les paul deluxe


More goodies from guitar shopping this week…

1) Fender Limited Edition “Sandblasted” Tele

2) FSR Paisley Deluxe Reverb

3) Trini Lopez reissue 335.  I love the diamond f-holes!

4) Pair o’ pretty ‘Pauls

5) Flying V Standard.  I would do awful, awful things to have this guitar…  ;)

6) G6122 Country Gentleman

7) Gibson USA gold ES-335, along with that V from my dreams and a lovely ES-390.


My Guitars - as requested! 

These aren’t all of them, but they’re the ones I play most often!
Clockwise: Vintage V300, Fender American Special Stratocaster, ESP LTD MH 330 FM FR, 2015 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, and a 1958 Hofner Committee 

Miraculous Ladybug (Rock Cover)
Miraculous Ladybug (Rock Cover)

Instrumental Cover


Ted Moore - Lead Guitar
David Moore - Rhythm Guitar
Edward Glover - Bass
Louis McGrail - Drums/Percussion

And the piano was played by me.

Instruments Used (guitars only):

Fender American Standard Stratocaster
Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass

Amps used:

Marshall DSL100H
Orange Dual Terror
Orange AD 200 MK3 Bass


Guitar shopping at Long and McQuade, Toronto:

  1. Various pricy Gibsons
  2. Extremely pricey, but admittedly extremely beautiful Les Paul.
  3. Deluxe, Standard (or Traditional maybe?), Custom.
  4. This started out as a Custom Shop VOS reissue and was “modified” by it’s owner.  2150 is a significant discoutn over the new price on one of these, but considering how hacked up it is I wouldn’t pay this much for it.  It would be difficult to get this much for it on Craig’s List for example…IMO of course.

Guitar shopping at Cosmo Music of Richmond Hill, near Toronto (Canada):

  1. Multiple Custom Shop Stratocasters
  2. Heavy Relic Custom Telecaster - perhaps the lightest (non-Thinline) Tele I have ever held.  6 lbs, max!
  3. Dig the latest Relic technique…that ash is not just exposed - it’s FILTHY!  Looks great!
  4. Awesome FSR Fender Deluxe Amp.  The finish is bare pine that has been stained a deep brown.  It even has visible knots in it!  :D
  5. FSR Aztec Gold AVRI Stratocaster.
  6. I love the new Gibson ES-Les Paul hollow body guitars.  So like.  So pretty.  (PS: this shot was taken at a different store that day - not Cosmo Music)
  7. Perhaps the last of the “Select” Telecasters we will ever see new?  They have been discontinued.

2015 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Review 

Rating: ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
Price: around £1, 300 / $2, 004 

I recently became a new owner of a Gibson Les Paul, something I had been anticipating for a long while. The Les Paul in question is a 2015 Les Paul Deluxe, part of the Les Paul 100th anniversary collection.
The guitar is beautiful to say the least. I got my hands on the beautiful wine red finish model, which has always been a favourite Les Paul finish of mine. The initial experience of holding it alludes to its power, it felt heavy and undeniably well made. Up to this point I had been more of a Fender player, and holding the wide Gibson neck took a little bit of getting used to, but once I did it began to feel comfortable and natural.
The guitar is abundant with little unique details. Along with the classic favourites such as the block pearl inlays, the 2015 LP Deluxe has many little bits and bobs making it unusual and special. Firstly, the ‘Les Paul’ logo on the headstock is different to the script on a classic Les Paul, on the 2015 LP it looks as though Les Paul himself has come up and signed the headstock, preceding the ‘100’ at the end of the signature, which obviously hints to the 100 years of Lester William ‘Les Paul’ Polsfuss. The back of the headstock features a discreet hologram of Les Paul waving, to ensure the authenticity of the instrument. Above said hologram is the Gibson G Force automatic tuner, the details of which I will get to later. To add to the importance of this anniversary model, the 2015 LP Deluxe comes snug in its own gold coloured hard case.

The 2015 Les Paul Deluxe isn’t all bells and whistles however, it does pack a punch when plugged into an amplifier.
The sustain on this Les Paul is definitely the best I’ve experienced with my other guitars, it is easy to control and does last for a long time! The pickups (New LP Mini Humbuckers) really do live up to the name and give one hell of a performance. There is virtually no hum from the pickups, and they handle distortion extremely well, with that wholesome tone to match. The beauty of this instrument is in its versatility. The 2015 Les Paul Deluxe can sound like you’re rocking out Glastonbury or noodling around in a small blues bar. What I really love is that, even without chorus, the Les Paul sounds like you’re playing in a church, it brings its own atmosphere.

Lastly, the Gibson G Force. I was a little bit apprehensive about this gadget at first…a guitar that tunes itself! Whatever next?! However, it is actually really useful. If you are someone like me, who is incessantly lazy and finds tuning up a real chore, then this is really helpful. All you need to do is turn the G Force on and strum, the machine heads will spin (which is really fun to watch and I still find rather exciting) and tune the guitar, the G Force will only turn off when the instrument is tuned. You can also set the G Force to different tunings, whatever your heart desires.

So, go forth and try this lil beauty out. You will not be disappointed.