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Whenever Enjolras is getting overly worked up and excited talking about his Ideal World and Change and Shit, R just breaks into Don’t Stop Believing from Journey and it makes Enj very mad


I got bored and made a parody of agony from into the woods with Marius and Grantaire and now I’m subjecting yall to it.

(Let’s all ignore the fact that I rhymed passion with another form of the same word and got too lazy to change it once I noticed)


the goodbye handshake featuring niall sheehy & james gant


The Advent Calendar of Room 9
Day 1 - White Christmas

anonymous asked:

what's wrong with chris key? :)

Sorry this has taken me so long. Easily distracted ;)

Too long, didn’t read version - I have three main problems with Chris Key’s direction:

  1. He has, at worst, encouraged or, at best, failed to correct lazy or selfish performances
  2. He has consistently hired the absolute wrong understudies
  3. The show as a whole has become even more of a melodrama under his direction

All of this makes me wonder where he is as a resident director. I mean, literally, where is he? It’s really not hard to tell the Chris Holland is a poor Valjean understudy. I’ve heard from multiple people that the poor man has apologized for his performance to people at stage door. It definitely wasn’t hard to see that Liam Tamne was bored with the show and should not have stayed on for an extra year. 

Is Chris Key not watching his show? Does he not care? Does he not give notes after each performance like a resident director should? Idol watchers have noticed these things so why isn’t the person who has the power to stop them doing anything about it?

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So great! Can’t wait for who else does them.

My Les Mis Thoughts 9th June 2012 (or I have a James Charlton problem)

So I basically just sent a review to Maz in her askbox, therefore, I thought I’d start my first writeup. I would have audio for you but I was such a dumbass and left my iPhone on Clare’s bed. So mad at myself, so instead you just get my incoherent ramblings. Congratulations! They’re under the cut though for those of you who don’t care.

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