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myheartliesin221b  asked:

So I'm totally in love with your art and I think they're the most adorable doodles ever!! :D I was wondering if you could draw something for Emma (pale_silver_comb) for her birthday? It's on 30th December and I'm sure she'd love a sterek version of any fairy tale (sleeping beauty is the first thing that came into my head!). She's just done so much for me and is an amazing person and I want her to know how much I appreciate her <3


I wish you delish cake, no rain, and a bunch of hugs!

capelli: hair
taglio or taglio di capelli: haircut
parrucchiere: hair salon
barbiere: barber shop
parrucchiere per uomo: hair salon for men
parrucchiere [per donne]: hair salon for women
parrucchiere: hair dresser
barbiere: barber

barba: beard
baffi: moustache
pizzetto: goatee
capelli lunghi: long hair
capelli corti: short hair
capelli lisci: straight hair
capelli ricci: curly hair
capelli mossi: wavy hair
capelli rasati: shaved hair
capelli rasati a zero: buzzcut
frangia or frangetta: bangs
trecce: braids
doppie punte: split ends
ricci: curls
boccolo: roll
colpi di sole: highlights
coda di cavallo: ponytail
capelli raccolti: updo
permanente: perm
lati: sides
basetta: sideburn

capelli castani: brown hair
capelli rossi: red hair
capelli biondi: blond hair
capelli neri: black hair
chiaro: light (e.g. castano chiaro: light brown) 
scuro: dark

tagliare: to cut
rasare: to shave
rasare a zero: to buzz
accorciare: to shorten
spuntare: to trim
pettinare: to comb 
fare le trecce: to braid
tingere: to dye, to colour