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okay so this post is wrong but what the heck it’s a Tumblr post, right, it’s mostly a joke, only it’s so perfectly echoing an idea I’ve seen elsewhere too, from actual paid critics and academic critiques, that Hugo “wasn’t writing for emotional teenagers”, that he’d be horrified by fandom, that he was too High and Erudite for the likes of  screaming theater kids and emotional teenagers

y’all. Y’all. 

Victor Hugo knew what fandom was.  And he absolutely LOVED it. 

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I was just thinking that Cosette and fashion are literally canon.

What about fashion blogger Cosette? 

Cosette who always had an eye for colors and textures and unique combinations but wasn’t really good in drawing therefore she abandoned design. She never even bothered to try those combinations on herself because she knew her body type was so different from the ones promoted by the media, and no one had really bothered to tell her she was beautiful.

Cosette suddenly realizes how pretty she really is simply when she decides to feel pretty, when she decides to dye her hair light blue because she simply feels like it, when she starts trying different colors on her skin tone, understanding that everything can look amazing on everyone as long as they feel good in it.

Cosette starting to write articles and taking real artistic pictures of herself, featuring her papa and later her boyfriend Marius, Jehan and Grantaire and everyone she loves.

Cosette facing the occasional hate/“hipster shaming” with kindness and the obligatory sass because it’s her art and it’s so creative, Cosette encouraging her followers to do what makes them feel great about  themselves and create, beginning from the littlest of things.

Cosette starting to knit and to sew and making the most amazing designs all on her own, sometimes with Jehan and Feuilly’s help.

Cosette making rad rockabilly skirts for Musichetta, combining outfits for Eponine when she doesn’t feel like wearing anything other than her pajamas because she knows that seeing herself in the mirror in a smashing flapper dress and a feather fascinator will make her feel better, hand painting Jehan’s brogues and spending the day tie-dyeing with Grantaire. 

But most importantly, Cosette standing fiercely against every sexist/objectifying/misogynistic/racist comment made by bigots on new bloggers’ profiles.

Cosette dismissing gender binaries and encouraging everyone to wear whatever makes them feel beautiful.

Cosette writing huge informative articles and holding campaigns and petitions against any form of appearance-based racism.

Cosette spending the night talking with other bloggers about their body image issues, comforting them when they need her and convincing them to never do anything if that’s not done for the sake of themselves and no one else. 

Cosette photographing all of Les Amis with the help of Courfeyrac, exposing their deepest insecurities in a way that eventually makes every single one of them to feel beautiful in their own, unique way.


Hi angels!

Me (beliehf) and the lovely Lilia (nitroxed) are presenting our Broadway Awards! This is our first ever tumblr awards together! Who doesn’t love a good broadway show?


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    ◇Lion King - Best Icon

    ◇Mama Mia - Best Posts

    ◇Newsies - Best New Discovery

    ◇West Side Story - Best Theme

    ◇Wicked - Best Overall

    ◇Grease - Lilia’s Favorites

    ◇Finding Neverland - Marisa’s Favorites

What do I need to do?

    ◇Must be following both Marisa (@beliehf) and Lilia (@nitroxed)

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kittenkhoshekh-deactivated20140  asked:

wait if jolys a hypochondriac then why do they make him germaphobic ((you've probably talked about this before but im not good at remembering things))

I just saw this and I am so excited. hell yes I have talked about this before but I will never stop talking about it because it pisses me off so fucking much.

do you want to know why they take Joly’s hypochondria and turn him into a germaphobe who thinks he’s going to catch every illness that has ever and will ever exist?

because they don’t know shit about hypochondria, and they don’t give enough of a shit to learn. and while that would be irritating enough, it gets worse.

so they take their completely incorrect idea of hypochondria and then they turn it into a joke. they take a serious mental illness and mock it constantly. right now I could pull up ten otherwise amazing fics, and every single one would portray Joly in this light.

in canon, he is not his hypochondria. it is mentioned once in his introduction, and he does talk about having a cold, but it wasn’t all in his head; he really did have a cold. yes, he set up his bed so that he’d be aligned with the magnetism of the earth, but that was an actual legitimate thing that people did.

in canon Joly is so much more than the hypochondria- he is joking and drinking, he’s smart and kind and brave; during the rebellion he just randomly starts rhapsodizing about cats. Joly is a well-fleshed out character, and stripping him down to his mental illness and then mocking that mental illness is not in anyway okay.

this fandom claims to be so forward thinking, but they still have yet to learn that mental illness is not a joke.