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//pregnant omega Enj//OPEN//

Enjolras had no idea how he was able to hide this for so long. Perhaps his friends were just humouring him but even if that was the case he didn’t mind. He didn’t want to deal with all the questions, who’s is it? Are you going to keep it? Are you still using? Perhaps this day was just what he needed to take his mind off of everything.

Enjolras dresses in his usual loose clothing and hurried of to meet everyone. They were going to some amusement park or something, he didn’t really care, he only had a few weeks until the baby was due so this was probably his last chance before everything changed.

Everything was going well. He only went on things he was sure would be safe and it was a good day. That is until one of the rides broke and they were stuck in the tunnel. That’s when he began to feel a horrible sharp pains course through him. This wasn’t going to be good.

As Terrible As You Desire || Open || Student/Teacher AU

{ooc: Forewarning: I don’t ship R with all the Amis, even though I have tried, so if it’s not all that common maybe ask first? Though of course OC’s and other Les Mis characters are also up for discussion.}

Grantaire had just been kicked out of his old school, his old, crappy, boarding school which was stupidly strict and religious and stopped anyone from thinking with an actual brain of their own. Thank you, pére. He wouldn’t have minded going to a place like that, but his father had to find the worse one there was. He disliked him after all.

It was one of the best days of his life so far when he finally got himself expelled. The day after with his father’s wrath wasn’t so great, but it was worth it. It was worth it to be going to a normal, public school, with people who weren’t so rich and snobbish. And just not his kind of people.

He was late to his first class, having to stop at reception to get his timetable, planner, and map of the school. He knocked on the door tentatively, before he pushed it open and walked inside.

M*rde! || Open Starter

Constance let out a long sigh, staring at the pregnancy test she was holding in her hands. The white plastic and its two blue lines, way too bright for her liking, were taunting her shamelessly. However she couldn’t take her blue eyes out of this blatant proof of her stupidity .The prospect of being a mother and raising a child had never crossed her mind. Even when she was a little girl she had never find any interests in playing with inanimate dolls and pretending she was their mom.

She threw the dreadful test  against a beige painted wall, relishing the sight of the million pieces on the wooden floor and she pulled  her phone out of her dark jeans’ pocket. She tapped on her mobile screen as fast as she could, pervading  all the rage which was boiling in her vein into the her threatening words.

[Text] You better stop avoiding me and come here in a heartbeat.

Indeed Constance had already heard the pathetic stories of the foolish girls whom got pregnant after a drunken hookup but she had never thought it might happen to her. She took her pills everyday how could this happen to her ? She glared at the plane belly and brushed against it with her hand.

« I am screwed… » She whispered holding back her salty tears.

The Untamed Seas Mermaid AU// Open

Combeferre was the eldest son of Poseidon, king of the sea. He was a rather intelligent being and chose to spend much of his time studying man, despite his father’s wishes of course. Unlike the others of his kind, he didn’t really mind if man caught a glimpse of him, he figured that they might be curious and curiousity was the gateway to knowledge..

The merman made his way to the surface once more and settled on a rock close to the shore. He was careful to keep his tail submerged, not due to fear of being discovered, but rather a comfort thing. The day itself wasn’t exactly the most inviting, the sky cast a grey shadow overhead. Combeferre wasn’t surprised that the beach was almost deserted with the exception of a few people walking in the distance.

foster home au {scxptique}

Enjolras wasn’t supposed to be in system. He wouldn’t be, if his parents hadn’t been stupid to get in a freaking boat that ended up sinking just two years ago. And then his whole life turned around; no family to take care of him, only foster home, then juvie, then foster home again. This was his third so far, and Enjolras was getting tired, but there was no way he was going to get himself emancipated after everything he done. So as his new foster family showed him the room where their kids slept, foster or otherwise, Enjolras didn’t want to get too comfortable. Anyway, he was seventeen, about to get out of there. It was just temporary, before he could get himself free of social workers, and could finally get a job, enroll in community college, do what was right for him.

It was only when their real kid came home (late, for whatever reason) and gave him that look that Enjolras realised how fast he was about to get kicked out. But maybe he had just imagined it. Probably. He sighed, and was told to get himself comfortable, the mother giving the other boy a small lecture as he brushed his teeth, and said boy stripping to his boxers as preparation to get to bed as Enjolras read something he had grabbed from the living room before going to sleep. “I’m Enjolras, in case you’re wondering.” he murmured. Yeah, definitely imagined it.

//Royalty AU//OPEN//

Enjolras was still rather nervous about this, he found it an odd situation to have someone you spend most of the day with and yet it is frowned upon even to speak to them. So when his mother insisted that he must have a personal servant he was not thrilled. He sat nervously in his bed when he heard the light knock on the door “c- come in….” He murmured looking towards the door.

Alpha/Omega | Open

Enjolras could feel the burn in his gut - he knew what it meant, though it had only ever happened once before. His suppressants, which usually kept his status as an omega hidden, had failed him. He’d likely forgotten to take them once or twice and now he was paying the price - right in the middle of a meeting with his professor. His hand closed tightly on the arm of his chair and he drew in a sharp breath. He was in heat. “Son of a bitch.” He managed under his breath. “Excuse me.” He stood abruptly and ran from the room and into the hall, trying to catch his breath. 

||arranged marriage||OPEN||

Enjolras was pacing outside the door “this is completely ridiculous! You can’t expect me to marry him! I don’t know him!” He would do anything to stop the wedding, it was only a week away and he was only just meeting him. He sighed as the doors were opened for him and he stormed into the room to meet his fiancé.

Stripper!Parnasse Open Starter

It was just like any other night at the club. Montparnasse clipped his garter belt to his thigh-highs, slipping into his heels. He wore a tight, black pair of lacy underwear with a matching teddy. He’d already finished his stage show and now it was time to work the floor, scanning the full room of drunk men before choosing his first customer of the night.


Enjolras was beginning to doubt that he was convincing anyone anymore. He had practically stopped selling himself and instead found he was spending as much time with him as possible.
Enjolras was still not ready to admit his feelings, though with the way he was acting he didn’t have to say anything. This was especially evident as Enjolras bounced into his apartment and wrapped his arms around him “miss me?” He asked, unable to keep the grin off of his face.


Enjolras with dyed hair
Like not like he dyes his hair blond like
What if he dyed his hair and just didn’t tell anybody
Like he’s so sick of people touching his hair and gawking at his good looks and so he’s just
Bought hair dye and shows up one day with brown hair
And he fucking loves it

What is The Open Musain?

The Open Musain is a Les Mis reincarnation AU roleplay group. We are now open and awaiting applicants to participate.  Within this message links to the characters page (available and taken), rules, and the application are included.  Take a look and join in, if you feel like this is the group for you.


The year is 2014, and Les Amis de l’ABC have found each other once more.  Each member has been haunted by memories of their past lives since the age of ten.  With the reunion of their group everyone feels much more at ease, and under the leadership of Enjolras, they have once again dedicated themselves to reformation.

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Goddammit he was late. Enjolras quietly swore underneath his breath as he hurried towards his first class of the day, mentally cursing his friends for deciding to have a party last night and forcing him to come. Frankly, it was ridiculous. With his coffee clutched in his left hand – vanilla macchiato, extra shot – and his laptop in the other, he shouldered his way into the building, narrowly avoiding spilling the piping hot coffee on the person he had barely avoided bumping into. He muttered a quick apology before slipping past them and beelining for the lecture hall… only to find the lecture had been cancelled. 

Taking a moment to compose himself and take a deep breath, he walked back to the main entranceway, slower, this time. Plopping down on one of the armchairs there, he opened his laptop and started typing. It would be a shame to waste a perfectly good morning and a perfectly good cup of coffee. 


Calling all fans of Les Mis who wish to be a part of a big new experimental roleplaying game!

14 character participants, 7 writing team members and 1 DM will make up this team of storytellers as Les Amis make their way through a post-apocalyptic France. 

Anyone who wants to participate, please read the project layout here.

**No previous RP experience required! This is the guide for RPing for this project. If you would like to know how to RP on tumblr in a more in-depth fashion, here is a great guide and lots of resources!**

Try outs for participants are open now and end December 31st at 11:59 PM (Eastern Time).

Here is the information for the auditions.

Try outs for the writing team are also open now and end December 31st at 11:59 PM (Eastern Time).

Here is the information for your application.

Please submit all application materials to rplesmis@gmail.com

Counting Stars; alpha/omega verse; Enjolras&Grantaire

Enjolras was sulking on the train. This was normally a journey an omega would make alone, trusted they would turn up on their alpha’s doorstep as instructed and ‘learn to love them’ from that point on. Enjolras had his mother, his father, and two of his father’s servants there - to ensure Enjolras completed his journey and arrived at his correct destination. His mother to pacify him, his father to stand his ground and push, and his servants in case force was necessary.

The blonde was barely turned 16, and he despised this system. He’d scoffed when he’d been told he should feel lucky. The longer an omega was left unwed, the more likely they would remain unwed forever. Enjolras had only turned sixteen a week ago - it felt a lot longer, and he was already on his train to the rest of his life. He stared out the window and ignored everyone the whole way, including his mother and her helpful 'advice’ on how to 'please his alpha’.