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(Let me know if this constant onslaught of headcanon requests gets to be too much, but) do you have any headcanons for eponine? She's the character I'm working on a sheet for next (after that, probably Combeferre, if you want to prepare!) and I have absolutely nothing besides her planned out so far! Thank you in advance 💕

Ooh :D I love Eponine! Here we go:

•taller than Cosette
•loves biology
•sings very well, and has a lovely alto voice. 
•knows seven different ways to kill a man, but never would use any of them
•has a closet full of flannels
•definitely had an emo phase
•sort of Edgy
•had a thing with Montparnasse in the past, but now is good friends with him
•super fricking gay
•likes shiny objects. she will pick up anything and bring it home. her friends call her a crow. 
•likes hot chocolate with cinnamon
•fluent in both French (or English if that’s the AU) and Spanish
•giant nerd. really proud of it, too. (c.f. “marius hey look I know how to read and write! I could’ve been a student too!”)
•has excellent penmanship
•very close with Azelma (and Gavroche, if it’s an AU)
•loves spicy food
•doesn’t know how to cook spicy food (or any food, really)
•night owl
•loves the classic (or grunge) look of black eyeliner and red lipstick
•totally shops at Hot Topic
•very musical, and is trying to learn several instruments at once to make up for not having learned any in her childhood
•speaking of which, she’s making up from a lot of things in her childhood. recovery is hard, but she’s determined, and is working hard!

(and don’t worry, I love making these and cherish every single ask you send me!!!)


Print based on Les Conquerants (The Conquerors, 1892), by Pierre Fritel. Julius Caesar is riding in the center, followed by “Sesostris”/Ramesses II, Attila, Hannibal, Tamerlane, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Nebuchadnezzar and Charlemagne. All of them are riding between a double row of stripped, rigid corpses. The painting was presented in the Salon of 1892. Also was used on the cover of an album by the band Nirvana; no, not the 90’s Nirvana of Kurt Cobain, but the 60’s British band.

Les Conquérants,  Pierre Fritel

“Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, whose limits are obscured in darkness, advance, hollow-eyed and remorseful, the conquerors of all ages, marching in close ranks between a double row of corpses, stripped and rigid, lying packed close together with their feet toward the procession. In the center of the van rides Julius Caesar, whom Shakespeare has pronounced “the foremost man of all this world.” On his right are the Egyptian called by the Greeks Sesostris, now known to be Rameses II., Attila, “the Scourge of God,” Hannibal the Carthaginian, and Tamerlane the Tartar. On his left march Napoleon, the last world-conqueror, Alexander of Macedon, Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, that “head of gold” in the great image seen in his vision as interpreted by the prophet Daniel, and Charlemagne, who restored the fallen Roman Empire.” 

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Hey!! Dance dance revolution headcanon, let's go!

I had to do a bit of research cause I legit didn’t know what it was, but here we gooo :

  • Courfeyrac is the absolute Dance Dance Revolution god. He can play both players on his own, he holds the biggest score, he’s the DDR OVERLORD
  • Grantaire isn’t the best on his own, though he isn’t terrible either. No, shit gets started when Bahorel teams up with him, they almost broke the machine once because of their “gentleness” or rather lack thereof
  • Joly was super sad at first because his leg slows him down a bit but Bossuet came to the rescue and always plays as his other leg. They score real high
  • Consequently, Bossuet also fell a bunch of time and broke his nose once in the name of love and dance
  • Combeferre is too distracted by the screen to keep up. He tries to work out the algorithme behind the game and the pattern and he scores the lowest because he sometimes stays still during the whole game
  • Jehan and Feuilly make the best team. Feuilly has really quick reflexes and Jehan have a way to guess the arrows to come. Though they never beat Courf, they come close second
  •  Enjolras keeps calling it France France Revolution and cusses stuff like “Danton cul!” (In your ass), “Je vais te Marat-ver” (Imma kick your ass) cause he can’t resist french revolutionary puns AND needs to convey his will to conquer