les miserable lyrics

The signs as musical theatre responses to the US election results
  • Aries: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
  • Taurus: I dreamed a dream in time gone by, when hope was high and life worth living
  • Gemini: You've torn it all apart, I'm watching it burn
  • Cancer: You have invented a new kind of stupid a damage you can never undo kind of stupid
  • Leo: There's a moment you know you're fucked
  • Virgo: Go and hide and run away
  • Libra: Why God, why today?
  • Scorpio: Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise
  • Sagittarius: I know him, that can't be
  • Capricorn: See it's your fault. No. Yes it's your fault
  • Aquarius: Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men?
  • Pisces: Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

Korean orchestra flash mob playing music from ‘Les Miserables’

‘On My Own’ and a choir rendition of ‘Do you hear the people sing?’ in Korean.

Hillary, we see each other plain

Ms. Secretaire, I’ll see you put in chains

Before you say another word, JaTrump,

Before you dig yourself a hole again

Listen to me! There’s something I must do.

Obama leaves behind a prospering land.

There is none but me who can keep this up.

In mercy’s name! Eight years are all I’ll need.

Then I’ll step down, I pledge my word.

I’ll probably step down

You must think me mad

–music stops–

…Yeah. I do.



Crooks like you can never change  -  Slander me how you will

A crook such as you. - This is a country I was born to rule

Crooks like you can never change, -  You know nothing of my life

Men like me can never change - All I did was send some mail.


Crooked Hillary!

I’ll bring order and law, - You know nothing of the world

You’ll have no rights

Just give up Crooked Hillary - You would sooner nuke them dead

The ‘stablishment is coming down - You must be stopped

Insiders are nothing now! - I’ll see it’s never done!

Dare you talk to me of crime - I am warning you JaTrump

And the tax I never pay? - I’m more qualified by far!

Call my groping hands a sin - There is power in me yet

Locker room talk’s just this way. - This race is almost run!

You know nothing of JaTrump - I am warning you JaTrump

I began with just a mil - There is nothing I won’t dare!

I built this from one small loan - Foster knows I’d kill you here

Who can save us? I alone! - I’ll do what must be done!

And this I swear to you tonight

You have the media on your side

America will be in my care

You delete emails everywhere

And I will rule with iron might.

I swear to you I will be there -  I swear to you I will be there.

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@fantasiavii , here’s some exr fanart with lyrics from bastille’s ‘warmth’

Never good, just the bad and the ugly
Laid in front of you
Nothing quite like seeing the world through the TV’s window

Feeling helpless I look for distraction
I go searching for you, 
Wandering through our city to find some solace at your door

I can’t stop thinking about it
I can’t stop thinking about it
Tell me did you see the news tonight

Hold me in this wild, wild world
Cause in your warmth I forget how cold it can be
And in your heat I feel how cold it can get
Hold me in this wild, wild world
Cause in your warmth I forget how cold it can be
And in your heat I feel how cold it can get
Now draw me close

Anybody up for rewriting “Master of the House” with an Angband theme?

Maedhros: “Master of the House”? What a piece of shit! Murderer and burglar and a giant git.
Maeglin: Cunning little schemes…
Hurin: Nailed me to a chair!
Sauron: Thinks he’s quite a lover but there’s not much there!

more hamilton thoughts

I think what’s the most traumatizing beautiful part about Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story is the fact that the entire musical is so full of energy and high beat songs and that finale isn’t. Like, act one ends with a reprise of “My Shot” and it’s so full of ENERGY. 

most musicals when they end are Big and Loud and In Your Face. Like Wicked ends sad, but it ends with that loud sha-bam and the whole “WICKKEEDD” and you’re left in /shock/. Newsies ends bittersweet but with a reprise of King of New York so you’re left energized. Even Les Mis, the freakin epitome of “everything hurts everyone dies” ends with that beautiful energy-filled reprise of Do You hear The People Sing, which wows the pants off of you.

And here comes Hamilton. A play that is one of the best examples of high-spirited play. With freakin rap, okay.

And it ends quiet, soft, slow. It ends quietly.

And that is like a swift kick in the gut, and you’re left sort of dazed, and unsatisfied in the most satisfying way.

  • Dear Apolline
  • just-french-me-up

Remember when I wasn’t obsessed with Enjolras and Grantaire’s daughter? Me neither.

Dear Apolline (Dear Theodosia)

My dear Apolline, what to say to you?
You have my eyes.
You have your father’s mane
When you came into the world, I cried, it was quite a start

I’m dedicating every day to you
Domestic life was never quite my style
When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart
And I thought I was so smart

You were born of love and revolution
We’ll bleed and fight for you, we’ll make it right for you
If we lay a strong enough foundation
We’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you
And you’ll blow us all away…
Someday, someday
Yeah, you’ll blow us all away
Someday, someday..