les deux cafes

Paris — GOT7

(A/N: hey y’all, it’s admin japchae. I’ve been wanting to write a prefernce for got7 for so long, but I’ve been rly bad at coming up with ideas. so if you have any requests, please leave them in our inbox. anyways here’s this preference which was inspired by my trip to paris a few months ago :-) enjoy!)

Mark: With his hand holding yours, you and Mark would visit the Louvre. Both of you would promise not to take any pictures of the Mona Lisa and observe all you can only with your eyes. He’d bring a pen with him but forget to bring a notebook. So he’d draw little sketches of the paintings and sculptures on your arm instead. Mark would adapt well to the quiet environment of the museum. He’d kiss you silently in empty exhibits and point at paintings to tell you he likes them. “You’re my favorite piece of art in this entire museum,” he’d say.

JB: Late afternoon, JB would take you out to walk along the Seine. He’d let you buy any vintage book you want from the green stands. He’d take many pictures of you also, but when you want to take pictures of him, he’ll shy away. But he’d ask another tourist in broken English to take a picture of the two of you at Notre Dame. At sunset, the two of you would go onto the love bridge. You’d write your names and the date on a lock you just bought and lock it onto the bridge. As you stand at the railing, he’d wrap his arms around your waist from behind. He’d hesitate but say: “I know I don’t say this often, but I do love you.”

Jackson: As a classic tourist, Jackson would take you to the Eiffel Tower. He’d take you in the morning first. Jackson would obnoxiously run away from the charity scammers then buy ice cream for the two of you. Later that evening, the two of you would go back after dinner. “Let’s be real Parisians, and kiss in front of the tower!” He’d say, taking out his camera. “Jackson, real Parisians don’t do that…” You’d reply. “Well, if I were a Parisian, I would!” Jackson would shamelessly ask a bystander to take a picture of the two of you. “I know I’m cheesy, but it’s because I love you!” He’d say before kissing you.

Junior: When the two of you arrived in Paris, the only place he would rave about is the famous cafe, Les Deux Magots. He would find himself interested in how famous authors drank coffee there everyday. You let him lead the way when you arrive at the cafe, smiling as he speaks in proper English. He would order espressos for the both of you, sitting at those small tables that face the street. He’d hold your hand then bring it to his mouth to kiss it. “I told you Parisian cafes are great,” he would say. “But of course, I wouldn’t say that if I weren’t here with you. You’re making Paris a lot more amazing for me.”

Youngjae: Upon finding Montmartre in a travel guide, the two of you would take a bus to the large hill. Of course, Youngjae being Youngjae, he would want to take the stairs all the way up to the top of the hill instead of the lift. “It’ll help us lose weight, c'mon!” He’d say. When the two of you get to the top, you’re both exhausted and sweaty but giggly. “Why did we do this?” He’d ask, even though it was his choice. The two of you eat cheap buttery crepes on the steps of Sacré-Coeur, enjoying the sun. Afterwards, you’d visit the Museum of Montmartre. He’d kiss you on a bench in the museum’s small garden and take cute selcas with you with the view of Paris below the hill. Later, the two of you finally take the lift down the large hill, laughing at your stupidity from earlier.

BamBam: Being that you’re in a fashion capital of the world, you and BamBam would go shopping. The two of you would visit the locations of all the fashion brands you can’t get in Korea, buying as much as your budgets can allow you. “Jagi, try this on! It goes with your shoes,” he’ll say as he hands you a dress. He’d sit down on an armchair in front of the fitting room, praising all your outfits, and you’d do the same for him. By the end of the day, your taxi back to the hotel carries the two of you, the driver, and all the heavy bags of clothes and shoes. Bambam would definitely take you out to dinner later that night, taking cute couple pics of your high-fashion outfits. His Instagram caption would say: “Babe and I are fashionable Parisians tonight!”

Yugyeom: Out of being too nervous to make real plans, Yugyeom would take you on a walk through the streets of Paris. You two get street food from stands, buy souvenirs for your family and friends, and take a lot of selcas. Later, you two see a group of street dancers putting on a show for tourists. Yugyeom immediately pulls you towards them to watch, bopping his head with the beat as he watches them closely. Soon, the group asks people to join them in a freestyle dance battle. Yugyeom steps in immediately, and you pull out your phone to film him dancing. You smile as he moves to the music, obviously beating the street dancers. When the battle is over, you two take pictures with the group then leave them to perform again. “Are you enjoying yourself now?” You tease him. “Paris is cool, jagi!”