les paul junior

Meet “Floyd”, Billie Joe Armstrong’s 1956 Les Paul Junior. “I could tell right away it was special. At the time I was playing mostly Fenders and this Jr. was a completely different guitar from anything I had played before.“ It was bought at a guitar show in San Rafael in 2000, just before the recording of “Warning”.

1959 ES-140
1961 Les Paul Junior
2007 SG Classic
2011 SG Standard Exclusive
1969 SG Standard
1968 SG Special
2006 ‘60 Strat Relic
2005 Limited '66 Strat Closet Classic
1988 American Standard Stratocaster
1966 Jaguar
1965 Duo Sonic II
1966 ES-330
2009 USA '62 Wilshire Reissue
1971 ES-335
1997 Rickenbacker 360
1959 ES-140 3/4T (again!)


1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior Double Cutaway

Some guitars don’t need an introduction. Case in point: Gibson’s Les Paul Junior is as iconic as they come. No muss, no fuss, just plug and play. The one piece body and chunky one piece mahogany neck are the main ingredients in this tonal powerhouse. The single pickup means one less magnet dampening the strings and the wraparound bridge does a great job transferring those vibrations making the guitar sing. This beauty is up there with the best of them. The red paint of this era is notorious for fading but we actually love this “faded” look on everything from the Junior’s to the iconic “Bursts.” An all around winner!

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