les opprimés


Swinging London 1967,
complete series of photos of the magazine “Paris Match” on the psychedelic fashion in London. October 1967. Jane Birkin appears in two photos. Photos by Philippe Le Tellier (Paris Match)

Triumvirate and books

Combeferre keeps his books completely pristine, he never breaks the spines and he always uses bookmarks, if he wants to mark a passage he uses a post it note with the line reference written on it.

Enjolras is still extremely careful but not to the extent of Ferre. He still doesn’t mark them but he does crack the spines and will use literally anything as a bookmark, and if he can’t find anything then he WILL fold the corners… only very, very carefully though.

Courfeyrac treats his books with a kind of casual love. Any books he borrows he treats like gold dust but his own? The pages are folded, the spines cracked, his favourite passages underlined with anything he can get his hands on, be it a pencil, a pen, highlighters and on one notable occasion some paint from R’s palette.