Just Little Grantaire Things:
  • Proof that athletes can still have tumtums
  • Loves Lord of the Rings (probably has a LotR tattoo)
  • Once got into a barfight because someone stole Joly’s cane and then called him a cripple
  • Does photography and slam poetry
  • LOVES breakfast food (’But, Enjolras, you can fix anything with breakfast!’)
  • Definitely not monosexual
  • Says ‘ball is life’ a lot
  • Has a lot of friends outside Les Amis
  • Works part time at a day care and the children just love him
  • Throws the meanest suburban mom shade
  • Makes fun of Enjolras’ Android phone all the time
  • Loves the ‘deez nuts’ meme
  • Nonbinary as hell sorry I didn’t make the rules
little grantaire things

• has an endless love for snakes

• he always wears a forest green beanie

• loves the ‘deep nuts’ meme

• says the phrase ‘darling I’m a nightmare dressed like the frog meme’ a lot

• loves dark skinny jeans

• says a lot of Greek puns

• especially ones about Icarus

• owns lots of baggy sweatshirts and sweaters that probably have a lot of paint stains on them

• chubby and has lil stretch marks

• trans as hell

trans-grantaire asked:

did you say trans enj and trans r bc I am SO about that life talk to me about it omg

OH my gosh yes!!! They’ll have to pry Trans!ExR out of my cold, dead hands tbh. Allow me to dump all of my headcanons on you, since you’re the first person to talk to me about this :)

  • Grantaire is definitely Stealth, not because he’s ashamed or anything, but because he doesn’t think it’s anyone’s business
  • Enjolras is ridiculously open about it, mostly so that other trans people around him will feel more comfortable
  • Enjolras grows out his hair to make a statement about The Stupidity of the Concept of Passing. Grantaire almost passes out the first time he puts it in a bun
  • Grantaire transitioned pretty early because he always knew deep down that he was a boy
  • Enjolras didn’t realize until he was well into his teens, since he was fairly comfortable with “feminine” clothes and such
  • Enjolras would never admit it because he preaches about body positivity and embracing yourself, but he’s incredibly insecure about his body 
  • Grantaire, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about how other people view him, although he’s convinced he’s completely unattractive
  • Once they get together, Enjolras and Grantaire are incredibly good for each other. Grantaire thinks Enjolras is the most beautiful boy he’s ever met, and Grantaire is the handsomest man on the planet to Enjolras, and neither of them lets the other forget it

And a bonus:

  • Joly, Bossuet, and Combeferre team up to become possibly the most well-educated cis people on the planet (Courf would be as well but he’s a Demiboy)
  • When Enjolras gets top surgery, all of the Amis make him a big poster that says “Aren’t you glad you got that off your chest?”

…this is probably way more than you were expecting, but there you have it. My adorable trans nerds :)