les paul junior


Billie Joe Armstrong Black Les Paul - as requested! 

Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr Black sold by Garrett’s Guitars on Reverb

1959 ES-140
1961 Les Paul Junior
2007 SG Classic
2011 SG Standard Exclusive
1969 SG Standard
1968 SG Special
2006 ‘60 Strat Relic
2005 Limited '66 Strat Closet Classic
1988 American Standard Stratocaster
1966 Jaguar
1965 Duo Sonic II
1966 ES-330
2009 USA '62 Wilshire Reissue
1971 ES-335
1997 Rickenbacker 360
1959 ES-140 3/4T (again!)

Clifford’s mood brightens later in the dressing room when Irwin presents him with a birthday gift from the band, which Irwin had been planning for months: two black custom-made Gibson Les Paul Junior guitars. “Holy fuck!” says Clifford, opening the first case, putting his hands over his face. When he sees the second guitar, he screams: “This is the best day of my life! Oh, my God! Holy fucking shit! This is literally the last fucking thing I expected!” He gives Irwin a huge hug.
—  ok but this part was cute x