les miserables gavroche

okay i would like to briefly discuss this

this kid

just fucking 






we all know the thenardiers probably didnt give him as much love as he deserves and hes more independent than half of us on this website dammit

and for all the shit hes been through

hes still a kid. 

and he’ll still cry over his sister regardless of how mature he may be. 

  • *classmate gets in trouble for talking when I was also talking*
  • me: who am I? Can I condemn this man to slavery pretend I do not feel his agony this innocent who bears my face who goes to judgment in my place. Who am I? Can I conceal myself forevermore pretend I'm not the man I was before and must my name until I die be no more than an alibi. Must I lie? How can I ever face my fellow men? How can I ever face myself again?

Personally my favorite Les Mis AU is the one where Jean Valjean picks up the barricade and walks away

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I’m watching Les Miserables on FXM, and I forgot how Aaron Tveit/Enjolras delivered the line “We’re the only ones left.” He says it as if his decision to remain and fight at the barricades is the most natural thing in the world. He says it with nonchalance, prepping a rifle. But the way Enjolras’ voice goes small when allowing men to leave if they wish makes it clear that he’s scared. He might have been prepared to die, and he is, but he’s scared nonetheless.

It makes it really nice that Gavroche starts to sing, “Do You Hear the People Sing?” like he’s comforting Enjolras. 

Can we take a moment to imagine Les Amis and co. in a bounce house?

- Courfeyrac rented it for Feuilly’s birthday because “C'mon man, you deserve a bounce house! You work 3 jobs 7 days a week for crying out loud!” but also because he just really wanted to go on a bounce house.

- Bahorel helps Courf literally throw Feuilly into the bounce house and then proceeds to dive in himself.

- Feuilly pretends to sigh about the whole situation but he’s actually very pleased that he gets to enjoy his birthday off work in such a ridiculous way.

- Combeferre adores seeing Courf having so much fun on this giant balloon monstrosity that he’s rented and joins his boyfriend in somersaulting from one end of the bounce house to the other and back.

- Joly, Bossuet, and Musichetta hold hands while they’re bouncing - so when Bossuet trips and falls he drags his significant others down with him and they all land in a heap, tangled together and laughing so hard that they cry.

- Grantaire, slightly tipsy, falls over inside the bounce house and lands directly on top of Enjolras, which leads to much blushing and many mumbled apologies.

- Montparnasse comes to the party at Jehan’s request. He feels awkward at first since he’s never really interacted with the rest of Les Amis in a social setting before, but after a while Parnasse can be found dancing with Jehan inside the bounce house and loudly singing along to Taylor Swift’s “22”

- Gavroche riding on Courf’s shoulders as Courf bounces until Gav falls off laughing. Gavroche and Azelma getting to enjoy being children in a bounce house surrounded by their adopted family.

- Marius and Cosette are basically joined at the hip and can’t stop smiling and staring at each other, causing them to frequently crash into others inside the bounce house, much to everyone’s amusement.

- Eponine keeps “accidentally” pushing Grantaire in Enjolras’s direction while they bounce and not-so-subtly hinting to her best friend to “just go for it, R!” because “How cool would it be to be able to say that your first kiss with Apollo was in a fucking bounce house?!” (Years later, at Enjolras and Grantaire’s wedding, Grantaire thanks Eponine for her meddling.)

Les Mis AU where everything is the same except that everyone from Les Amis is safe and no one dies.

Eponine, Marius and Cosette are in a very open three way relationship. They all get what they want. They end up married to each other.

Enjolras figures out that Grantaire loves him as much as he also loves wine. They get married on the anniversary of Barricade day (June 5)

Courfeyrac and Combeferre get married at some point after the fighting ends and adopt Gavroche. They all live together in a lil apartment in Paris. Gavroche goes to school to find out what little people really can do.

Jehan and Montparnasse get married and adopt a lil girl who grows up with Gavroche, goes to all the Amis meetings with her dads and becomes a strong supporter of a freed France much like her family.

JOLY BECOMES AN ACTUAL DOCTOR. He finishes his education and opens his own practice. He and Bossuet get married by Musichetta who still shares them both from time to time but they discovered in that three way interaction that the two men fell in love with each other and it’s a wonderful thing for everyone involved.

AND FINALLY BAHOREL AND FEUILLY GROW A GARDEN TOGETHER. They end up moving in together and decide to grow a little garden with veggies and flowers. Just things to help the Amis remember a happier time.

Just everyone being happy and healthy.

I needed way more of Eponine, Montparnasse and Gavroche living together and finding a family in each other. Also this is inspired by @unicorngunter‘s fanart.

  • The bathroom schedule is so tight, and it’s all Montparnasse’s fault. His beauty products clog more than half of the available space. Gavroche plays home bowling with the bottles to rile him up
  • Eponine and Montparnasse turn up at every teacher-parent meetings (though Eponine consistantly *drags* Montparnasse for him to go with her.) One teacher thought they were Gavroche’s parents and got REALLY CONCERNED.
  • Montparnasse: “If someone bothers you at school, you tell me.”
    Gavroche: “I can slay my own bitches, thank you very much.”
  • Gavroche and Eponine throw a monthly fashion show in the appartment, meaning they put on Montparnasse’s clothes while he’s not there and parade around the place imitating him
  • Eponine and Montparnasse share lipsticks, some gloves and some leather jackets
  • Montparnasse is by far the tallest and makes small jokes constantly but:
    Gavroche: “You’ve sunk so low, Parnasse. Tie my laces while you’re down there.”
  • Grantaire and Babet show up every fortnight for poker night. Since none of them have money to burn, they use candy for chips.
  • Montparnasse has a special wine for nights Eponine turns into a pining mess. It’s called “Pine-ot Noir”. Eponine said she prefered whisky, but:
    Montparnasse: “This is a classy household, I won’t have that wheat nonsense. Get a grip, Ponine.”

No, but what I love about Les Mis is to imagine all of them cuddling together. Bossuet, Joly and Chetta all entangled in each other and one of Joly’s arms is lodged around Grantaire’s waist and Musichetta has her hand in Éponine’s and Éponine is curled up against Marius who has buried his face in Cosette’s hair and Cosette’s feet are draped over Bahorel’s lap and Bahorel is holding Feuilly close and Feuilly is braiding Courfeyrac who has his arms around Combeferre and Combeferre tugs at Enjolras’s sleeve until they are pressed together from shoulder to toe and Gavroche snuggles in between them until Bossuet has his feet in his face and somewhere in the mess Grantaire’s and Enjolras’s hands are finding each other and not letting go.

ok so I know we all love the idea of the Amis being a collective parent figure for Gavroche, but they’re also still pretty young and don’t have the /seasoned wisdom/ that Gav needs

and that’s where Valjean comes in

when Gavroche gets into a fight at school because some kids were being homophobic, the Amis make sure he knows they’re proud of him for standing up to the bullies. Valjean, while still proud, gives him the stern talking to about how violence isn’t always the answer

when Gav goes on his first date, the Amis all help him prepare by picking out outfits and supplying him with flirting advice(that’s mostly Courfeyrac). Valjean gives him a speech about being courteous and respectful, then does the classic “make good choices, be home by 11, son” line while throwing him his car keys

when Gavroche is being a typical angsty teen, the Amis try their very best to cheer him up, but to little effect. It’s usually met with grunts of “You don’t understand!” and “Leave me alone!”. Valjean brings him out of the city, where he lets Gavroche release his anger in nature, safely away from other humans. Sometimes he’ll just stand in the middle of the forest and scream. Other times he’ll hurtle sticks, rocks, anything, into the lake while muttering and swearing under his breath. Once he’s cooled down, Valjean lets him vent, and then offers sage advice

the Amis are also understandably busy most of the time. Valjean, being the retired man he is, spends much of his time ‘mentoring’ Gavroche. He teaches him how to drive, how to tie a tie, how to cook, and basically everything his biological parents should have taught him, but never did

basically Gavroche is truly ‘the son he might have known, had God granted him a son’.