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170210 Singing Battle (노래 싸움 승부) Ep. 16 Opening - One Day More (내일로) from Les Misérables [VIXX’s Leo & other musical actors]

They did that! They actually did THAT!! They really want me dead even before I watch tonight’s episode ;AAAA;

I already did a lengthy dying spazz post on Leo x Les Misérables so I’ll try to keep this short. HE FREAKING DID MARIUS’ PART AND JAVERT’S TOGETHER WITH JO KWON AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

I really need someone to cast Jung Taekwoon in the next Korea staging of Les Mis, REALLY NEED!! PLS. SOMEONE MAKE THIS REAL 


/continues screaming into the distance/ ~~~

*UPDATE #2* Yo, Les Mis fans! Don’t be shy.

**** At this point in time due to a large interest of participants I will no longer be accepting new people into the chat. There were a lot more people interested than I had thought were going to be, witch is fantastic, but I don’t want the chat to overcrowded and full so early on in it’s life. If you contacted me and haven’t received a response you will be added to the queue to be added later if we decide there is room for more. Sorry about this and thank you so much for the interest. It makes me absolutely thrilled to see how many passionate fans there are!!!!!!!!!!!! 

***Due to an actually overwhelming response that I was, frankly, not expecting I  will no longer be accepting reblogs as a request  join. You will have  to message me directly. That way I’m not spending all day going through the notes and messaging people. Just shoot me a message including: What you want to be called, Your age, And your skype handle THANKS

I kind of want to start a Les Mis skype groupchat and I was wondering if any of you guys are interested??? I don’t want to start it if there is only going to be like two people and I would also prefer people who can be semi active. Basically I need people who want to scream about The Amis with me. It doesn’t even have to entirely be about Les Mis. Just a chat with other Les Mis fans about whatever. I’m new to the fandom and would love to meet other fans.

All ages are welcome.

Anyways if you’re interested message me or add me on skype @letmeresst

You don’t have to be following me if you want to join :) I’m just looking for anyone who is interested.


Happy birthday to this amazing man. I know that you won’t see this. But I just want to say thank you for everything that you did and thank you for making me smile again on my bad days. Hope this year will be another awesome year for you. Bless your eyes, your freckles, your family, and your personality.


another meme i won’t finish [9/10 female characters]: Eponine Thenardier

“As you like, but you shall not enter here. I’m not the daughter of a dog, since I’m the daughter of a wolf. There are six of you, what matters that to me? You are men. Well, I’m a woman. You don’t frighten me.”

anonymous asked:

hi i would like to talk quickly about dad!vert and transboy!r. just imagine him coming out to javert and javert just being like "chill" and he switches his pet name from "flower" to "sonflower" and r is super happy. that is all.

Oh my god thisis the sweetest thing. And Javert will just walk alongside Grantaire in public and literally tear people part with his eyes if he sees them so much as look at Grantaire the wrong way because his son doesn’t deserve to be any more fucked up than society will try to make him think he is. And he like drives Grantaire to pride parade and will grumble about it but before he gets out of the car he’ll be all like “I expect my sonflower home safe and sound.”