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Marius Pontmercy is human and grew up in the city of Paris with his Grandfather sheltered from most of the world. His knowledge of the magic community was limited to what he saw on television and had heard from his grandfather. Magic was dead. Magic is bad. So when the large colorful stone from his father that had been sitting on his self as a bookend hatched and Marius was suddenly bound to a dragon, he flopped  on his bed in despair only to have the baby dragon crawl on top of him and curl up. Having a dragon, a creature everyone had long since assumed was extinct, turned the poor boy’s life around. Hiding a dragon from his grandfather and the rest of the world was near impossible. Marius had no idea what a dragon would eat or what to do about his growing level burns and scratches. In an effort to learn anything he could he started asking around in the name of research and accidently found himself in the company of some darker members of the Underground. Asking too many questions about mythos means attention from curious mages like Combeferre and the black market. Montparnasse takes a special interest in the dragon and its human. Its Courfeyrac that steps in and is the first person to just offer Marius a place to go that is safe for both him and a firebreathing young dragon. And its Courfeyrac that makes sure to keep the boy and his dragon safe from the black market. Its also Courfeyrac, much to Marius’ dismay, who finds out that the baby dragon on coffee puffs smoke that smells like hazelnut and stumbles around the apartment as if tipsy. Falling in with the Underground is terrifying and Marius has no idea the proper etiquette to move in such circles. He also has no idea how to deal with the police brutality that comes with being on the wrong side of town. Its in the middles of a raid on a party on the banks of the Seine where someone had reported a charm sale that he meets Cosette.


The Backstory | Enjolras | Combeferre | Courfeyrac | Jehan | Grantaire | Marius | Cosette

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Parapsychologically and such abled Amis, tho.

Precogniton!Enjolras who sees the future in dreams, but gets stuck in symbolism and such because e’s too concentrated in the cause, forgetting some things will happen, or knowing they will happen but not why. E usually remembers the dreams when whatever was announced is actually happening. E however, has learnt to keep a dream journal, to the point of having very clear visions/dreams. E usually lets Combeferre into eir mind to get better information from precognitions.

Telepathic and Psychokinetic!Combeferre. He can read the minds of those he is in physical contact with - so he usually knows when a patient is not telling him something important, can control people’s intentions when they are within eye contact, and can manipulate some objects. He knows he could do much more, but decides not too because he doesn’t deem it either just or ethic to play with people.

Pyrokinetic!Courfeyrac who makes fire for the homeless, and also exceeds warmth - so he avoids thermometers and hospitals like the plague, so he rescues animals in need, always has a jacket to spare, and sometimes get distracted and sets things accidentally on fire, so now the amis just get a extinguisher with a deadpan expression.

Medium!Jehan who can not only communicate and see ghosts and the dead, but also gather information about them through their belongings, and see other sort of spirits, both good and bad, from nature and different cultures. He constantly buys flowers in the liking of the resident spirit, and if he tells you not to get somewhere, or not to associate with someone you just don’t do it. Jehan knows best.

Clairvoyant!Joly who can gather information about people from their things and feelings, and he doesn’t really know how to explain it. He just knows. That’s why he is such a good doctor, and can usually tell the story behind an illness easily without the patient actually telling him, but he listens anyway, because he is Joly. He usually gets streams of information mixed, and hence, his hypochondria.

Teleporting!Bossuet who uses his ability to get to places on time, because of his luck. But sometimes it just gets out of control, and he gets himself to worse places than he began in. But its really useful to take himself to the hospital, or to Joly or Musichetta, because they are his soulmates, and he cannot get them wrong. He also likes to help people on a rush by taking them with him.

Adomopathic!Feuilly can replicate movements after observation so he uses them for his craft and fan-making. He can also replicate knowledge in a short span of time, so he uses it as a base to learn new subjects, and languages. He can also analyse body language, however insignificant a twitch may seem, always telling les amis beforehand when, in a rally, the police is planning to attack or things are about to get nasty. He has also helped Bahorel via Combeferre in many fights.

Yin Yang Shifter!Bahorel who controls opposite forces. In result she has very acute empathy, yet almost inhuman strength. She also uses her powers to help people who are at crossroads with their life or a decision so they can see more clearly what option to make. She also often generates empathy shields of the exact opposite of what a person is feeling, so if someone is extra stressed, she’ll be happy to help them tone it down. Its also helpful when Courfeyrac sets fire to things accidentally, because if she concentrates enough, she can generate water.

Colour manipulating!Grantaire who can not only change colours of things - which is very useful because he can easily get the exact shade of paint he’s looking for without the money, but also alter light and darkness, to the point sometimes depending of how strong he is feeling, places light up, or darken when he goes in. He can also heal using light - which is why his liver hasn’t collapsed to be honest, and usually helps Jehan when encountering a particularly difficult spirit. His aura is sometimes visible to everyone because of this.

Acoustokinetic!Cosette can manipulate sound, create sound, and increase or decrease intensity and volume of sound or noises, both just for herself or through force camps. She usually uses it to help the hearing impaired, and to give Enjolras more volume at rallies, speeches, and demonstrations. She also is very happy to tone done people when she needs to concentrate, and can even shut them up for a determined time span, so bigots can just stop talking. She once did it with a very dear senator, and Courfeyrac kissed her in gratitude. Its also very useful when Marius - or Maria, it depends, falls asleep with a book open, and literary characters are walking all over the place and talk, and talk, and talk.

Invisibility and intangibility!Éponine can turn it on and off at will, and whomever she is in physical contact with will turn invisible or intangible with her as long as the bond is not broken. Combeferre can do this without actually touching her, but rarely does so because 1. it’s excruciating 2. usually requires a deep connection of the mind and that’d mean he’d invade absolutely all of Éponine’s mind, even the subconscious. There’s a reason why she is so sneaky, and is also so hard to catch. She also uses it for making out with Cosette in public, but mainly as the person who is touching her gains the ability while she enables it, if they make a chain and all les amis hold hands or touch her is really useful for not getting caught or running from the police.

Literary Manipulative!Pontmercy who can project narrative stories to reality by reading, can read all languages and can also replicate knowledge from written material - that’s why and how they speak so many languages, can reinforce books so they can be used as weapons or shields, they can also dimensionally travel in books, but rarely does so because they are terrified to get trapped inside one.

Sorcerer!Musichetta who can manipulate elements and energy - specially air, wind and vapour, always have a spell handy, manages voodoo and protective shield casting. That’s what she uses more, because Musichetta wants to be constructive, but she comes from a family of sorcerers and warlocks, so she knows even the nastier areas of magic like blood magic, dark magic or chaos magic. Just don’t get on her wrong side, tho usually one of two - okay maybe more, really bigoted fundraising organisations or events go absolutely wrong, and she swears she has nothing to do with it.


“Cosette and Marius saw one another again. What it meant to them, we shall not attempt to say. There are things beyond description.”

In which Cosette succeeds in bringing her beau back from the dead.

Featuring Will as Reanimated Corpse!Marius and Ruthie as Witch!Cosette
Pictures by Kevin


Jehan Prouvaire is probably closer to pure fairy blood than they actually know. They have a dark side a mile wide and catch them on the dance floor and you will be trapped until they let you leave. Jehan’s skin leans more towards green or blue than is natural and their eyes are also green but this can be passed off as natural. Word play is essential to the poet because even though they are only about a fourth fairy they have trouble lying so avoid it in favor of half truths and silence. Jehan struggles to live in the city as iron is a poison to them and in order to enter any building they must be given express permission or they will get nauseous. Their only real defence is a charm speak and sharp animal like teeth. The largest fae community in France is the Underground. Magical creatures have long since not been allowed to gather in large numbers and the fairy courts of old have died out. Now, the fae community has built up a new culture and a new form of court, a club hidden from most mortals by fairy glamor. The music has traces of the ancient addictive melodies of the fairy folk but now it is mixed with modern beats and the club is open to almost anyone that is not fully human. Its Jehan’s territory.


The Backstory | Enjolras | Combeferre | Courfeyrac | Jehan | Grantaire

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The backstory: Magic is forbidden. It has been for so long that most people have forgotten a time when magical creatures lived freely and scholars created new spells and potions, reaching for the stars and almost achieving it.

Times changed. It was no one person, no one government that started the movement. But now, in the 21st century, magic is dying .Those that descend from magical creatures and those who have been born with magical leanings are hunted.

The few humans born with magic have learned to hide it, never exploring their birthright. Knowledge of potions, spells, and charms have crumbled. Some tricks have been passed down by word of mouth or in codes long sense deemed unbreakable and unreachable by the modern world.

Non-humans, half humans, creatures of magic survive on the fringes of society, living in fear of discovery. Those that cannot pass for humans buy charms from the criminal underground, using the black market spells to cover green skin, oddly colored eyes, and keep their magic under control.

The black market is a deadly game all are forced to play. The charms are made with the little knowledge still left in the world are far from pure. The ingredients are hard to come by because of the destruction of the environment and the destruction of magical hot spots. Incantations and runes are so few they are used in broad ways and often incorrectly.

But in order to survive charms are needed. No price can be put on a potion that keeps a werewolf from losing consciousness on the full moon. No price can be put on a charm needed for hiding fairy skin or elven eyes. And because there is no price on life, the gangs running the sales of lifesaving magics can ask almost any price and are never held responsible if the magic goes wrong.

And magic will go wrong. Werewolfs will end up with potion that along the line came in contact with a silver knife. Those with more fairy blood than human blood will end up sick for months because of iron in talismans. Nothing is done to help them, no hospital will take in a mermaid or a fire witch. Governments turn a blind eye to the death toll, after all magic is illegal.

Paris as a city plays host to more magic than its citizens would ever dream of. Most parisians never think twice of magic and if they do its because someone mentioned the despicable creatures, the illegal ones in hiding, the ones that hurt. Werewolves, fire witches, and fairies are used in most houses to keep children in at night. They show up on the news every so often, a human death as a result of the magical community. That is all they know.

They do not know about the Underground. In basement of buildings that on the outside look abandoned, in the catacombs, in the dark parts of the city magic is alive. The Underground is the unofficial name and location, from the fairy court in a basement club to the blackmarket in the catacombs, a weak magic is kept burning.


The Backstory | Enjolras |Combeferre | Courfeyrac | Grantaire | Jehan

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dragon rider!combeferre with bronze-tinted armor with blackened edges, old crest engraved along the pauldrons and unintelligible letters which have faded on the account of age. there are four places of puncture on the breast plate which have been mended by blacksmith with no explanation as to where they came from

dragon rider!combeferre whose dragon flies the highest and has the best eyesight and signals to any imposing forces on the ground below (whose dragon very much also likes to have its belly rubbed and is more than happy to growl at anyone who decides to get too close with any form of potential threat) - who sometimes has much more difficulty reflecting combeferre’s distaste for violence

dragon rider!combeferre that lays by the fire against his saddle bag, prying through the pages of books and watching his dragon curl around him and snore out massive grey plumes of smoke into the night air

dragon rider!combeferre (✿◠‿◠)