les mis = life


hey guys so i’m a huge les mis fan like you and i was really interested in knowing why have you became a part of les amis fandom, and why did you start liking les mis, and why did it changed your life. I am a major in literature and i want to compare different things that made different people love the same story. You guys’ll be helping me a lot!!! 


Hey this is your reminder that Eponine would probably punch a person out for you

Courfeyrac would want to cuddle with you

Combeferre would want to hear more about what you are saying

Bossuet would be very sympathetic to your terrible day

If Jehan ever saw you they would write you a poem

Joly would ask if you’ve been getting all your vitamins

Enjolras would do anything to defend your right to exist

Feuilly would want to spend what little free time he has with you

If Cosette could she would bake you something sweet

Bahorel would think you look cute as fuck no matter what

Grantaire would love to rant about the world with you

Marius would love to hear about your day

un groupe qui a failli devenir historique // les amis de l’abc

i actually finished this last night but i felt like staring at it for approx. 300 years might make it better than it is?? prints & a bunch of other stuff are up on my society6 :)))

Okay so I’ve seen a lot of reincarnation hc’s for Les Amis, especially Grantaire. So let’s focus on himm for now. 

We have Grantaire the Cynic, who finally thinks he’s dont being reincarnated after being athelstan, and Louis XIV, and then Grantaire. He thinks he’s done because for once he died holdig hands with the person he loves. 

And then - And then he wakes up again and he is so frustrated, he’s i a place with weird technology, and everything is so different from what he was used to, everything is so advanced. And he is horrified; will it ever stop?! 

But then he notices how much more accepting people are. There’s still tons upon tons of problems, but: You can be more open, with way less judgement. In most countries you’re even allowed to marry someone of the same gender. People who aren’t the gender they were assigned to at birth have safer options to live the life that feels right for them.

They’re still scared of being open about who they are, but the world is so much more accepting now. And Grantaire find himself less cynical than he used to be.

He finds himselfgetting an art degree instead of giving up on everything. He stays away from alcohol, he finds himself not needing it to cope anymore. 

He finds himself joining a group of students who wish to make the world even better, and he finds himself wanting to help them achieve their goal. And there’s this person there who reminds him so much of the charming young man who Grantaire once loved, and he finds himself falling for this person. 

And this person has fallen for him too.

And they get together and they’re both so happy.

Little does Grantaire know that this man he has fallen for, fell for the former cynic because R reminded him so much of a happier version of the cynic this man once knew.