les miserables illustration challenge

Father Fauchelevent

~Wilbour, Page 150-153

Madeline arose. He was very pale, though dripping with sweat. His clothes were torn and covered with mud…and he looked with tranquil eye upon Javert, who was still watching him.

In which I get a good chuckle at the foreshadowing of the title…

EDIT: Thanks for the shirt critique, Schwa! Now thanks to you, I learned a most valuable lesson. To never ever do, white, ripped, wet, semi-transparent, and muddy shirts ever again. EVER

rory221b  asked:

Character + Expression: 4A Enjolras talking about revolutions, and France, and freedom and barricades (he's probably explaining to Marius that those things are way more important than his lonely soul no one cares about) xD

lol, poor Marius. E: “RED, the color of angry maaan!” ♫  ta-daaH (!?) @rory221b

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Moneys Deposited with Laffitte

~Wilbour, Page 142-144

“The children loved him yet more, because he knew how to make charming little playthings out of straw and cocoanuts.”


“Some pretended that he was a mysterious personage, and declared that no one ever went into his room, which was a true anchorite’s cell furnished with hour-glasses, and enlivened with death’s heads and cross-bones…it continued to be said that nobody ever went into that chamber, and that it was a hermit’s cave, a place of dreams, a hole, a tomb.”


You get two for the price of one, because seriously, Valjean playing with cocoanuts and the extreme nosiness of M-sur-M’s gossipy citizens sizzled my imagination.

Colours: Parma Violet, Ultramarine, Spanish Orange, Light Peach, Terra Cotta

Edit: Thank you Schwathing, for your artistic critique on the 2nd version! I had the hardest time with the white, and your input helped tremendously!

Commencement of an Enigma

~Wilbour, Page 401-402

“Cosette trembled, and pressed closely to his side. They heard the tumultuous clamour of the patrol ransacking the cul-de-sac and the street, the clatter of their muskets against the stones, the calls of Javert to the watchmen he had stationed, and his imprecautions mingled with words they could not distinguish.”


For Ensignbeedrill who requested this specific chapter