???: Is this thing..? Working?

???2: Oh look! Yeah, it’s recording!

???: Oh! Awesome!

Bossuet: Hello, internet! My name is Bossuet.

Joly: And I’m Joly. According to my sweater, anyway.

Bossuet: *snorts* I love that thing.

Bossuet: Anyway, you guys are probably thinking “where the heck is Grantaire?!” Well, to answer your question, he’s sleeping off a very bad hangover right now. Poor thing seemed so good last night, then I…I guess the whole Feuilly and Enjolras thing fucked him up a little.

Joly: Yeah… either way, he drunkenly asked us to, quote, “go answer some fuckin’ questions, knock yourselves out dudes, I’m goin’ to fuckin’ sleep”. So here we are! 

Bossuet: We’ll answer…pretty much anything, honestly. Joly and I are pretty open people.

Joly: Yup! So go ahead.

[the ask box is open for Joly and Bossuet]

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literally any musicals

thank you!!!!

I’ve gotten to the part about Les Mis in the biography and I have A LOT TO SAY and A LOT OF FEELINGS but most I will have to save for tomorrow when I am less worn out, but real quick, this quote though:

“This is the touchstone of all adaptations of Les Miserables, musical or cinematic: to turn Javert, the tenacious respecter of authority, ‘that savage in the service of civilization’, into the villain of the piece is to deprive the novel of it’s dynamite, to point the finger at a single policeman instead of at the system he serves.”

THIS THIS THIS Graham Robb understands me. Like the thing about Javert is that yes, he does cruel things, that is undoubtedly true, and he doesn’t like, get a free pass or anything, but the great tragedy of Javert is that not only does he serve a society intent on punishment of those “miserable” ones it’s that he was BORN as one of those people, born in a jail. Society took one of those “miserable ones” trained him up, and turned him against the place from whence he came. Everyone, including the people guarding or  even defending this society, can get caught up in the wheel with the potential to be hurt. 

Anyway I have feelings, definitely more on this section tomorrow. 

e/R - Rule 63

I was doodling and this happened.

Headcanon63 Enjolras

- Not specifically trans in this instance, you h/c what you want! just refuses to abide by the tiny pockets and ‘uncomfy’ nature of women’s clothing. This includes bras.

-Masculine haircut, her mother cried when she cut off her long hair.

-Proud tumblr user and SJW. No one is going to shame her into pretending she’s not one of “those girls”

-Still a noodle.

Headcanon63 Grantaire

-It takes a PHD in engineering to create a sports bra (and tbh regular bra) to contain her boobs. She argues with E over the privilege of E’s small boobs and ability to go braless. (Though secretly not at all complaining!)

-Drives E mad wearing miniskirts and low cut tops. “A woman has a right to choose what she wears Enjolras!!” “I know but do you have to wear the tiny skirt when I’m trying to host a meeting!!” “Don’t slut shame me!”

-Will secretly confess most fashion choices are to drive E mad…

-Tbh most life choices are to drive E mad..

Enjolras’s T shirt says “SJW” aka Social Justice Warrior.

R’s says “BEWBS” because she has the mental age of a 14 year old.


Trailing the Awkward Bonapartist 1

[ @midautumnnightdream @elliotenjolras @aflamethatneverdies and I were talking about how much potential there would be in a Les Mis Echo Bazaar AU. I mean there is already at least one fanfic on AO3 but like, it could be a whole Thing! Also we found that it’s really fun to come up with Fallen London style names for characters. Anyway, I ended up writing a thing. A thing that may in fact turn into a series. ]

Fallen Paris

The Grand Bourgeois Is Requesting Your Help

The home of the Grand Bourgeois is located along one of the finer streets of the quarter. A weary-looking butler opens the door. You are being expected. Even from the entrance hall you can hear the angry rambling upstairs as you are shown in.

“Finally!” says the Grand Bourgeois, pacing furiously and waving his cane. “You must find my grandson! That ungrateful wretch! He has abandoned me and joined the anarchists and the Nocturnals and probably some kind of a devious chastity cult just to spite me! Bring him back home and you will be rewarded handsomely!”

You attempt to interview the raving old man but receive little more than unending rants about the ingratitude of the young these days and how he never should have allowed his late daughter to marry a soldier of the Emperor. You give up on learning anything more from him.

His daughter, the Unsatisfied Spinster, has more useful information concerning the whereabouts of her nephew. “I have succeeded in trailing him to the Café Musain but he still eludes me. You may still find clues there as to where he might have gone. I myself cannot be bothered to look for that boy anymore.”

You are now trailing the Awkward Bonapartist.

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This all starts with a legend. 

(If we’re being accurate, it’s a love story that becomes a legend.)
That is to say, a truth that became a lie.
It’s true that a boy with blonde hair loved the sun so much that he flew too close to it, just for a chance to touch-

It is true. It’s just not what you’d expect.


AKA the Apollo/Icarus Enjoltaire fic I wrote that is… Really sad tbh. But @achelllies called it ‘the Beyoncé of fanfics’ so if that’s not gonna make you want to read it idk what will.