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A very vague thing to throw at you to do with as you wish: Les Amis and Superheroes. (Which would be each's favorites, what would their super powers be/how would they use them, short snippet, whatevers)

Anon asked: I don’t know if you had talk about this before but in a Superhero AU whatpowers do you thinks les amis+ company would have?

Anon asked: Do you like marvel? If so or if you’re not too busy could I maybe get some les amis superhero headcanons?

Whenever I think of les Amis with powers, I don’t necessarily think Marvel? If anything, I think Misfits, in which the protagonists get powers after a weird storm and those powers reflect some of their traits. So let’s see:

  • Enjolras can literally charm people. He will bewitch them with his speech, his words, which is basically hypnotising them. He absolutely hates his power because he wants people to listen because they’re convinced and agree with him, not because they’re compelled to!
  • Combeferre has an unlimited memory and never forgets information, which makes him a breathing encyclopedia. In addition to that, he has a photographic memory, so the man ever forgets a thing, which is very convenient at times, very much not at other times
  • Courfeyrac is a natural charmer who can lie his way out of hairy situations. But not only can he lie extremely well, but people cannot lie to him. They’re physically unable to lie to his face. But as we know, some truths are better left untold…
  • Grantaire considers his power to be pretty useless. He can see people’s auras as glowing spheres. But his gift means he knows who the ill-intentioned people are. And there are a lot of ugly and vile souls out there, which made him lose faith in humanity with time. Only recently did he come across a good group of people and one bright golden soul…
  • Joly is a healer, but only through cure-all-kisses. He can heal his patients through his lips, which leads to some very ridiculous or inappropriate situations But he made an oath to help people in need of medical attention…
  • Bossuet spreads luck around, but never towards himself. It’s very inconvenient for him, and he’d have every right to be bitter about it, but he really isn’t. He’s simply happy to see the success around him and knowing he enabled that
  • Jehan is rooted in nature. And sure, that means they can make pretty flowers bloom at will, but they’re not just the pretty side of nature. They’re the sublime side of nature, mixing awe and fear, and provoking their anger is a very dangerous business
  • Feuilly can duplicate himself. It’s extremelly usefull, especially since he’s working several jobs and taking classes at university, so he can do everything at once. No more procrastination
  • Bahorel has herculean strength. He never hesistate to show it off, lifting people up, pulling cars behind him… He calls it his party trick, and he has enough biceps to make it pass as “he just works out a lot”

+And Co

  • Marius has the gift of invisibility. He often wished for that. He constantly thinks people are staring and mocking him and that he’d rather disappear to be left in peace. Careful what you wish for
  • Cosette is the light. The metaphorical light. She just shines on everybody’s best traits and qualities and makes them better people by just being in their presence
  • Musichetta is a clairvoyant, but it’s always too specific for her to act on it. She only sees snippets and the like, nothing she can interpret much, most of the time. She can predict Bossuet’s fits of bad luck though, that’s always that
  • Eponine’s anger makes her shift into a wolf. And she managed her anger very badly
  • Montparnasse is a power dealer. He can use any per say, but he can stock them and distribute them for a price, because even powers can become a lucrative business he can profit from

                                               Sing to me
                                              Sing to me
                                    I don’t want to wake up
                                     On my own anymore.

  • Enjolras:Grantaire, I love you but if I see you eating another potato chip covered in spray cheese and nutella I swear to god I'm kicking you out of this flat.
  • Grantaire:oh says you, Monsieur Rambutan! FRUIT ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAVE TENTACLES, ENJOLRAS!
Prospectus of “L’Artisan, un journal de la classe ouvrière”, from 1830

Since I stumbled across this prospectus while researching my fic The Artisan and then getting so excited by it that I ended up writing the entire story around it, I’ve been meaning to post a full translation, because it is the best thing

This is the prospectus for a newspaper/journal that only ever published four issues between September and October 1830. I wish I could give you more detail about the content but the only existing copies that I can find are all in the bit of the Bibliothèque Nationale that’s only ‘for researchers’, and I have not yet worked out how I would convince the BN that I, with my shoddy slow schoolchild’s French and patchy historical knowledge, was a genuine researcher. I so, so want to read it though, for like a squillion reasons. From bits and pieces in other books it looks like it contained several reports on the state of the printing industry(!!!!!!) in 1830, including some quantitative stuff the editors did themselves? I mean, gosh. 

Anyway, it was published anonymously but it’s fairly clear even just from the prospectus that it was run by a group of printers. And, look, it makes so much sense for Enjolras to be involved with this, in so many ways aaah. 

Almost everything about this excites me but one of the things I particularly love is how proto-Marxist it is. This was published 37 years before Capital, 18 years before The Communist Manifesto. But look at what’s already there. A labour theory of value, which isn’t new, but one that’s then elaborated into a theory of exploitation - this goes beyond Ricardo. Alienation! A view of history as driven by the increases in class-consciousness brought about by technology. A fierce materialist argument for the necessity of working-class leadership of any emancipatory movement. This is a million miles away from the utopian visions of St Simon and Fourier. I love it.

Anyway, I could gush for ages, but here it is. There are a couple of places where I’ve had to rephrase things to generate approximately readable English, but I’ve tried to keep them to a minimum. Please let me know of any errors in my translation! I believe when I first started translating this I got a bit of help regarding some particularly tricksy phrases from @vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo and @amelancholycharm, but they have not looked through the whole thing and are not to be held responsible for any terrible mistakes.

The Artisan: A Working-Class Newspaper*

The most numerous and most productive class in society is, undeniably, the class of workers. Without them capital has no value; without them there would exist no machines, no industry, no commerce. All the classes which lean upon them, which profit from their labour, know this well; only the workers themselves seem either not to know this or not to care. They live in misery, and in slavery to the monopolies, without noticing it; experience all sorts of humiliations from those whose fortunes they have made, without complaint; and see themselves easily decimated by the ordinary police without being the least surprised. Is this where they ought to be? And don’t they have the right to complain about the limbs, as in Menenius Agrippa’s ingenious fable** — since they are truly the stomach of society?

The revolution of the 29th of July gave them a glimpse of all of these realities and, because they are experiencing still more of that violent agitation which just took place, they are conscious of their misery and search for its causes. They begin to understand what their role in the 19th Century should be, and are instructed by the sight of the past as to their present duties.

[I’m putting the remainder, plus footnotes and the original French, under a cut.]

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  • the three been dating since sophomore year and couldn’t go to junior prom because of scheduling reasons
  • joly promposing to bossuet and chetta so elaborately oh my god
  • he came out in the middle of the mall in a suit and held up a big sign it was so cute he was smiling so big
  • bossuet buys the tickets and when he asks for two they’re like “oh are you going with you’re friends that’s cool! :)” he’s just “nah they’re for my boyfriend and girlfriend. bye.”
  • they gotta go matching ofc so chetta gets this beautiful pink/orange dress and bossuet has a matching vest and tie and joly has matching jacket and bowtie. so cute
  • you gotta go out to dinner before prom, right? what better place than buffalo wild wings.
  • prom is Lit™ okay like this is where they belong just a giant party with fancy clothes
  • they triple danced with each other which kinda confused others but it was so beautiful that no one complained
  • the teacher chaperones had no idea the three were dating and kept on asking chetta if she was lonely every single time she sat down for more than a second alone. apparently they thought she was third wheeling
  • when prom king and queen are elected they almost get kicked out for chanting “DOWN WITH THE BOURGEOISIE!”
  • at the end of the night they end up leaving and going to waffle house at midnight then finding a hotel room and….passing out. they literally just fall asleep. chetta had the decency to take off her dress but boss only got his shirt off and joly is still fully clothed. what a mess.
  • it was a great time and they’re so glad they went together, everything feels right in the world 
Sailing by Orion's Star - Chapter 25 - KChan88 - Les Misérables - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary:  Pirate AU. It all began with 6-year-old Enjolras and 21-year-old Javert crossing toy swords beneath the stars on the deck of an EITC ship. Years later, Les Amis use the sea as their revolution against destructive colonialism in the Caribbean, all under the tutelage of a certain escaped convict and his family, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Paths cross and the past arises, all swirling up from the depths of the sea.

Chapter Summary:  Mothers reunite with their sons, and with each other. Astra finds herself more at home among pirates than she ever did in Jamaica, even as the cannons roar around her. Javert struggles and makes bad choices. Michel makes better ones. The battle continues on as the Amis, Valjean & co remain locked in a dead heat with Michel and Javert’s forces until finally, one moment brings it to a grinding halt.

(Thanks very much to @ariadneslostthread for her help with bits of this, particularly surrounding some things to do with naval practice, which I generally tend to assume applies to East India as well in certain respects. I’ve been thinking about particular parts of this chapter for ages and ages, so I am glad to finally arrive at posting it!) 

Life, Interrupted | July, 2005 (pt 6)

Fandom: Les Miserables
Pairings: Enjolras/Grantaire, Jehan/Courfeyrac, Grantaire/Montparnasse
Warnings: strong language, drugs & alcohol
Summary: Time Traveller’s Wife AU where Grantaire suffers from a rare condition that causes him to involuntarily travel through time, and Enjolras is a politically charged beacon that Grantaire repeatedly finds himself drawn to.

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“Real Musical fans listened to/saw more than just Phantom, Les Mis and Wicked!”

“All those fake fans who only listened to Hamilton shouldn’t even call themselves Musical fans!”

“If your favorite Musical is Phantom of the Opera, Wicked or Les Miserables I just can’t take you serious.”

Holy shit fam there is a reason popular Musicals are popular and not everyone is rich enough to see a bunch of shows live or to even buy the cast recordings, besides many people choose not to watch bootlegs because they think it disrespects the creators, so get the fuck off your high horse you privileged arse.

Les Mis fandom, I am mad as hell.

I am mad as hell because tonight, September 16th, Donald Trump walked out onstage to “Do You Hear The People Sing?” in front of this backdrop:


A closer look:

I’m gonna pass over all the obvious reasons why it’s unacceptable for Trump to be co-opting this imagery and music, and cut right to the chase:  Universal Pictures needs to sue the ass off the Trump campaign for unauthorized use of this poorly-Photoshopped image.  I don’t know which recording of the music he used, but Cameron Mackintosh’s lawyers should get on this as well (joining the many, many other artists who have taken or threatened legal action against the Trump campaign for using their material). 

If I were Aaron Tveit and saw my picture being used in this way, I would be pretty upset right now.

Let America’s draconian copyright laws do some good for once.  Sue his ass off, and donate the winnings to Planned Parenthood, BLM and refugee charities.