les frisson des vampires


Top: Young Girl Eating a Bird - The Pleasure by René Magritte, 1927.
Bottom: Le frisson des vampires by Jean Rollin, 1971.

“We find her in the heart of summer, in the shadow of a sturdy tree thronged with calmed birds unalarmed by her presence. Her schoolgirl demeanor would be excuse enough, and her modest dress, her neat hair… It is then that one notices the pallor of joy, the eyelids closed over the cruelty of her dreams, the teeth pressed to the blood-stained lips, the woman engrossed in her pleasure and savoring, through the caress of its plumage, a creature docile to the point of continuing to live. Since one has to hold one’s own, one invents, as an afterthought, the girl who ate birds.“
The Girl Who Ate Birds, Paul Nougé