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  • Cosette: There's so little you say of the life you have known, why you keep to yourself, why we're always alone. So dark! So dark and deep, the secrets that you keep!
  • Javert: *hiding in the closet*
  • Valjean: *sweats nervously* ... You will learn, truth is given by God to us all in our time ... In our turn ...

They only exist on condition that they are backed up with another man; their name is a sequel, and is only written preceded by the conjunction and; and their existence is not their own; it is the other side of an existence which is not theirs.


drink w/me on the piano 

this is a V serious post so please listen and let me know what u think

So you know how in the 2012 movie someone found out that the women cleaning up the streets after the Barricade and singing things like “did you see them lying where they died” were all women who were close to the boys - Grantaire’s sister, ‘Ferre’s mother, and Musichetta, I believe?

Well my mum and I were watching the movie recently, and that scene happened, and I said (voice thick with tears because who’s not crying by that point, come on), “So fun fact –” and then before I’d got any further, mum cut me off and properly shouted, “ITS NOT A FUN FACT!”

Apparently I’ve told her before, and she was sitting there as the scene happened, thinking at me “Don’t say it kid, don’t you say it, don’t–” and then I opened my mouth to tell her and she was like “nO”


And at its cruelest it’s still the only world we’ve got. Light and dark. Foul and fair.