les mis 2012

Les Misérables (2012) but every time someone dies it cuts to a one hour documentary about the battle of Waterloo and every time Javert and Valjean meet it cuts to a one hour documentary about sewage systems and every time those candlesticks appear on screen it cuts to a one hour documentary about priesthood in the late 18th-early 19th century


drink w/me on the piano 

this is a V serious post so please listen and let me know what u think

He repeated: “Long live the Republic!” crossed the room with a firm stride and placed himself in front of the guns beside Enjolras.

“Finish both of us at one blow,” said he.

And turning gently to Enjolras, he said to him:

“Do you permit it?”

Enjolras pressed his hand with a smile.

—  Pylades Drunk and Orestes Fasting

I feel bad for any of the guys who may have quietly been thinking of leaving the barricade in the 2012 movie before Gavroche starts reprising ‘Do you hear the people sing’

Because I mean no one is gonna leave once the kid starts singing or they’ll looking like a fuckin’ coward. Way to go Gav. Doomed.