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Letters from the Barricade [2/10]

Paris, 5th June 1832

Combeferre counts six letters, his own included, and the familiar sigils stare up at him as if to mock their cause with the eloborated crests stamped onto them.
It almost hurts to look and to think of those who have abandoned aristocracy in favour of a cause they do not fully understand, and in the interval between two heartbeats, Combeferre senses the fear in the pit of his stomach again and he wants to burn the letters and tell his friends to run.

“You lost this.”

Combeferre looks up at Enjolras who has come out of the post office and he looks like Combeferre feels. There are dark circles under his eyes, his hair is dishevelled and to protect himself from the chilly morning breeze, he pulls Bahorel’s too wide red waist coat tightly around his shoulders which he still holds up with determination, passion and fire.

The letter in Enjolras’ hand is plain without even a wax seal, instead the writer has bound it together with a rough thread that is fraying at its edges and Combeferre takes it carefully.

“It will be a long day,” says Enjolras, “Rest until the time comes.” Then he turns and leaves the place.

Combeferre shakes his head and he looks down at the letters in his hands. There are seven now and the plain letter is Feuilly’s.

This letter doesn’t fit in, Combeferre thinks and frowns.

Then he thinks of Feuilly.

Feuilly who doesn’t have a family crest to stamp onto his letters, who never used sealing wax, and who still writes like a child because writing was a skill he only developed in the last years.

Combeferre looks at this plain letter that was tied with the rough wool addressed to an orphanage in shaky handwriting. He turns it and looks again and suddenly he is laughing.

Yes, he thinks, I fight for people less fortunate than Feuilly, for the children and for the women, for equality.

When he opens the door to the post office with the bells chiming softly in the morning breeze, he wonders why he even started doubting.

Okay but…

A fic where Grantaire is the rich son of someone with a lot of political power. And Les Amies kidnap him in order to ransom him back for political change.

They’ve heard this guy’s an asshole but they get a hot mess. It quickly becomes clear that he’s an actual alcoholic and somehow they all become involved in detoxing him, more or less against his will. Joly does all the medical stuff. Courferac gives him hugs. Bosuette trades terrible jokes with him. Musichetta makes really bland, easy to digest food for him. Cosette tells him about adventure and strokes his hair. Eponine synpathises with him about having a shitty family. Maruis talks seriously about how having a shitty family doesn’t have to define you. Combeferre teaches him meditation. Feuily teaches him origami for something to do with his hands. Gavroche tells him dirty jokes when nobody else is around. When he’s feeling better, Behorel boxes with him. Jehan encourages him to write what he’s feeling down, even if he thinks those feelings are ugly and he doesn’t want to share them.

And Enjolras, Enjolras is just there. Enjolras is there at Grantaire’s nastiest, when he’s pushed everyone else away. Enjolras is there to hold his hair back while he pukes. To chase hallucinated spiders our of the room. To listen to Grantaire’s late night confessions that he wishes he’d just die. Grantaire grows to love these guys but he still gets upset and frustrated and pushes them all and when he pushes they all take a step back except Enjolras. Enjolras stays right where he is, no matter how terrible Grantaire is to him.

And Grantaire is just a little in love.

Meanwhile, the kidnaping thing isn’t going to well. They’ve been struggling to contact Grantaire’s father. When he finally answers his phone they put it on speaker and Combeferre states their conditions etc.

Grantaire’s father goes on some massive rant about how useless and worthless Grantaire is and how he never wants to see him again and they’d all be doing him a favour if they killed Grantaire.

Enjolras grabs the phone and hangs up. Then he throws the phone against the wall hard enough to break it. Everyone is stunned, not just by what Grantaire’s dad has said but that they’ve never seen Enjolras this demonstratably angry before.

Enjolras turns and pulls Grantaire into his arms. He tells Grantaire that his father’s wrong about everything in every way. That’s he’s funny and kind and intelligent and yes he has some problems, they all do, but everyone in that room is glad they met him. And his family don’t matter, he’s one of them now. All of Les Aimes joining in with this massive group hug with Grantaire in the middle, telling him how much they care about him and Grantaire just crying on the middle of it into Enjolras’s shoulder because he can’t believe he’s found these people. This family.

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omg have you heard/seen the movie "Un Peu Passionnément Aveuglément?" IMAGINE THE ER AU

OH MY GOD I just watched the trailer!

Grantaire doing is worst to make his new neighbour moved out as soon as possible, singing really out of key (when in fact he can sing pretty well), bangin on the walls and more. Enjolras being a stubborn bastard and calling Courf to give him a hand and takes up trumpet to annoy the fuck out Grantaire!

And they never see each other, there’s the wall separating them but one time Grantaire has a really bad day and Enjolras hears him cry and they both recline on each side of the wall to talk! And when they get to know each other, they fall like idiots!

But because there needs to be some drama, Grantaire doesn’t want to meet up because he thinks Enjolras won’t find him good enough in person


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“What if there was?” Combeferre asks abruptly, when she’s halfway to her feet.

She stops and blinks at him. “Was what?”

“Someone willing to marry you.” There’s a flush of pink on his cheeks that’s enthralling, but his gaze doesn’t waver.

“Then I’d tell them no.” Éponine snorts. “Anyone who wants to marry a strange woman sight-unseen is after something, and I’ve had my fill of being used.”

“Someone who’s not a complete stranger, then. Someone you’ve shared a conversation with.” He glances around them at the cafe, at the table between them, and clears his throat. “Shared a meal with. What would you say then?”

Les Mis, Éponine/Combeferre, 80k, explicit, historical fantasy marriage of convenience AU.

Written for @sweetpollyolliver, who has excellent ideas and the patience of a saint

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I went to your ao3 to read your yoi fics. When I ran out, I thought it would be a good idea to read your les mis fics and so many hours later, I'm regretting.

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Just in case I haven’t done enough damage, let me rec you my all time faves:

Okay okay okay but… Claquesous who was Amis level Good. In school, studying, probably wooing Combeferre with an enchanting voice and skin darker than his.

And then…He’s walking home one night and it’s late and cold and he’s trying to warm himself up and he practically reeks of money and wealth and he gets attacked.

And when he can’t follow through on more than a Calvin Klein jacket and gold rolex, the attackers decide to take something else because all he could think to say was “I’m sorry it’s just cold and I’m trying to get home”

So these awful attackers dose him in gasoline and light him on fire and leave him because he got a good look at their faces so why not just get rid of him?

And somehow, Sous manages to extinguish himself in the snow or something and he’s laying there sobbing and he knows, he /knows/, he’s not going to be able to see again. For God’s sake, he’s been screwing a med student for a year. He knows he’s fucked. He can tell you what’s first and second and third degree burns on his face right now.

And Montparnasse just melts out of the shadows because he knew to follow that gang, knew they went after the same people he would. They’d do the dirty work, leave their prints and faces and then he could just rob them.

Except this time they set a man on fire. He almost passed out when he saw it. He would have helped if he hadn’t almost broken his arm stealing this jacket.

So when the man saves himself, Parnasse is there. He helps him sit back, helps him clean his face and yeah the dude is definitely fucked. His eyes are wild and not focusing, even when Parnasse shines his flashlight in his eyes.

So he takes him home against better judgement and calls for help. He let’s the man recover though the man who finally stops crying like a bitch is not that same man who’d been walking home. No this man is much more dangerous and definitely hotter.

Parnasse is the one to give the names of the men and where they frequented. He’s the one to suggest a mask so he won’t get caught and equally looked badass. He’s the one who helps Claquesous walk to the other side of town, open the door, and point him in the direction of the men.

He’s the one who watches a would be law student tear apart an older man limb by limb without shedding a tear. He’s the one who sees the blood and jumps Claquesous as soon as they’re back at his.

So he’s also the one who trains Sous to fight blind. Trains him to use his other senses. Trains him to never be vulnerable again because you can’t on this side of town. “They’ll eat you alive and leave your bones, Sous.”

And he doesn’t even care that Sous leaves bruises during training because he knows he’ll get better ones later that night. And Montparnasse is the prettiest thing Sous has ever touched. He doesn’t need to see to know that his savior looks like an angel.

And that’s how Claquesous, a man who can only see darkness, literally becomes darkness.

Les Amis Reincarnation AU

So yesterday this kind anon asked me if I had any reincarnation AUs in mind and I didn’t. But of course, I kept thinking about it and :

A reincarnation AU in which every single one of les Amis is reincarnated except Grantaire. Gantaire just… hangs around, not really alive but not really dead either, still himself. He doesn’t age, doesn’t eat, does drink to cope and watches the years stretch before him. He sees the Paris he knew transform in front of his very eyes, the Musain being knocked down and everything feels empty now.

He’s not a ghost, not really. He can still touch things, feels things, but people can’t see him. And when the first of his friends, Joly, gets reincarnated, he feels it in his core. He watches them all grow up and die, again and again, trying to make their lives a bit easier each time. He’s the one pulling the blanket over Feuilly when the latter falls asleep after a long day or whispering the answers to a test to Combeferre. He’s the one who brings then all together all over again and again and again.

But most of all he follows Enjolras because the bastard is a trouble magnet. And one day, around our time, as Enjolras tries to cross a busy street, Grantaire pulls him away from a reckless driver ready to run him over. And Enjolras blinks and, after having gathered himself, smiles :

“Wow thank you!”

Grantaire freezes, he has not been spoken to in 140 years.

“You - You can.. see me?”

I’m still astounded by the fact we don’t really have a proper Valvert coffee shop au
Javert is a cop for gods sake. Cops live off of coffee.
Valjean would love to run a coffee shop with Cosette as his helper and maybe Grantaire and Eponine too because they are broke college students trying to scrape by, and all they’re friends come hang out when it’s not busy.
Javert thinking the hot barista is weirdly familiar and creepily but technically not abusing his police power to find out who he is.
Valjean feeling weird about serving his former jailer but man. Forgive and move on. So he doesn’t feel bad about putting extra shots in Javert’s coffee when it looks like he hasn’t slept in three or four days and under charging him whenever Javert would let him get away with it and oh no he’s actually hot and oh god don’t blush or get butterflies whenever he comes in Valjean this is a terrible idea.
Seriously. The potential. It’s asking to be written.

Attention les Mis Fic Writers

ok so I was listening to Aaron Tveit’s I’m Alive and it just came to me :

Imagine a fic in which Enjolras dies. Ok, the beginning is already as angsty as can be but bear with me. Enjolras dies in an accident or whatever but wakes up the next day, unaware that he’s supposed to be dead. He goes on to do his normal stuff but he walks right through everything and nobody sees him so he kind of get the jist of that’s going on.

So he tries to contact les Amis but he can’t, he screams, he yells but nothing. Jehan has a small reaction (because Jehan is a little psychic let’s face it right away). They’re all wrecks after his death but Grantaire… oh my, Grantaire. The sun went down for him, the light has gone out.

One night of excessive drinking, he collapses on his couch and Enjolras watches him with a heavy heart. “You can’t fill the void someone leaves behind with alcohol R” “I can try,” he moans back in his sleep and HOLY SHIT HE HEARD HIM

And little by little Enjolras find ways to make his presence known. At the beginning les Amis think they’re crazy but no, he’s here. At some point they can even SEE HIM. Imagine ghost Enjolras realising he loved Grantaire all along and how much Grantaire loved him, still does, actually. Imagine the pain. Imagine Enjolras getting hold of his “body” and managing to brush Grantaire’s cheek. To kiss him ever so softly even?

Anyway, can someone write this?

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Hello! Do you by any chance know any good les mis kingdom/prince/royalty aus? Any pair :0

Yes, my good Citizen, I DO! And since I’m that person, they’re Enjoltaire (shocker, I know) :

Fencing Master AU : Royalty AU in which prince Enjolras goes through all his fencing masters like tissue boxes because they are either too old or incompetent. It becomes a slight concern for the King and Queen because ok, Enjolras is quite talented, but it doesn’t mean he should rest on his laurels either. He needs a little challenge to perfect his skills. Waltzes in fencing master Grantaire, who takes none of Enjolras’ princely bullshit and gives him serious ass kicking sessions to boost him up.
Cue very hot sword play, “Oops I just cornered you against the wall with a sword to your throat, we’re panting hard enough to mist up the room and shit you look cute with your cheeks flushed” kind of business.

Fencing Master AU ➸ Dancing Master Bonus Round : In which Enjolras also has to take dancing lessons for etiquette and wooing purposes because that’s part of his royal duties. Turns out dancing is a lot like fencing and Grantaire doubles as his dancing master. Awkward dancing, hands on waist, late night rehearsal, “follow my lead, you Highness” “I already told you not to call me that..”, secret horizontal dancing, you get the gist

Fencing Master AU ➸ The Angsty Bonus Round : Someone overthrowes the King and the whole kingdom goes Lion Kingdom under Scar’s rule on their asses, so Enjolras is more or less forced into exil to save his life. To sweeten the deal : Grantaire may or may not have died to give Enjolras the time to escape the castle. To sweeten the deal even more : everybody in the kingdom thinks the prince is dead, or so the despot wants them to think. No one is sure who is dead and who is alive. Cue the creation of a Revolutionary Coalition to overthrow the usurper back, the destitute prince leading the whole rebellion. Grantaire is very much alive, though not very dashing anymore, by younger Grantaire’s standards, because hiding and having lost everything including Enjolras kind of messed him up. I really should write this. Take this as a pep talk to myself.

Anastasia AU : In which Enjolras is the crown prince of a very unstable country, troubled by social upheavals and Grantaire is a servant in the castle. What has to happen happens and the people storm into the castle to capture the royal family. Except Grantaire is quick enough to wake the prince up and lead him through a secret passage to save him. Sadly, they get separated and Enjolras gets hit on the head aaaaand loses his memories. Ironically enough, he grows up to be a fierce defenser of the people and socialist ideals, leader of the ABC. Only Grantaire knows Enjolras has more blue blood running in his veins than his precious red of angry men.

HAHA You fools, I actually have a Courferre Royal AU :

The Musketeers AU : In which Courfeyrac is the crown prince of France (please, leave your french history classes at the door, this is loosely based on Dumas after all) and sees the King’s musketeers a LOT around the palace. Especially one. Combeferre is dashing in his uniform like wow leather does suit him like a glove. Courf often smiles in his direction and sort of tries to get his feelings across but he’s a prince after all, he has to marry, to rule one day, he can’t actually do this, can he?! Anyway : One day he manages to convince the musketeers dream team (Enjolras, Combeferre and Feuilly) to take him outside de palace to experience the real world.
Long story short : the prince gets snatched, the musketeers have fucked up big time, they turn over every stone in Paris to find him. Combeferre is actually very smitten and will do everything in his power to find Courfeyrac. Bonus point if Courfeyrac and Combeferre fight side by side when they find him