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What is your status on commissions? I’m imagining Adam Driver/Kylo Ren your style


I’m always trying to answer asks nicely, my followers know that, but seriously. 1) It’s written in my FAQ that I don’t take commissions and 2) before you tell me “I’m on mobile” well, look at my ask’s header, a header that you apparently ignored or didn’t take the time to read even if it is just TWO LINES:

I wrote this header for people who can’t access my FAQ via mobile so please next time, just take TWO MINUTES to read before sending an ask.

From now on, I’ll delete ALL the anon asks containing requests or requests “in disguise”. I already did for 3-4 in the past weeks. You can’t say I’m a bitch, you can’t say I haven’t been patient because in the past 8 years or so, I’ve always answered politely. 

As far as Kylo Ren is concerned, I’d like to draw him but not in an immediate future. 

Thank you T___T


Colmar, France


Les petites maisons d’oiseaux sur les grandes maisons d’Istanbul
Le plus vieil exemple de nichoirs à oiseaux institutionnel à Istanbul se situe sur le pont Büyükçekmece, il date du 16ème siècle.
L’architecture datant de l’empire Ottomman agrémentait les bâtiments avec ces petites structures richement ornées de colonnes et de picots.

Ces nids artificiels s’appellent des kus koskü, güvercinlik ou serçe saray, soit palaces, pavillons ou résidences pour oiseaux.