les groper

  • Gavroche: Invisibility.
  • Marius: Omnilinguilism. He knows every language. Every single one. Can communicate with some animals, but they're mostly fish.
  • Bahorel: Gravity control. Except he can't actually control it very well so it switches on and off quite often. Les Amis has taken to carrying around super glue to make sure their possessions won't suddenly come crashing to the ground.
  • Enjolras: Enchanced charisma. He can gain anyone's trust and loyalty quite easily, but he detests using it. He's plenty persuasive on his own thank you very much
  • Joly: He knows when someone is in mortal danger. Thankfully he only notices when his closest friends are in danger, and Bossuet and Grantaire's amateur parkour vine channel caused a lot of worry for a while.
  • Courfeyrac: Exudes warmth and comfort and the feeling of being home. He's in high demand for cuddling during the Les Amis' bi-weekly movie night
  • Jehan: Can control plants. They use it mostly to make gigantic flowers big enough for them to sleep in.
  • Feuilly: Lock manipulation: Will instantly be able to open any locked door or crack any password or code, this is very useful considering how many different codes he has to remember for all of his jobs.
  • Cosette: Flight. Too bad she's terrified of heigths and likes to keep her feet on the ground.
  • Grantaire: Emotion detector. He can feel everything that others around him feel, he can also help by either amplifying or decreasing whatever it is they're feeling.
  • Bossuet: Teleportation, but he can only teleport in a 10 mile radius of wherever he is at the time. He's also quite bad at actually teleporting to where he wants to go, so someone usually has to come pick him up.
  • Musichetta: Can control heat/fire.
  • Combeferre: Telekinesis. But while he's moving whatever object he wants towards him he gets distracted and the thing drops to the ground. Combeferre is usually seen surrounded by pens and packs of gum.
  • Eponine: Forcefield. She loves using it on public transportation. Have fun trying to get out of the subway on time you disgusting ass-groper.

Im still super not over Chris Shiflett being Little Jimmy. CANT STOP LAUGHING! HAHAHA!