les mis art sort of

Colored version of the lines I posted earlier this weekend.
sadly my camera distorted it a little bit.
It should be obvious which Javert I had in mind here. (Perkins still is my personal favorite.)
Overall I love this pic a lot (one of the few I do not want to trash right away X’D)

R then raids E’s pantry for cinnamon and nutmeg, hides E’s entire stock of chocolat en poudre, and proceeds to heat whole milk on the stovetop while chopping up a giant block of dark chocolate and lecturing Enjolras about what it means to take proper pride in being French.  

(the fourth time R breaks into E’s house to make sure Enjolras is drinking “properly patriotic” hot chocolate with breakfast, E comments that things would be a lot simpler if R just slept over.)

Support my attempts to be a Proper Adult Dad.

So, operation ‘better my life’ begins.

Now that we’re in the process of starting a family, I figured it was time to get my life moving and bring in a bit more money for the little bab. Also, we’d like to buy a home of our own soon, since I dislike the idea of raising our baby in a rented place since we can always be made to leave if they want to sell up etc. 

I’ve been hit by this huge rush of ambition. I’m still working towards my French and English BA online so I can become a teacher, but in the meantime, though I’m currently in work as a supervisor, I’m applying to as many manager and assistant manager positions as possible and doing a free part time course in management skills in February. AND I’m taking a part-time French course at strode college in January, to brush up on my skills whilst I’m stuck between modules at uni.

AND I’m opening an Etsy store to sell my art. It’s all terrible ‘gothy’ ‘dark fairytale’ crap that I dislike, but I know it sells well and it’s something that’s fun to do. I’ll be selling all sorts - prints, pendants, mugs, etc. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ArtofDRavenscroft?ref=hdr_shop_menu

I’m also going to do more fandom art (Les Mis, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, all sorts…) and start a redbubble! http://www.redbubble.com/people/enjoloras?asc=u

I also want to work on my novel and self publish it! But I’m thinking of writing some poetry or nonfiction to self publish too, since my novel might take more time.

So yeah, if there’s anything you think I should do, let me know! I’m trying everything I can to make us some more money and provide for my family. 

I’m just very amused by the idea of Courfeyrac being so personally offended by the state of Marius’ wardrobe that he all but strips him and forces one of his old (but still much more serviceable, honestly Pontmercy what have you done to this poor thing it’s begging for mercy) coat into his hands


hey @goddessofidiocy I know you asked for this 3 months ago already now but somehow I think you’ll still be interested in the final result

Have some kind of awful and unfinished Shoujo Cosette Enjolras fanart I drew about 20 minutes ago! Yay! This is literally the first thing I’ve drawn in nearly two years.

In other news, I was listening to Jesus Christ Superstar as I drew this, and suddenly my brain decided to start casting les amis as Jesus and disciples. No idea how that happened and now it’s hurting m brain. @_@