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Gavroche's Death/Screams of Agony
The many Grantaires
Gavroche's Death/Screams of Agony

I don’t know about the West End, but over here, our Grantaires take their relationship with Gavroche very seriously. So here is a compilation of some Grantaire’s screaming in agony when Gavroche is killed :D

  1. Joe Spieldenner, 4th National Tour (this is THE scream of agony. The official one)
  2. John Rapson, Broadway (This was early in his run, where he actually said “OH GOD NO”. Very memorable.)
  3. John Rapson, Broadway (Later in his run, where it’s just a scream)
  4. Adam Monley, Broadway understudy
  5. Dennis Moench, Broadway understudy 
  6. Eric Van Tielen, Tour understudy (dat whimper doe)
  7. Joe Spieldenner, North Shore Music Theatre (just… wait it out. The whole thing. It’s worth it)

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ok buttttttt

kyle jean baptiste is 21 years old, and made his broadway debut as valjean yesterday

he is the first african american valjean on broadway, AND the youngest valjean to ever take the broadway stage

am i the only one freaking out about this????

You know, people always ask me ‘what does it feel like to be in the theater for almost three years and you only have two weeks left?’ I think it’s a lot like the olympics on your final lap and you turn the corner and you see your mom going 'GO CHRIS! GO! GO GOR GOLD!’ It’s a lot like that, I would say.
—  Chris McCarrell on the final week of Les Mis