have designs for bousset and joly and jehan and courfeyrac… anyway. e/r for now, with accurate heights!