les miserables fantasy week

doodle for les mis fantasy week i guess~~

epic fantasy space opera starring enjolras, the leader of the anti-regime resistance on Landfall, and R, the refugee from Wreath (Landfall’s moon) whose whole family was killed by “those evil fucks with the wings” (The Landfall Coalition) when he was basically a kid

i wish i could tell you more about the wreath/landfall war, but hardly anybody remembers how it started. 

This AU also contains Courfeyrac, who’s a moonie and used to be part of The Narrative (Wreath’s army), and is skilled in magic. Combeferre is Enjolras’ right-hand woman who obviously can’t fly (because females on Landfall have their wings weakened in a traditional ceremony called Wing Bleeding) and actually had her wings badly mutilated.

Eponine is a Freelancer (a kind of bounty hunter) who is trying to track down a rogue only known as The Lark and has spent the last year trying to infiltrate Les Amis because word is they know of The Lark’s whereabouts, but they are very secretive and will protect them at all costs.

aaaaand idk I genuinely havent thought this through as much as i make it seem but i think it would be neat