The trusty trio opens a coffee shop that has special drinks available on LGBT days and visibility days

So you can bet your fucking ass R almost buys out their entire stock of bisexual frappes to drown himself in overly sweet bisexual pride


I’m Jean Prouvaire. You can call me Prouvaire, Jehan, Jean, Flower Queen, etc. They/them, she/her, or he/him. Il ou elle. Genderless. I am merely a 20-year-old musical theatre nerd whose peace of mind revolves around poetry. I am also a Gemini, which I find by far to be the most poetic and morally ambiguous of all of the signs.

- Prouvaire

  • Valjean:One day more.
  • Marius/Cosette:Tomorrow you'll be worlds away
  • And yet with you, my world has started!
  • Eponine:One more day all on my own.
  • Marius/Cosette:Will we ever meet again?
  • Eponine:One more day with him not caring.
  • Marius/Cosette:I was born to be with you.
  • Eponine:What a life I might have known.
  • Marius/Cosette:And I swear I will be true!
  • Eponine:But he never saw me there!
  • Enjolras:
  • Enjolras:
  • Enjolras:
  • Enjolras:Can we get back to politics?
  • Revolutionaries:Please...
Victor Hugo Facts and Legends

-His middle name was Marie

-It took him 20-30 years to write Les Mis

-He would write naked a lot bc he claimed it cured his writers block

-May have had a foot fetish?

-Some say he had sex with his wife so much on their wedding night that she got mad at him

-He spent some time in exile bc of Napoleon and the he got invited back but he stayed out until Napoleon III was gone bc he was not having the whole emperor thing

-During that time some Belgians got really mad at him and attacked him shouting “Down with Hugo! Down with Valjean!” (Maybe)

-Basically all of France celebrated his 80th birthday like this guy was a legend

-6 hour funeral procession

-Let me reiterate

-six hours.

-Legend says that when he died most of the brothels in Paris closed in mourning of the loss of their best customer


Hello hello hello! If you were at this past Sunday evening’s performance of Les Miserables at the Imperial Theater, you actually heard a Puerto Rican kid’s dream come true in real time.

you guuuuys